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El video del asesinato del norteamericano Robert Jacob podria ser falso
17 jun 2004
Segun una pagina `conspiranoica´ norteamericana dedicada a las informaciones criticas.
La noticia fue difundida hace algunos días.Así se lee,por ejemplo, en <a href="";></A>:<p>

Irak: Al Yazira emite un vídeo que muestra el asesinato de un estadounidense en Riad

La cadena de televisión qatarí Al Yazira ha difundido una corta secuencia de un vídeo atribuído a la red terrorista Al Qaeda que muestra el asesinato a balazos de un ciudadano estadounidense, el pasado martes en Riad.
CNN+. Dos hombres, de los que sólo se ven sus piernas, acribillan a balazos a este hombre, presentado como Robert Jacob, según el vídeo difundido por Al Yazira. El cuerpo de la víctima aparece después inerte en el suelo ante un garaje donde se encuentra un todoterreno de color gris, según la corta secuencia mostrada por la cadena.

El vídeo fue recuperado por Al Yazira de una página web islamista ( y atribuida a la sección saudí de Al Qaeda, que reivindica la responsabilidad del asesinato.

La víctima se presentó como "el judío americano Robert Jacob, que trabajaba por la sociedad de espionaje Vinnell", según la web. Fuentes hospitalarias en Riad habían indicado que se trataba de Robert Jacob, de 44 años, asesinado de nueve balazos en la cabeza.

Riad desmiente

La Policía saudí ha desmentido que el cadáver haya sido encontrado en Riad.

"Las noticias que circularon en los medios de prensa acerca del hallazgo del cadáver de una persona de nacionalidad occidental en las calles de Riad no son correctas", ha dicho el director de la Policía de la capital.

El analisis del video que realizan en <a href="";> </a> es el siguiente:

Subject: TA-ANALYSIS:Suspicions over new Al-Qaeda execution video is fake
posted on 13-6-2004 at 07:09 PM Post Number: 594152 (post id: 614846)

TA-ANALYSIS:Suspicions over new Al-Qaeda execution video is fake

A Video circulating on many popular terror and anti-terror websites depicting the execution of Robert Jacob by Islamic Militants. After deliberation a team of ATSNN reporters and members concluded that this video was faked by an unknown culprit.

An analysis of this video has led to us as labelling it as staged. There are many errors and discrepancies in this video which we'll explain out to you.

1. There appears to have been a edit at the point where the camera was put onto the floor. The image movement is not violent enough for the camera to have been put down as it appears. We would also expect a sharper audio "clatter" at this point.
Conclusion = Deliberate setting down of camera in an area chosen.

2. This visual edit is partially hidden by a possibly fake auto-exposure change. There was nothing in the footage than should have triggered this naturally.
Conclusion = Edit hidden deliberately

3. The audio track appears in sync with the "kick-back" from the pistol at the end of the video. Given the edit as the camera is put down, this must mean the audio recorded and synced later.
Conlusion = Use of gunshot to mask audio edit point, audio synced indicating tape HAS been tampered with

4. There is no smoke or discharge visible from the pistol. There are also not visible bullet holes or hits on the victim. No blood either.
Conclusion = Use of blanks

5. No "ragdolling", after being shot the body stayed very still, no flailing or scream of pain.
Conclusion = Use of actors

The accent doesn't sound all that Arabian or American to me.. almost more like a Leeds/Yorkshire accent.

Clothes are casual, not exactly religious dress.

Further Notes
What's with the subtle camera movement on the floor as the guy is being "shot"? you can see the camera move slowly as if to reframe the shot slightly.
Conclusion = Deliberate repositioning of camera by out-of-sight person

This could only happen naturally if it was a pretty heavy camera resting on a soft material, and "settling down". this doesn't match the idea of a small hand held camera being dumped on the ground. It would actually be quite hard to move a small camera that slowly and slightly.

It looks to me like someone was attempting to re-frame the shot a little, without giving away too much. And if someone was behind the camera at that point, why not pick it up and point it more clearly at the victim? We can see there are three people present at the filming at least.

Also.. notice how fat-man does a little skip/jump as he start to shoot. He's been watching too many movies that guy....

The content of this post was mostly u2u'd to me by him so i could collate it and put it alongside with our findings. Thanks muppet

Busting frauds one at a time

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(Si alguien habla ingles mejor que yo que lo traduzca al castellano)

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Re: El video del asesinato del norteamericano Robert Jacob podria ser falso
17 jun 2004
No ha salido la direccion del post de la pagina critica.Es ésta:
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