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04 ago 2010
junta musical
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We are an association and a label of a territory called, by the most, Chile. With this initiative, we don’t want money or power. We work through autonomy and autogestion with no kind of profits; we are organized from the individual work that generates the living horizontal collectivity.

As a label, we are appealed to the promotion of musical groups like Tugurio, Terror Demokracia, Inzulto, Traidores de la Patria, Riko Malatesta and Atajoabierto that perform mainly in shows and small concerts organized by us in play fields, public places, and towns of the city and occupied social centers. We make the diffusion of their music by CD in the same activities, public fairs and in little stores associated with this cause.

Our position is against the state and the capitalism, and all its tools of control and domination, and we know that fight against them is a daily struggle, individual and collective one, where each form of rebellion and attacks are one more way to accomplish freedom. Our contribution to this struggle is the diffusion of music, the message and the idea, creating a circumstantial change by working and creating any kind of project without the using capital, i.e. from the illegality, the pirating, without using the author’s rights, anonymity, horizontality, without rock stars, etc.
We know that this is just one of the roads, and that our little contribution is a small step to escape from this jail called reality. Wrong or not, here we are, and we do this because we believe in it.

International Gathering

We invite all the musical groups to sum up and to join the first international gathering organized by SIN FUTURO DISKOS, named: “THE STRUGGLE IS OF ALL PEOPLE, THAT THE REVOLT EXPANDS”. This gathering is part of the FMI (internationalist musical front), a parallel project inside the label, that looks for the creation of international networks that can increase the diversification, the diffusion and the distribution of solo performers, duos or band, it doesn’t matter their style of musical preferences.
The main idea is that this first gathering is organized by us, due to this is the first time, and then, it has to be organized by other groups or people that use the concept of FMI, so they can be in charge of the realization of this gathering, in a rotatory way, keeping the tonic and amplifying the struggle.



- PARTICIPATION: The bands, solos or duos must send 2 own song to the mail: fmi.sfd ARROBA in a WAV format or Mp3, plus, point out your native country, logo or some kind of contact mail. With the quality o the recording or register, we expect the best possible, although we left that on the groups criterion.

- SELECTION: THERE ISNT ANY PROCESS OF SELECTION OR FILTRE FOR THE BANDS, but we consider important that you agree with the reason of this gathering. The received material will be included by order, and when the number of band is exceeded in de CD, the process will close. 1st of July, 2010 is the official closing date. The band that didn’t get to get in, due to the date or by the closing of the CD, will be included in the next gathering.

- DISTRIBUTION: In this opportunity, the gathering will be distributed and sold on the cost of production in CD format in the future activities, shows, fairs and little stores here in Chile, in the first place, and, of course, we expect to take this initiative as far as we can. We expect that other associations have the same initiative, so this can reach a lot of places. We need your help so we can make this an international thing, because we don’t have the resources yet. The proposal and the message is that these have to be a parallel work and involving everyone. We have to keep in touch for the exchange of material and for the specification of the gathering. Any help is a help for everyone. Any question must be sent to the same mail.

We expect your participation and your support!!

Libertarian greetings from this corner of the World!!!

This work is in the public domain
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