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Direct Action report from Greece, last week's news
15 oct 2007
direct action report

This blog is an attemp to cover, publicise and translate all known direct action news (mostly concerning Greece but also near countries as well), apart from the mass media mediation, providing an open database on sabotage-vandalism-rioting and other fine popular arts that blossom throughout the ruins of our post-industrial society. It came as a personal response to a wider need for all direct action to have its own proper spaces, in order to speak for itself, spaces available to anyone that cares. So, i am willing to publish all communiques and comments concerning the actions found here. There will not be published here actions claimed by any formal organisations or parties. These gentlemen can -at least- afford their own image-making. You are welcome to send your own reports to directactiongr ARROBA


15 surveillance cameras destroyed, Polytechnical School (Athens, 15/10/2007)
Source & leaflet text (greek only):

Today at 3 o'clock people from the self-managed infoshop of the polytechnical school and other companions, broke down 15 surveillance cameras around the school's library and destroyed the monitors and the whole control room.

A leaflet explaining the reasons of this action circulated last days as well as during the action, slogans against surveillance and social control were spray-painted and two banners were hanged on the library area.


Arson at Ethniki Bank and ruling party's offices (Thessaloniki, 15/10/2007)
Source (greek only):

A double arson attack was realised around 3:10 in the morning, when a subsidiary of Ethniki Bank on Leontos Sofou Str. in the city center and the local offices of Nea Dimokratia (the greek ruling party) were made targets of gas-canister bombings.


Deputy education minister's office attacked (Athens, 14/10/2007)

Unidentified persons left a incendiary device with gas canisters that exploded in front of mr. Lykourentzos office, on the second floor of an appartements block at Solonos Str. in central Athens.

Another resident of the block found the device and called the police, but in his effort to extinguish the fire that burnst out, he got some minor burns himself.


Municipal Police offices attacked (Athens 12/10/2007)
Source (greek only):,3091,167424,00.html

Some 15 persons wearing hoods attacked the offices of the municipal police in Paleo Faliro, Athens, late Saturday night. They threw stones and caused minor damages to the offices entrance.

Note: Two anarchists are being detained for an alleged arson against a municipal police car in Faliro, Chrissostomos Kontorevithakis and Marios Tsourapas, (for more information:


Two banks burnt up (Athens, 12/10/2007)
Source (greek only): -

A little before 22:00 around 20 persons wearing hoods attacked two banks (one "Ethniki" and one "Agrotiki" bank) in Ilisia area in Athens. They broke the glass windows and threw molotov cocktails inside the banks. They all managed to escape police forces and run to the Zografou university area.

Later on, the police arrested eight persons but left them free because they found no evidence, except from one of them that carried a wooden glob and will be prosecuted.


OTE telecommunications office firebombed (Athens, 10/10/2007)
Source (greek only):

A few minutes before 6:00 a group of about ten unknown persons attacked the offices of OTE telecommunications company in Exarcheia, Athens.


Sports Museum under attack (Thessaloniki, 07/10/2007)
Source (greek only):

According to the newspaper's report, a small group of unidentified persons, a few minutes before 3:00, hurled molotov cocktails at the entrance of the Sports Museum, located near the Aristotle University. The fire caused minor damages and was extinguished by the museum's guards. The group left the area when the police arrived.


Demonstrators mess up "anti"terrorist convention (Volos, 07/10/2007)
Source (greek only): Athens Indymedia

After a solidarity to the immigrants march, demonstrators invaded a convention held at the Thessalia University, during the criminologist Mairy Bossi's speach.

Mairy Bossi has been the scientific consultant of the ministry of public order, she was as well willing to lead a "study of the social characteristics" of the 529 arrestees of the technical school's occupation in Athens, 1995, and she has also been a witness of accusation at the so-called ELA (people's revolutionary struggle) jury, etc.
Her speach was interrupted and she was forced to leave the room, when people threw coffees and snacks from the buffet at her.

The night before there was also an attack against the immigrants concentration centre in Volos.

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Re: Direct Action report from Greece, last week's news
15 oct 2007
mol lluable tota la feina que es fa a grecia!

Tot un exemple pels lluitadors darreu del mon!!

Salud anims i revolució!!!!!!!!!!!
Sindicat Terrassa