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09 set 2008
Graffiti Para Paz en tod@s Part@s
Mission Possible 'Our World Working For ALL of Us'
> We CAN Make THE Difference!
> THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 13th - 21st Chalk4Peace!
> On the pavements and sidewalks of our towns and cities
> You are invited to Take Action! -
> For your local organiser, LOOK IN THE MIRROR
> (Scroll down for 'WHAT CAN YOU DO?' to Participate in this
> GLOBAL outpouring of public art. Where we make
> our personal statements for peace on the pavements and sidewalks of
> our cities all over our world.')
> Chalk4Peace IS HAPPENING!
> All around the globe, together we are decorating, dedicating and
> declaring, in deep sincerity our collective call for peace.
> Chalk4Peace is about our empowerment. We The People, our global
> culture, all people everywhere and our common desire to live in peace.
> The Chalk4Peace project has already transformed the experience of
> thousands of people attending demonstrations for peace and public
> gatherings all over the
> world during the past 3 years. Chalk4Peace is both a tool and a
> conduit for non violent public self expression,
> and participation in the growing global movement for peace.
> Chalk4Peace is an opportunity for all of us of all ages to make our
> feelings known, especially the young, whose future is in dire jeopardy
> as our global village falls faster and faster into the fear breeding
> fear breeding fear spiral.
> Our global culture is teetering on the edge of extinction.
> No one person alone can turn this around, but together WE CAN!
> 'The Structure of world peace cannot be the work of one man, one
> party,or one nation. It must be a peace which rests on the cooperative
> effort of the whole world'
> ... Eleanor Roosevelt
> Our basic human instincts drive us to seek safety. This is what this
> chaos is all about.Our essential human survival instincts are acting
> out of context with the wider global cultural need resulting in
> mistrust, fear and conflict.
> Everywhere the media is bombarding us with WAR TALK, distractions and
> negative belief patterns that encourage us to believe that the future
> of our world is out of our hands entirely.
> One place we still have communal access to, is OUR STREETS.
> We can balance our GLOBAL CONVERSATION with collective self-expression
> Chalk4Peace is one step, a catalyst that can transform our global
> conversation as we the people, en masse make our statement that is our common
> aspiration for peace.

This work is in the public domain
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