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URGENT: In Plane Site Website HIJACKED, New Gatekeeper In Place
28 mar 2008
The makers of â911 In Plane Siteâ? have been locked out of their own website, content has been suppressed, and funds have been illegally diverted.
If you go to the website right now, you will notice that all information about the new film âWashington, Youâre Firedâ? has been removed. All of the information referring to the filmmaker, Bridge Stone Media Group and William Lewis, have been removed. Youâll also notice that when you click on an item to place your order, you are directed to a new website that you may or may not have seen before â The Power Mall.

This website, The Power Mall, is controlled exclusively by Joyce Riley of The Power Hour, not by co-host Dave vonKleist, as many people familiar with the situation might assume. So, whatâs the problem, you ask?
Well⦠it gets tricky and a little humorous at this point.

Iâve personally worked with the couple through the time span of making four documentaries. I also served as their free and unlicensed âmarriage counselor,â? a duty that I look back on now and laugh âtill I drop to the floor. My wife, Debbie, managed their entire Power Hour warehouse operation, a 2.5 million dollar a year business... She also served as their free and unlicensed âmarriage counselor.â? My sister, Kelly, was their bookkeeper and personal accountant for over 3 years - and NO - she never agreed to serve as their marriage counselor⦠Smart move, Kelly!

You see, Dave vonKleist, and his radio co-host and wife, Joyce Riley, are not the happy couple that everyone thinks that they are. There is now and always has been a constant struggle for each of them to maintain as much control over the radio program as possible. In the past few years, this struggle has intensified. Over time, Joyce has developed a huge amount of animosity towards Dave for the enormous success of the âIn Plane Siteâ? project. She expected the world to clamor at her feet AND around âBeyond Treason.â? When it didnât happen, it was the straw that broke the camelâs back⦠and Dave would never again sleep in the big house with Joyce - literally.

In past âblow-upsâ? between our combative couple, the most that Joyce would do is lock Dave out of their broadcasting studio and make up some phony excuse on-air as to why Dave couldnât be there on that particular day. It wasn't fun to get the phone call from Dave afterwards, but it is a little amusing now that I look back on it.

Whatâs not so funny is when Joyce and Dave were on a road trip to a nearby town â Jefferson City. (about an hour from their 80 acre country compound). The couple was in town on one of Joyceâs bi-weekly shopping sprees. You know⦠china - office supplies - diamond ringsâ¦! The couple was driving in their Suburban on the way back home in a hurricane-like thunderstorm when Dave decided he had finally had enough of Joyceâs verbal abuse. As she was ranting at him, he pulled off to the side of the road, got out of the car and announced to Joyce that he couldnât take her big mouth any more⦠so she scooted over to the driverâs seat, closed and locked the door â then drove off. And no, she didnât come back for Dave later. In the dead middle of the Ozark outbacks, during a TORNADO WARNING and HEAVY RAIN, Joyce made Dave walk and hitchhike back to their funny farm. Itâs a touchy topic that would fill my ears for agonizing weeks and months to come.

Now Joyce has taken her bitter temper tantrum to a whole new level by locking the producers Lewis and vonKleist out of their own website and refuses to allow updates and content revisions. This, incidentally, violates a contractual agreement between the two producers and puts another 9/11 gatekeeper in place.

What information on the 911 In Plane Site website does gatekeeper Riley find offensive? Why does she find it necessary to lock the producers out of their own website? Why is she siphoning off ALL of the profits from the In Plane Site website - in clear violation of a longstanding contract.

As the executive producer and director of 911 In Plane Site & 911 Ripple Effect, I urge everyone reading this call to action to begin the process of what you do best â spreading information. We must urgently boycott this website and advise others to do the same.

Did everyone get that� Let me say it again!
It has been compromised and I cannot guarantee the content of the website or where the proceeds will be diverted.

Until Dave and I can get a new website up and running or resolve the current hijacking of the website, I urge anyone who wants to spread this important message about 9/11 to instead point visitors to It will likely become the NEW headquarters of 911 In Plane Site.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! We cannot let another 911 website get hijacked by the thought police!

William Lewis

william @ bridgestonemediagroup (dot) com
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