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25 feb 2004
Make a complaint to the court of appeal of Gothenburg that you were really locked in by the police at the school of Hvitfeldtska during the EU summit of Gothenburg2001
During the EU summit in Gothenburg2001, on the14th of June, the Swedish police surrended the school of Hvitfeldtska and locked 650 lodgers in .
450 of these lodgers were deprived of their freedom for more than 12 hours and many were badly treated by the police.

The former commander of the police of Gothenburg, Jaldung, was recently charged at the court of Gothenburg with depriving all these demonstrators of their freedom on this occasion,
But last week this commander-in-chief was acquitted of the charges on the basis that the court didn´t find it proved that any of the lodgers really was deprived of his or her freedom.

The Parliamentary Ombudsmen of Sweden, JO, are going to appeal against this verdict, and therefore they need testimonies from people who were locked up inside this school and who were refused to leave.

If this happened to you, please mail or fax a statement to:

Hans Lindberg
Box 16327
S-103 26 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 786 5129
Fax +46 8 21 65 58

You may also email your testimony (preferably in English) from the homepage of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen (if you have Acrobat Reader installed)

Your complaint should contain short but detailed information on what happened when you tried to leave the school on the 14th of June 2001. For instance:
What did you say?
What did the police say and do?
Did the police stop you by force?
Anything that could prove that you really were locked in and denied to leave.

The statements should be at the office of JO before 27th of February.


* If the Parliamentary Ombudsmen consider your testimony important for the case they might call on you to interrogate you on what happened, so please include information on how you can be contacted.
* A complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsmen (JO) and the documents sent with it are in the public domain as soon as they are delivered. This means that anyone has the right to look at them unless they can be classified as confidential according to the Secrecy Act (details about the health of the complainant may, for instance, be classified as confidential)
* If an Ombudsman begins an inquiry into a complaint, the official concerned will be told who has made the complaint
* Anonymous complaints are not investigated by the Ombudsmen

Best wishes
Gerd Petterson (Parents of 2001 and the Network for democracy)
d.p at
Johan Rönnblom (Attac)
johan at
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26 feb 2004
I wrote the wrong date, no rush:
Deadline is next Friday 6 of MARS!