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never again
22 oct 2008
never again turkish & kurdish nationalism
when kurdish people call themselve arians and want a ´greater kurdistan`...

what is this? faschism,nationalism? left revolution?

when turkish nationalists want the same....what is this?

why? you support such a shit?

because you ,yes i mean YOU are not better!

we will destroy your support of socalled leftwing pkk structures....

better say you clearly what you support...this is NATIONAL SOCIALISM !

you socalled leftwings are nazis! thats clear!

and we will fight you!

down with any nationalism,faschism,racism,antisemitism.... and borders

also in westbank&gaza&lebanon ...smash hezbollah,hamas, mufti sons and supporters!

never,never again!

in solidarity

anti fascist movement

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Re: never again
22 oct 2008
Islam will rule the world, Islam the only truth,

Catalan nazis white nazis you will pay your punishment islam on it's way as Prophet (mpbuh) taught to mankind.

No frontiers no Kurdish no Catalans no Spanish no Turks only Islam and Love and Peace
Re: never again
22 oct 2008
Tariq I was on WC today and WC paper was empty, do you know what I had to use? Some Coran pages. Fucking book, it's so rude that it hurt my ass! White Europe fucking idiot, you talk about your fucking holy war and then you talk about love and peace, don't be ridiculous! 88
Re: never again
23 oct 2008
Catalan nazis White nazis love to antifa Prophet (mpbuh) is with you
Re: never again
23 oct 2008
fuck you and fuck mahoma. europe is white and christian.
Re: never again
23 oct 2008
Christians are our little brothas, they'll grow up to embrace Islam, antifas our dear friends, love to y'all, Islam is the Future Islam is taking over Europe and Catallunya
Re: never again
23 oct 2008
Vaya pandilla de tarats els ques criuren aqui jajajajajajajaja. Putu islam, putus nazis i puta intransigència i bogeria al món!
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