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A Plea for Combined Strategies
23 ago 2003
I share many of the backing arguments accompanying the proposal of âA Plea for Systemic Strategiesâ? by âWe, The People.â? [See; see also]. By âbacking arguments,â? I mean those that the author has used to support his/her proposal of an attack to âthe dollarâ? as the source of the system, or the âdangerous weapon of the rich against the poor.â?

I have no trouble in understanding the meanings of these backing arguments. As you say, for example, that (a) âwe must liberate our minds from the oppressive ideologies;â? (b) the need âto redirect the unfocussed angst of the unemployed, the prisoners and those on parole, the rebellious youth, the oppressed minorities, the poor, the wage slaves, the homeless and disenfranchised, the beaten and abused;â? (c) that capitalism is âan enemy of humanity;â? and (d) âthe root evils.â? I also agree with your perception of failure of some grassroots organizations that have ended their goals and actions âplaying the system.â?

As to the proposal itself, I am not sure if I can appreciate all of its latitude. I agree that the dollar, as you say, is âa cruel instrument of oppressionâ? of the rich against the poor. But only that: âan instrument.â? If the dollar is an instrument or a weapon, then I fail to see its âsystemicâ? nature, since instruments are means or mechanisms to achieve certain ends or purposes. Would you agree if this instrument were in the hands of the poor, instead of those of the rich? Probably, yes. But some people would argue that a genuine solution to social injustices could not depend on a âcirculation of élitesâ? in the power, unless the new élites RADICALLY CHANGE THEIR WORLDVIEWS. Otherwise, the world would eventually end again in a new kind of social inequality.

Why donât we target the SYSTEM OF IDEOLOGICAL VALUES of the beast, TOO? I am talking about the structures of psychological power of the beast that ideologically control the monetary instruments against the poor. Notice that I use the word âTOOâ? in the question because I donât discard the merits of alternatives concentrating on the destruction of the instrument. But I am more inclined to think about the need of COMBINED STRUGGLES, since I believe that an attack to the instruments and an attack to the system of values are not incompatible strategies unable to visualize and advance together towards the same end.

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