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Declaration f the A.Gramshi Society
14 mai 2006
The end of XX century and the beginning of XXI century are characterized by the global
changes, that consequences are difficult for presenting us now. Events that have put an end to

On April 25th, 2006 in St.-Petersburg took place the Constituent Conference of âScientific
and Educational society of Antonio Gramshiâ?. The following questions were discussed at the
1. Establishment of A.Gramshi Society.
2. Acceptance of the program document of the Society â Declaration.
3. Acceptance of the Charter of the Society
4. Election of agencies of the Society.
5. Some questions of current work.
6. Acceptance of the plan of activity for the nearest period.

Conference has decided to found âScientific and Educational society of Antonio Gramshiâ?.
The Declaration and the Charter of the Society is accepted. The plan of work for the nearest
period is coordinated.

Executive director of the A.Gramshi Society.
Andrey I. Skobelev.


The declaration.

The end of XX century and the beginning of XXI century are characterized by the global
changes, that consequences are difficult for presenting us now. Events that have put an end to
an epoch of post-war world are falling of the system of falseness -socialism in the USSR and
its satellites in the East Europe, approach of a neo-Conservative wave everywhere in the
world, crisis of traditional Stalinists and Trotskyites Communist Parties, activization of new
players on the world chessboard of geopolitical opposition.

At a level of economy neo-conservatives have lifted a banner of market fundamentalism and
curtailment of " the social state â. At a level of global geopolitics the extremely right
layers of ruling elite have rallied around of idea of the unipolar world. It is hegemony of
the United States of America. The aggressive foreign policy of the USA has already born the
bloody fruits in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia. The reactionary clique, desperately trying to
keep its lead positions, is going to strike a blow across Iran and other sovereign states.

Neoliberal economic re-structuring strikes a blow on rather high standard of living which has
historically developed in the developed countries of the Europe and America after II WW. On
the other hand, inside of western societies there are numerous enclaves not integrated
"outsiders" â immigrants from the poorly countries of Asia and Latin America. They realize
themselves as differing with to values of a liberal society formation, act with requirements
(frequently in the false form of religious fundamentalism) social justice.

The aggressive policy of neo-Conservative gegemonists causes resistance of elites and fair
indignation of people of Asia and Latin America. However it would be a tragical error to
welcome â war of civilizations â?.

The regim of state-oligarchical capitalism has affirmed in Russia. A policy of ruling russian
elite represents the game of balancing on various interests of the international powers and
blocks on foreign-policy arena and groupings of bureaucracy and oligarchy inside of the
The superproblem of a regim is to keep the status quo of results of extortionate
privatization, is to provide a handover of power to a caste of the maximum bureaucrats and
oligarches, is to block any attempt to direct the country on a way of the valid democracy. The
model a software-dictatorship, dictatorship of an epoch of postmodernism and media
totalitarianism is created in Russia. But we should not err, that such dictatorship can not
only smile, but also show an animal grin.

In sphere of a public idea we see, that "mainstream" is now liberally-fundamentalist, or
religious-fundamentalist way of thinking. The theoretical discourse of âOld Leftâ is in a deep
crisis. âOld Leftâ promptly loses their positions in molecular war for minds and hearts and
cannot conquer ideological hegemony in the society. However the classical democratic idea also
is washed away and falls before the attack of ideology of the total market. Ideals of Freedom,
Reason and democracy appear in a neoliberalists mirror as the antithetic.

In a society there is a need for the new ideological project. It should overcome the moments
that are inadequate to a modern reality. It should be an ideological kernel of formation of
political alternative to totalitarian liberalism.

And now the role of the valid intellectuals increases. They should articulate real social
interests. Intellectuals should on high basis of knowledge and ethical principles to
comprehend processes occuring in the world, to arm will to action by clearness of
understanding, invincible strategy and tactics.

In assistance to the decision of this problem we see our nearest purpose.

St.â Petersburg.
25 April 2006 г.
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