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Created: 09 May 2010

Greece: this is the war that was given up for dead

Class struggle in Greece :: Measures passed - Second day of demonstrations :: Three refections about the Greek struggle :: Simeon arrested after being shot by the police :: ¡¡We can!! :: This is a robbery :: This is the war that was given up for dead :: Statement from a Marfin Bank employee about today deaths in Athens :: Greece explodes :: Wild strike in Athens :: Greece strike update at 19.00: violent repression, three people dead in Athens :: Uprising message from the Acropolis :: Gathering outside the Greece consulate in Valencia :: At least three people dead in Greece demonstrations :: More than 200 greek comrades from KKE, dress up the Athens Acropolis as prelude for the May 5th general strike :: Can't pay, Won't pay: Solidarity with the people of Greece

previous news: March 2010: Anarchist Lambros Foundas killed by police in Athens, Greece :: Communiqué from the Athens Anarchist Archive about the police murdering of comrade Lambros Foundas february 2010: Greece runs out of gasoline due to the custom strike :: Nikollas Todi, a 25 year youth, dead by police bullets, January 2010: A ''failed arrest'' and imprisoned comrades moved

relatred news: The end of economic globalization? :: Call for solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis :: Attempt to cover up the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos :: The Philadelphia Experiment (hysteria and police control in the "Revolutionary Struggle" case :: Workers pay the crisis and employers use it to blackmail :: Running up against the FMI!

+info: >>> globalization :: indymedia athens [english]

Created: 03 Aug 2009

S'aturen les traduccions a l'anglès i esperanto dels articles de la columna central

Atesa la manca de gent voluntària que tradueixi regularment els articles de la columna central d'indymedia barcelona als idiomes: Anglès i Esperanto s'aturen, temporalment, les traduccions a aquests idiomes. D'aquesta manera fins a que no hi hagi gent disposada a traduir les editorials de la part central d'indymedia barcelona solament es faran en català i castellà. Els enllaços a l' anglès i esperanto de la pàgina principal d'indymedia barcelona romandran tal i com estan actualment perquè entenem que és un arxiu important que no es pot perdre i entenem també que totes desitgem que ben aviat es reprenguin les traduccions al complet.

Per això, animem a les persones que tinguin un bon nivell d'anglès (preferiblement gent que hagi estudiat traducció-interpretació o gent que tingui aquest idioma com a llengua materna o segona llengua a més a més d'un nivell acceptable de català o castellà) i esperanto i que vulguin ser voluntàries a que contactin amb indymedia barcelona: info-barcelona(a)

>>> +info: Secció indymedia

another world is here
Created: 12 Oct 2008


A couple of years ago the climate change was denied, now it's even old-fashioned for the much it has been told. A couple of months ago spanish economy was still bragging of its situation and now, they suddenly start talking us about crisis. Maybe we're not well informed? Don't forget to enter on September 17 if you want to have the information that will let you to judge by yourselves.

I've robbed euro 492.000 to those who rob us more

[Sep 17] World blackout, to let the planet breath: from 21:50 to 22:00

[Sep 19] Friday Sept. 19 at 20h outside the Town Hall of your town or city. SAUCEPAN BANGING!!

CRISI magazine in catalan ::: spanish ::: english

related news ::: Total Crisis 2010 ::: Video denunciation about the global energetic crisis ::: You're surprised by the crisis?(article) ::: Imc Labour issues - Transport Strike ::: 10 days to Sept 17 ::: The capitalism crisis to debate in Ontinyent ::: Coming soon in your life: Energetic crisis

+info ::: Globalization :::: Decreixement :: :: Temps de Re-Voltes :::: 17-S CRISI

Created: 09 Oct 2008

As it has been for too many years now: 12 oct. Nothing to celebrate!

The Platform "No ens tallaran les Ales" that fights for the freedom of speach and demonstration, has been repressed and ilegalised for some of its actions. Social Centres, collectives, entities and individuals that fight, day after day, to end up with this system that opressess us are being persecuted, repressed, ilegalised... But fascists that, year after year, celebrate the beginin of the America's people Genocide, deny the Holocaust, claim for Franco's memory and attack anyone who is not like them. They are tolerated and can act without any impediment. It is an insult to the anticolonialist and the antifrancoist fight, and a serious contradiction with democratic exercice to help recovering the NON democratic historical memory.

[Oct12] Sants Sq. Barcelona. Unitarian call: Nothing to celebrate!

[12oct] Statue of the naked. Tarragona. Nazis and Fascist neither in Catalonia nor in anywhere!

related news: Antifascist actions in other towns + The government autorizes neofascist demostration in Tarragona for the october 12 + [CAJEI] 12-O: Young people gets organised to fight fascism(Tarragona and Barcelona) + Hymn to antifascim and antifascist actions everywhere in Catalonia + [CJC-JCPC] For the antifascist Unity, let's give an answer to the October 12 + Oct. 12 Alianza Nacional demonstration in Tarragona. Let's organise the answer + october 12: Nothing to celebrate! + Antifascist magazine[magazine]

+info: >>>antifascism + >>>peoples + >>>

Created: 22 Sep 2008

Another Hotel in Raval district? NO THANK YOU!

Rounded by a landscape of poverty and structural deficiencies, and located just in front of where the bourgeois "pistoleros" killed anarchist Salvador Seguí -now on the side of the new built offices of CCOO and UGT, the pro-gobernamental unions-, the new hotel is the symbol of the violent urbanistic, social and politic processes meant to suffocate all forms of popular life, autoorganization, anti-authoritarism in Raval district, in Barcelona, in Catalonia... with the purpose of making, of this all, the business for a few in spite of the poverty of many.

If you want to oppose to this constant teasing, join us on the hotel inauguration friday 26th at 7pm in Rambla del Raval

More - Hotel Barceló: happy 20th birthday, miss destruction :: Ciutat Vella ha concedido casi una licencia hotelera cada mes desde 2005 :: Convocatòria per a la concentració davant de l'hotel :: Other neighborhoods - Esplugues: Programa de les festes populars 18-22 setembre :: Els animals rebels en contra del Pla Caufec :: Sant Andreu: Okupació i desallotjament a Sant Andreu :: Poblenou: La flaire de corrupció amara els plans urbanístics del 22@ :: Fuego al 22@ :: Les Corts: Dessallotjament amb goril·les armats

Created: 10 Sep 2008

The people from this country do not abandon their wish for freedom

Someday the people from this country could rest from their efforts to recover the use of the language instead of being attacked for trying to let it survive. Someday, the people from this country could decide if they want symbols, tributes, flags, kings or prisonsinstead of having to live with this spanish impositions. Someday, the people from this country could celebrate their day of freedom insteod of having to remember that they are subjugated.

[11set] Barcelona: 10h. C. Ferran: Homage to Gustau Muñoz + 13h. al Born: Free prisoners for a Free Country + 17h. Urquinaona: Unitarian Demonstration + 19h. Politic Action al Fossar + 19.30h. P. Lluís Companys: Party for Freedom

La diada Everywhere: 11set al Camp: Reus Demonstration + Diada in Baix Llobregat + La diada in Sants + La diada in Gràcia + Party for Independence in Salt + Everywhere CAJEI + Torches in Vilanova i la Geltrú + Torches March in Anoia La diada a les corts + La diada in el Barcelonès + La diada in Vilafranca

related news: spanish nationalism brings out their artillery + Arrested for retiring a vexatius national symbol: "el toro del bruc" ::: "estelades" in Vilafranca ::: spanish nationalism is the most excludent ::: The countermanifesto: catalan, galician and basc writers defend their own language ::: La escuela moderna ::: anarquism, national liberation, books and debates::: Western Sahara: The Saharian verb to the present ::: A depreciation of the Language of the Power to the language of the Counterpower

+info : >>>peoples and cultures + >>>criminalisation and repression + black storms + +

Created: 16 Aug 2008

Amadeu Casellas: What are we waiting for to free him?

Amadeu Casellas entered prison without having commited any violent crime, that was more than 22 years ago. The legal limit to remain in prison is 20 years, but his stay is being enlarged. Why? Because he has been claiming for prisoners rights in prison. From now almost two months, he has been on hungerstrike without being listened enough. Once again, he started it to vindicate his rights, but the deaf ears of our justice can provoke a very unfair death. We have to quickly act and provoke action to avoid that.

About Amadeu's case: He has been more than 50 days under hunger strike ::: Amadeu: a scream ::: Why he started a hunger strike ::: Open letter to a subjugated woman ::: About the first hunger strike ::: Amadeu's case history ::: Freedom or death ::: the case in english

[23,24agost] Support actions in Osona

[Monday 25th] gathering at the DGSP

[25-31august] International Week of decentralised actions for freedom of Amadeu Casellas. Imagination against power Imaginació contra el poder.

related news: penitentiary policy for political prisoners ::: Life inprisonment? ::: children maltreatment in Hornachuelos Centre (Cordoba) ::: Agains Carlos Cela isolation ::: Torture as a political instrument ::: Useless persecution of the Solidarity for Franki

+info: >>>criminalisation and repression

Created: 04 Jul 2008

G8 Summit in Japan

Between July 7th and 9th will take place in Japan, in the Hokkaido island, the G8 summit, a group formed by the State's Heads of Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, the United States, United Kingdom and Rusia. They meet again to decide our future based on their interests. The global economy, the climate change and the Africa development will be some of the priority subjects in the Summit.

related news ::: First feature from Japan, looking for the G8... :: June 29 - Demonstration in Tokyo against the G8 :: Esperanto anarchists persecuted in the G8 :: Detained during the preparations :: [G8-2001] a race against the clock

Japan G8 videos ::: G8 2008 Japan Trailer :: Clownsarmy in Heiligendamm -- Preparing for G8 2008 :: No G8 Japan 2008 - Lake Toya promo

+info ::: Counter-Summit agenda :: Location :: Media net :: G8 day by day :: NO G8 action Japan :: G8 Action Network :: >>>globalization

::Publicació moderada::
::Publicació descoberta::
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text image Tuesday 21 May 2019
Los mismos viejos trucos: Métodos probados de Estados Unidos para perturbar la paz mundial
text Monday 20 May 2019
Documental: Nosotros no olvidamos
text image Monday 20 May 2019
Kafeta Rural per trans*, bolleres i dones
text image Monday 20 May 2019
Sabotatge a Esglèsia de Santa Maria de Sants #Salvem819
text image Monday 20 May 2019
Debate marxiano en contra de dogmas y fanatismos.
text image Saturday 18 May 2019
Contra el G-7 y sus falsos oponentes.
text image Saturday 18 May 2019
Ataque a immobiliaria en Sants, Barcelona
text image Saturday 18 May 2019
Crónica de la charla-presentación del libro “Un Paso al Frente” del Comandante Ramiro del FPMR en el Ateneo Libertario del Palomar
text image Saturday 18 May 2019
solidaridad de clase, solidaridad de patria, a proposito de pueblo lliure.
text image Friday 17 May 2019
Contra el sistema, el régimen y el poder en Argelia
text Thursday 16 May 2019
GRACIAS COMPAS. En relación a las detenciones del 13 de mayo.
text Thursday 16 May 2019
El individualista es capitalista (aporte)
text Thursday 16 May 2019
Mijaíl Bakunin: mujer, libertad y amor
text image Thursday 16 May 2019
Aturem el desallotjament de Puntales II (21 maig)
text image Thursday 16 May 2019
Gran festa de Casa Àfrica
text image Wednesday 15 May 2019
Shum, el dibujante anarquista
text Wednesday 15 May 2019
[Madrid] Crónica de la concentración en la Audiencia y la manifestación del 14/05/19 en solidaridad con las compañeras anarquistas detenidas
text image Wednesday 15 May 2019
[DEMÀ] Jinwar: Una experiència des de Rojava
text image Wednesday 15 May 2019
El nuevo orden turístico mundial.
text Wednesday 15 May 2019
Alcalde Napoleón Cadena
text image Wednesday 15 May 2019
ENLACES de Red Latina sin fronteras 14.05.2019
text Tuesday 14 May 2019
Contra el anarco-liberalismo y la maldición de las políticas de la identidad
text Tuesday 14 May 2019
Programa del "III Encuentro anarquista contra el sistema tecno industrial y su mundo"
text image Tuesday 14 May 2019
Convocatorias en solidaridad anarquistas detenidas en Madrid
text image Tuesday 14 May 2019
Alerta! 21 de Maig, volen desallotjar Puntales II
text image Tuesday 14 May 2019
Golpe en Venezuela: Los 50 gobiernos títeres que apoyaron al impostor Guaido han quedado expuestos como tontos
text image Tuesday 14 May 2019
lo que se ha dado a llamar “la republica catalana”, empieza a mostrar su verdadero rostro
text image Tuesday 14 May 2019
el tema de las drogas y su relación con el sufrimiento psíquico.
text Monday 13 May 2019
Presentacion libro "Un Paso al Frente" - viernes 17 /05 Ateneu Llibertari del Palomar
text image Monday 13 May 2019
La CUP utiliza a CNT para conquistar el poder
text Monday 13 May 2019
Domiciliarios para casi todxs los compas trentinos
text Monday 13 May 2019
Operación antiterrorista contra el anarquismo en Madrid
text image Monday 13 May 2019
Ellos quieren el poder, nosotras destruirlo! Sedes de partidos vandalizadas enTetuán
text image Sunday 12 May 2019
Lo que identifica al independentismo.
text Saturday 11 May 2019
La lucha equivocada
text Saturday 11 May 2019
En lucha contra el patriarcado, pero ante todo, ¡Contra toda forma de autoridad!
text Saturday 11 May 2019
La ruta de la seda II
text image Saturday 11 May 2019
La CUP d’Esparreguera fa electoralisme amb la memòria històrica del moviment llibertari
text image Saturday 11 May 2019
Ataque cerebral al cerebro de los GAL
text Friday 10 May 2019
El Grup Antimilitarista Tortuga objeto de una campaña de calumnias y difamaciones
text Friday 10 May 2019
Lakua asegura que la carga que rompió la mandíbula a una joven fue «proporcionada»
text Friday 10 May 2019
Alcaldía de Riobamba
text Thursday 09 May 2019
Laura Vicente habla sobre su último libro "Mujeres Libertarias de Zaragoza"
text Thursday 09 May 2019
Contra el feminismo punitivo: herramientas para destruir la casa del amo
text Thursday 09 May 2019
Amenazas de muerte a los hijos del doctor Jesus Candel "Spiriman"
text Thursday 09 May 2019
Xabier González García, el último nombre que engrosa la lista de muertes en Zaballa
text Thursday 09 May 2019
Apoyo unánime de la Mesa a Julen Arzuaga ante los insultos y amenazas recibidas
text Wednesday 08 May 2019
Kasablanka irrumpeix en l'acte de presentació de la cup a molins sense rei
text Wednesday 08 May 2019
Sentencia de desahuci per a kasablanka tenim des de avui 16 sies per recorre oero podrien fer desahaci preventiu
text image Wednesday 08 May 2019
Trobada Intergeneracional a Kan Pasqual (30 anys d'Okupació...)
text image Wednesday 08 May 2019
Ucrania sigue invirtiendo en la guerra, contrariamente a sus promesas de paz.
text image Wednesday 08 May 2019
¿Fracasaría nuestra Greta como el Che y la Tricontinental?
text image Wednesday 08 May 2019
(Dij 16) Jinwar: Una experiència des de Rojava
text Tuesday 07 May 2019
Video: Berlin-Manifestación revolucionaria 1º de Mayo
text image Monday 06 May 2019
Carmen Badia Lachos lleva 57 días en huelga de hambre!
text image Monday 06 May 2019
ENLACES de Red Latina sin fronteras_6 Mayo
text Monday 06 May 2019
Modelo para alegar ante multas por Objeción Fiscal al Gasto Militar
text image Monday 06 May 2019
GRETA en Eskal Herria: con el EGA de Eguzki
text image Monday 06 May 2019
Julen Arzuaga se querella contra Jusapol y Jucil por «atentado, injurias y amenazas»
text image Monday 06 May 2019
NOS - reivindicación de acción contra el sistema y llamada a un Mayo de lucha
text Sunday 05 May 2019
La denuncia del fascismo, básica para su derrota
text image Sunday 05 May 2019
19/05/19 Concierto del V Mundialito Anti-racista de Carabanchel
text Sunday 05 May 2019
solidarid con las compañeras anarquistas de italia
text image Sunday 05 May 2019
17, 18 y 19 de mayo: V Mundialito Anti-racista de Carabanchel
text image Sunday 05 May 2019
7 mayo. Proyección en el Local Anarquista Motín, 19h: "En la brecha, anarquistas contra Franco"
text image Sunday 05 May 2019
Crònica de l’1 de Maig a Lleida
text image Saturday 04 May 2019
Algunas muestras de solidaridad con la huelga de hambre de preses en lucha (1-15 mayo)
text image Saturday 04 May 2019
[PUBLICACIÓN] Boletin solidario con la HUELGA DE HAMBRE DE PRESXS con inicio el 1 Dde Mayo
text Saturday 04 May 2019
[BÉLGICA] Breve resumen del proceso contra 12 anarquistas
text Saturday 04 May 2019
Entresijos de una declaración que no dejó duda alguna
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