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Notícies :: guerra
Blame Spanish Foreign Policy
13 mar 2004
Call for Spanish Citizens to hold a general strike until Spanish Government pulls all support for the occupation and war on the people of Iraq.
Whoever did it is mostly irrelevant. This argument keeps in line with government propaganda that tries to divert attention from their own complicity in this horrendous event. By placing blame entirely on a non-government organization rather than on Spanish policy that supports war and occupation in Iraq is a diversionary tactic that I pray will not work on the Spanish.

Whether provoceteurs of the U.S.A state, the ETA or another organization bombed the trains is not the point. The point that must be made by the millions on the streets of Spain is that their government must back out of the war on the Middle East. Their government must pull out all troops and all backing for the occupation and continued war on the people of Iraq. If not, the millions of Spainish people must have a general strike until the government agrees to their demands.

People all around the world must stand up together for peace and against war and imperialism. All the world's citizens must tell their capitalist leaders to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We must stand steadfast in demanding an end to war, and an end to support of military aggression by all countries. Bush and his pirates must be isolated. Our leaders must be made to listen to what we want, or they must be toppled and replaced with people's governments.

The terrorists in Spain will certainly be found (framed or otherwise) and brought to justice. But if only the actual bombers are located and punished, and not the government of Spain and its policies, I fear that this type of event will never end.

With Canada's support of American Policy in the Middle East, and our continued support in Afghanistan, and yes in Iraq, we too are targets for a terrorist act. For what are we doing in Afghanistan if not securing that country as a pipeline for stolen Iraqi oil?

All out March 20 against war, terrorism, and an end to occupations.

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