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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal : corrupció i poder
11S / 11M: The Police State Conspiracy
17 mai 2004
The Police State Conspiracy: an indictment
The PEOPLE vs. NWO Et Al

Note to non-American and non-UK readers / jury members: Please keep in mind that policies and practices which originate in the US in these days of globalization have a habit of showing up elsewhere afterwards. This article is thus of urgent significance to global audiences.

2.1 Conspiratorial Incidents are KNOWN to have been employed by US elite rulers.
The creation, fabrication, or arrangement of Incidents on the Public Stage in order to accomplish policy objectives is a well-documented and time-honored strategy of US elite rulers.

(...) In both conspiracies, the deception was effective enough to accomplish its goals. When the deceptions and covert actions were later uncovered and published that had very little consequence.
In other words, to be successful, a conspiracy does not need to be kept secret forever. It only needs to "provide cover" for long enough to accomplish its objectives. And the existence of such conspiracies does not imply a _general_ consensus in elite circles: it does not imply there is a grand secret alliance that "runs everything." It only implies that _some_ elite elements got together long enough to plan an operation that would accomplish some immediate

2.2 Most American military involvements throughout its history have been facilitated by Incidents which were in one way or another tainted by conspiratorial activity on the part of the US.

2.3 There is a scientific way to analyze suspected conspiracy scenarios.

Conspiracy theorists frequently pursue, to the detriment of their intended purpose, a particular investigative cul de sac. To wit, they see their task as "proving" that a given conspiracy did in fact occur. Success in such an endeavor is in most cases nearly impossible. Whether it be the JFK coup d'etat, the TWA 800 missile shootdown, or the Oklahoma Incident, the ability of elites to conceal the basic facts of the case makes rigorous proof of conspiracy very difficult to establish.

In fact there is a much more fruitful investigative method, one that is far easier to pursue, and one that can be applied to scenarios where little or no direct evidence is at hand. This I call the "Sherlock" method.

This method involves enumerating the plausible scenarios which might explain a given Incident, and then assigning probabilities to the various scenarios based on the available evidence. No claim is made under this method that "Scenario X _is_ what happened"; instead, one makes the claim that "Scenario X is the _most likely_ explanation given the available facts."

2.5 Universal application of the Sherlock method is absolutely essential to forming a useful understanding of what's going on in the world.

Without this method, one is left in a state of impotent ignorance regarding almost everything of substance going on in the world today. Most major decisions are taken secretly, most major events can only be perceived through the eyes of the elite controlled MEDIA, and most powerful GOVT's are known to lie through their teeth whenever it suits them. In this context the choice is between the Sherlock method, crippling know-nothingness, or, worst of all, belief in the lies of MEDIA.

By employing the scientific Sherlock method, one is able to identify a most-likely scenario for individual events, and from there one can go on to piece together a most-likely overall model of what's going on in the world as regards any particular domain of interest.

You might protest that you'd rather deal with "certain" knowledge rather than with "most likely" knowledge, in the case of important Incidents. To this I say: Why deal with Incidents differently than you deal with everything else in your life? Do you demand _certainty_ that there isn't a traffic blockage on your usual route to work every morning? Do you demand _certainty_ that your car won't break down on the way to work? Do you demand _certainty_ that an earthquake won't occur before venturing outside every day?

No indeed -- you and I and everyone else _must_ deal with most-likely models of the world if we are to get on with life. Otherwise we'd confine ourselves and our families to concrete bunkers and never venture out for fear of _entirely possible_ calamities of one

Similarly, if you require certainty in your interpretation of world events and Incidents, then you are confining yourself to a political concrete bunker. You are rendering yourself deaf-dumb-and-blind as regards your role as a citizen in a democracy. You are ceding political hegemony to those who control GOVT and MEDIA. You are delivering yourself, your family, and your progeny into serfdom under the dominion of the NWO elite. DON'T DO THIS TO YOURSELF.

2.6 The Sherlock method indicates that NWO, GOVT, and MEDIA are implementing police states by means of conspiratorial Incidents that can be characterized as HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

QUERY to people of the world: When shall we initiate a GENUINE war-crimes tribunal? By that, of course, I mean one where the leaders of NWO, GOVT, and INTELCOM (past and present) are brought to account for their murderous and treasonous atrocities... allow me to suggest Nuremberg as an appropriate venue -- they'd feel at home there. After they're all convicted, we can pension them off where they can't do any harm.

No guillotines in this revolution, please.


Mira tambe:
Comisión de la verdad para el 11-M

This work is in the public domain


Re: 11S / 11M: The Police State Conspiracy
17 mai 2004
"11-M. Tres días que engañaron al mundo" és el títol d'un llibre col·lectiu que partint d'una anàlisi dels esdeveneiments desfermats pels atemptats de l'11-M, posa de manifest la manipulació mediàtica quotidiana, enmarcada en el context de l'ordre imperant estatal i internacional.

La matança de lâonze de març va produir una conmoció enorme en la societat espanyola, que es va transformar en rebelió popular a causa de la manipulació barroera i cínica que va perpetrar en aquells dies el govern de José María Aznar, i que fins i tot sâhavia cobrat dos morts: Ã?ngel Berrueta i Kontxi Sanchiz.
Però, com assenyala Rui Pereira, el govern tenia raons per a creure que la manipulació funcionaría. De fet, si fins ara se nâhavien dit de més grosses en relació al conflicte basc i no havia passat res, lâexecutiu podria pensar que també aquesta vegada seân sortirien, aplicant lâesquema habitual. Però no comptaven amb que, en aquesta ocasió, hi havia molta gent interessada en saber la veritat, començant per la pròpia oposició política (habitualment còmplice en les operacions manipuladores del PP) i continuant per la resta dels països occidentals, per als quals, òbviament, era una questió vital saber si lâautor havia estat ETA o Al-Qaeda ( i malgrat tot, el govern espanyol va insistir en la mentida, fins i tot davant serveis policials de països aliats). Com assenyala Pereira âConvertit en zona militar, el discurs no es produeix, sâadministra (â¦) Tota la escenificació pel que fa a ETA i els bascos deriva en un moment inicial dâeixe factor: la repetició durant anys construida i socialment reproduida (repetida a cops de martell) de lâindependentisme basc a la premsa i a la societatâ?. També Ã?ngel Rekalde remarca com la imatge que sâha creat durant molts anys dels bascos com a éssers monstruosos, facilitava la operació intoxicadora.
â11-M. Tres días que engañaron al mundoâ?, editat per Txalaparta, és un llibre imprescindible per a entendre les causes profundes dâuns esdeveniments de gran trascendència i que encara no estan del tot aclarits. Jabier Salutregi ofereix una crònica dels fets en que, entre altres coses, es demostra que des del primer moment tant el govern com el PSOE sabien que no havia estat ETA. Els periodistes Rui Pereira i Ã?ngel Rekalde analitzen el comportament dels mitjans de comunicació en aquells dies. Lâhistoriador Giovanni Giacopuzzi busca les claus a la història contemporània dâEspanya i el filòsof Santiago Alba Rico, bon coneixedor del món àrab, fa una lectura de lâactual âordre mundialâ?. En una reflexió de reminiscència kantiana, remarca que âla mentida pública destrueix el llenguatge mateix, les condicions de tot marc de credibilitat; és a dir, la forma mateixa de tot âcontracte socialâ?. La mentida impossibilita la democràcia, i precisament és aquest lâobjectiu dels Aznar i els Bush. Alba descriu
El llibre inclou un annex amb les coses que determinats polítics i periodistes van arribar a dir aquells dies, i amb les denúncies de manipulació que van formular alguns colâ¢lectius detreballadors dels mitjans de comunicació. Els uns i els altres han quedat retratats per a la història.
Re: 11S / 11M: The Police State Conspiracy
19 mai 2004
Please support the 02/07/04 worldwide 9/11 Truth Protest

This protest campaign is not about the next President! It is about a peaceful revolution of the truth.

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