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Help to mother earth: sabotage system
08 gen 2010
Mother earth sabotage capitalism. Time for us to help to our mother earth. Climate summit is over, it is time to act.
Icy weather these days continues to paralyze traffic of capitalism, system of exploitation, which has become global, and its survival depends on the global transport. Yesterday flights at airports in France, Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands were suspended. Eurostar train was stuck in the tunnel "Channel" for two hours but later managed to arrive in Britain. Departure of 4 Eurostar trains were canceled. The Irish roads are frozen and hundreds of schools does not work. In the Netherlands around Amsterdam and Haarlem, in Wednesday there was snow rainfall so the traffic was blocked. In northern Sweden is measured minus 40 degrees and in the central part of the country was minus 30. In Oslo there is also a minus 40, so, oil in the engine of the city buses was frozen. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of the capitalist society for the homeless, from the beginning of winter in Poland, 122 homeless died. If we do not make a revolution, we will all finish the same, before or later. In the south of England, 4000 people remained without electricity as snow cut cables for electricity. It is obviously that global energy supply, built with the aim of creating a profit in organized way, can not provide to ordinary people a safe heat, water, preparing of lunch, etc. The nature can destroy all that in a few days.

People run for salaries in order to cover basic expenses, and people's work is creating profit for riches who destroy the climate of the planet and who does not give better wages and better life to workers, plus authorities have everywhere their spies who work against militant revolutionaries, so it is obvious that system is so determined that only nature can destroy it fast. Due to the human egoism, people will need centuries to do what the nature do inside of one month.

We should help to the nature, the same as nature help to us - we should sabotage present system together with nature: unscrew the screws at wheels of freight trains, unscrew the screws at cranes in ports, unscrew the screws at capitalist telecommunication repeaters... or imagine something else:) If the key for screw doesn't help, autogenous cutting helps.
To prevent social unrest, just as they did last weeks in Copenhagen, the authorities realize spying. In Germany, about 34,000 citizens, filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court due to gathering of information by authorities. All providers of Internet telephony and internet keep information about all telephone and internet connections throughout Germany for six months. The Federal Constitutional Court always decided like government need it, so it will be the same probably this time, so complaints have no effect. Sabotage has a much greater effect. The possibility of saving data is approved for monitoring in the big action surveillance, automatic photographing car license plates and checks of Internet ... So they can listen and follow the moving of politically unfit person. Now, during Copenhagen climate demonstrations, they were arresting people at the protest, although protesters did not violated the law, but only express their opinion. During arrest they took their names. Names will probably be inserted in the European database of protesters and they will be denied entry in the future into the country in which then there are some demonstrations. A group of students who traveled from Sweden to Copenhagen, during a demonstration of climate, are controlled and refused entry to Denmark. Therefore, they failed to come to Copenhagen, again based on the monitoring and surveillance, although they did not do anything violent. Simply, the European Empire implement open dictatorship in which people have no right to have opinion which is different from the official, it was started in 2001 in Genoa and Gothenburg, and continued in 2009 in Copenhagen. Nobody compared these 3 big demos in last 10 years and nobody made analyze and conclusions which can bring better tactics in our future demonstrations.
During demos in Copenhagen, activists were totally unprepared for repression, mass of people were preventive arrested, and later when people tried to enter the Bella Center where politicians hold a meeting, protesters were beaten by cops. People are correct when they say Fascisthagen (alluding to Copenhagen) but I would said that it is a policy of Empire and not only of city or state. Such repression would be in Budapest, Paris or anywhere, as has already been in Genoa and Gothenburg. When there are no demonstrations, authorities collect information about us, spread their stories through their collaborators of the secret agency (pacifists who put finger on the militants with aim to isolate them from other who could help them), and in that way they are trying to put the ruling way of thinking in our movement under control, and they do it in last 30 years from the time of the Angry Brigade in Britain (RAF and Red Brigades also), and when there are demonstrations, they make preventive arrests without any problems, because they already have information, they beat without problems, and so on. Groups for help to illegals people cooperate with secret agency and do not want to help politically unfit foreigners, indymedia in Germany and Sweden are already controlled by the secret agencies and I get impression these days that it is the same with Danish one. Only anarchists who are not under the control are Autonomen and insurrectionists, so, they are now target of secret agencies, although the secret agencies are still following mostly Muslims and foreigners from third world countries. The resistance to all of it exists but it is such that the mass of people are arrested, simply the tactic is zero. Since the entire protest against climate summit of politicians, I would single out as the most effective action burning of Shell petrol stations in Sweden, everything else is child behavior where people use whistles and cops push them in buses and take them into temporary custody (with built-in storage cages, no toilets, no food and water, the usual prison custody has no capacity to receive 500 and 1000 arrested in one day). Why would someone go to the demonstration only to be arrested? Cops don't let people to make protest, immediately they arrest and break demonstrations. The same as dictatorship in Burma. The activists used public calls for action and demos, but primarily come cops. Number of people who gathered themselves at such protest can be gathered without public calling of people. Although for such secret protest authorities have already their spies among the activists, so cops would surely come even if protest was secret. The only option is to make sabotage and eliminations, I think that insurrectionists have an excellent method of fight against the ruling class, although they have shit theory (situationists and Bob Black). I don't say that insurrectionist methods are revolution, but I say it is the only effective way of fighting against dictatorship which exist in European Empire. Demonstrations are inefficient and only help to cops to arrest and register politically unfit/undesirable people, and some were expelled a few thousand miles away. So the only solution is to eliminate rats, politicians, leading figures of corporations and repressive departments, as well as sabotage of system (freight trains, cranes at ports, telecommunications, etc). With a public statement of reasons for actions, in that way actions would not be private. Anyone can turn up a few screws on the media repeater or cut screws with flame cutting, to make media darkness, or telecommunication darkness, everyone can burn a vehicle telecommunication services, to burn immigration office, and to burn a gas station if there are no people around (it is enough to burn gas bottle with jacket full of fuel and to go, when it is overheating, it will be activated).
Dictatorship is nothing new in our history and the only way to fight against dictatorship is sabotages and eliminations.

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Re: Help to mother earth: sabotage system
08 gen 2010
Entre uva y uva, se alzan los gritos de libertad, arden los coches de policía y se lebantan en alto los puños solidarios que no olvidan ni perdonan el secuestro político, sistemático y permanente que pone en evidencia la naturaleza de la la democracia y el capitalísmo.
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