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Comentari :: indymedia
No Girls Allowed !
27 abr 2008
The Collective at indymedia ireland banned a woman
writer under *rule 13 of their editorial guidelines
last week. She had been writing since 2005.

The boys made the rule and she broke it. She is
a disability campaigner with short term memory
No Girls Allowed!

The four editors think that they can write on
woman poverty, disempowerment, abortion and
domestic abuse.

They consistently featurise themselves.

There is a censorship policy and an ongoing
boycott of the site by artists and writers. [womyn and tech
development [Discussion
group. [the collective
[michelle was banned]
Indymedia has a womyn's site and discussion group
to develop spaces and chat for women activists too.


IMC Ireland prohibe las contribuciones de una mujer con una lesión cerebral.
27 abr 2008
durante 5 años IMC ireland ha buscado solo una mujer para trabajar con el colectivo como una "administradora". Lentamente IMC ireland ha sido secuestrado por parte de un grupo de 4 "editores" y finalmente ellos han prohibido una mujer con una Lesión cerebral traumática con trastornos cognoscitivos y de la comunicación.

Por eso, (i per aíxò) - un grupo ya ha empezado de trabajar para recuperar IMC ireland y la dignidad de tod@s sus usuari@s y el espíritu común de "Indymedia" y publicación abierta.
Re: No Girls Allowed !
28 abr 2008
ejem, si la noia té una lesió cerebral traumàtica amb transtorns ... no serà que no té capacitat per a estar a indy o a qualsevol altre lloc?.

Prou demagògia.
Re: No Girls Allowed !
29 abr 2008
Ip blocking a disabled writer and contributor
by a hierarchy is wrong in any analysis.

the discrimination is alleged because the woman
is upset and because the hierarchy defines the

in five years there have been no activist women
given passwords or allowed onsite. we had no
gender/sexuality section until 18 months
ago- our first female moderator has no vote
weight in features.

Boycott (((i))) .ie- it is no longer indymedia=
no parity of esteem.



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