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Berlin: for the situation of the occupied houses in the north Friedrichshain neighborhood
05 ago 2020
Some information about the new attempt to evict Rigaer94 has already been spread in the last days, here is a summary also with regard to the threatened Liebig34.
Since the last major attack on Rigaer94 in Summer 2016, the coalition of the alleged owner of the house and Berlin Police has lost all legal proceedings.
At the same time the „owner“ of Liebig34 was successful in court with his action for eviction. The distance between the two squats is 100 meters and in this area the cops and the image of the city of Berlin suffer a lot of damage. Some call this a lawless area and a danger zone, but here there is a neighborhood based on solidarity and resistance structures. The current legal situation of Rigaer94 is as follows: on 4 floors in the back house a collective lives together, which also runs the bar and meeting point Kadterschmiede. On the ground floor the autonomous youth club Keimzelle squats their rooms. In the front building friends and other parts of the collective live in the flats. Both in the front and in the back we have valid rental contracts for some rooms, some of the rooms, including Kadterschmiede, are occupied. The aim of "Lafone Investment Ltd", the Police and the Berlin government is to evict us completely from this house, because they hope that this will put an end to the solidary neighborhood and its constant attacks against them. In addition, the clearing of Liebig34 seems very difficult to them as long as we still exist.

The cops, deputies and the press are staging a campaign that targets individual people in the house and marks the massive doors and the barricades as a problem. We do not know yet if the attack of the cops against our house on the morning of the 9th of July was ordered by the Minister of the Interior or if parts of the police have become independent. In fact they committed the same mistake
as in 2016, when they also carried out an operation that was judged illegal by the court. On 9th of July the cops, partly together with an alleged administrator of the owner and a lawyer, searched apartments in the front building, evacuated one apartment and tried to clear another. The cops cited forgery of documents and the injury of a an officer as the reasons for the raid. They came with their own 200 forces, a dozen private mercenaries from a security company and construction workers, it was reported that some of them had Combat18 tattoos. They destroyed all doors in the entrance area, some apartment doors and walls and devastated everything they could reach. In the evening they left after our resistance in the house and from the people who showed solidarity outside in the street.

In the following two days the private mercenaries stayed in front of the house, and the cops have always been there anyway. On July 10th they tried again to evict apartments which they had already entered but which we took back. The people behind the barricades showed an active defense and managed to ruin these plans, as therefore, it was a political decision and common consensus from all the individuals who live in this house to defend it and don’t give it to them. On monday 13th of July they arrived again early in the morning. However, the administrator Thorsten Luschnat, his lawyer Markus Bernau and their private mercenaries found a new door, which was also strongly defended from the people who were behind it. Later they appeared in the news, where they presented themselves as victims of an attack with sticks. The police, who accompanied them, also reported about two injured officials.

Since then it has become a bit calmer in front of the house and the neighborhood, with the support of Liebig34 and all the solidary people from the neighborhood and our commrades-friends, we started to reclaim back our street! In the last days several demonstrations of solidarity took place, a mob rioted in a gentrified part of Friedrichshain, at night banks were smashed, party offices got damaged, patrol cop-cars were attacked and vehicles of the rich, security and other companies burned and not only in Berlin, as signs of direct solidarity.

What we expect

The rulers of this city will not rest until they have wiped out the last tangible place of resistance. A period of evictions has already started. It is not centered around one specific day X, it is now and will be tomorrow. They will try to evict the occupied bar collective "Syndikat" on August 7th, as well as the occupied bar collective "Meuterei" and the occupied youth club „Potse“. They will gather their forces to evict the Liebig34 and cause serious riots with this. They will also attack the Rigaer94 again, whereby it is no a scandal that they leave the legal framework, because we expect nothing else from them and therefore, we do not expect any justice to be found, through any legal framework. The only interesting thing is what society is prepared to accept after the corona state of emergency. The plans of the ruling class will be similar in other countries. We recognize that the states worldwide take an authoritarian position on struggles for a society based on solidarity and equality. But people revolt and defend their struggles. We, as the internal enemy, should develop common strategies to break their offensive.

Let’s take back the houses to those who need them! Every state’s attack, every eviction has its answers!
Visit Berlin in the next month to join our struggle or destroy german interests in your city! Any other solidarity action is welcomed!

With rage in our hearts, Rigaer 94.
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