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Notícies :: sanitat
Global Contributions to Charity Collections
21 gen 2010 ® Giveaway! - Emerging earthquake in Port-au-Prince 2010
Support ® Giveaway! Haiti.jpg
Help Donation via the Internet

UNICEF depends entirely on voluntary contributions. By donating a gift to help you and your company UNICEF to give more children a better life. Would you give a gift directly via credit card or bank account are you doing this, give a gift online. You can also buy gifts of our ’gåvoshop’ to give to customers or staff.

(Translation: Google Translate (write in suggested URL and translate)|en|

Support ® Giveaway! Data collection via mobile SMS

Give SEK 50 through SMS by sending SMS:

Give money or become the World Parent directly on the web. You can also buy in ’gåvoshopen’ or in the shop. Visit the collection and check out what happens and what others who helped. The money goes to UNICEF's battle for every kid.
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