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Virus Alert CNN.exe found
17 set 2004
Virus alert
New Virus found: CNN.exe

A report by M.A.Hussain
A new virus, CNN.exe, has been found in America. This has affected millions of Americans before it could be detected. The right thinking Americans, anti-war and anti-imperialism activists are trying hard to clean the minds of their fellow countrymen.
Virus alert
New Virus found: CNN.exe

A report by M.A.Hussain
A new virus, CNN.exe, has been found in America. This has affected millions of Americans before it could be detected. The right thinking Americans, anti-war and anti-imperialism activists are trying hard to clean the minds of their fellow countrymen. They have declared war on CNN.exe and want to uproot it from America. However the virus has caused wide spread damage. In fact after Sep 11 it spread like wild fire, engulfing millions of Americans. The Trojan horses like white racism and Christian fundamentalism active in American body politic are making it almost impossible to eradicate the virus completely. These horses make a person receptive to lies, by damaging reason-noid, an enzyme essential for rational and critical thinking. When such a person comes in touch with CNN.exe, lies and myths stick to him/her like leaches and start sucking reason-noid. After the victim is under the control of CNN.exe, the virus injects false consciousness and its hidden agenda.


In silent mode: The CNN.exe functions as a massification worm, a virus, a Trojan horse, spyware, a dialer, adware and a jokers program at the same time. The virus attacks victim's gray matter, technically called cerebral cortex and damages F.A.T (File Allocation Table) of cognitive map and database of thought process of the victim. The CNN.exe causes what experts call CNN-Fox syndrome that results in loss of perspective, the victims gets perceptually disoriented and becomes a slave of CNN.exe. Penetrating further deep the CNN.exe replaces true social consciousness with false social consciousness by hijacking victim's reason and damaging his intellect. The victim loses touch with reality and his cognitive structures get blurred and distorted, making perception fixated. He/she seems to be discussing seriously with you but actually it is CNN.exe, which speaks through him/her. The whole America has been gripped in CNN-Fox syndrome. CNN.exe has infected the American body politic by unleashing a viral epidemic of lies and falsehood and half-truths. The virus is terribly complex and infection involves almost all cognitive processes, affecting all areas of human relations. The political analysts say that if the virus CNN.exe could not be cleaned before presidential election it could influence the political process in America.
In expanded mode: The expanded threats exist outside known definitions of viruses, worms and Trojan horses. It functions as a spyware, a dialer, adware as well.
CNN.exe as an adware CNN.exe spreads advertising jingles and logos and slogans. An infected person is convinced that free trade is free from all coercion and is not oppressive and as a consumer it is he who is the king. How the consent is being engineered he never comes to know. AS an Adware CNN.exe exploits the longings and dreams and promotes irrationality through the use of hidden persuaders.
CNN.exe as spyware: The virus secretly gathers personal information through surreys and opinion polls and relays back to the victims after manipulating and committing statistical jugglery over the same.
CNN.exe as a dialer: The CNN.exe infected person gets attracted towards consumer goods made by big corporations and business houses. The victim constantly dials brand names stored in CNN.exe for all kinds of services and goods. Thus CNN.exe creates consumer culture and dehumanizes man by reducing them to economic man and a consumer. It posses threat to uniqueness of ones personality and takes away one individuality. Not surprising that CNN.exe infected persons look alike.
CNN.exe as a hack: It uses all kinds of methods to get unauthorized access to ones private life, thus its does not only violate ones privacy but also human dignity and ones self-respect.
CNN as a joke program: in this mode CNN.exe changes or interrupts the normal behavior of its victims creating a general distraction and nuisances thus the infected person turns to be insane and behaves like an idiot.
Threat metrics:
Geographical distribution:
Threat containment:
little bit difficult but not impossible
Gigantic. The CNN.exe generates millions trash files in the form of news stories daily and spread these throughout out the world, making its difficult to brows a genuine news story.
Degrades performance:
by convincing its victims that America is always right and that America alone is the mightiest and that might is always right , the virus decapitates its victim and he/she turns arrogant and aggressive.
Causes system instability:
the victim behaves like an idiot and the civil society is gripped in mass schizophrenia. And the threat of fascism looms large over American society.
Hide info:
The CNN.exe hide vital information from its victims


If your mind has become infected with CNN.exe the online removal virus services are available at the following web sites. These web sites scan and clean the CNN.exe virus

(The anti-CNN.exe web site has a shortcoming. It does not provide daily updates. With the result if you again log in CNN or Fox channel your mind will again get infected)
(The web site is recommended for an atheist and is an effective in removing your virus if you are an atheist)
Online support forums:

(This forum is a place where you can put your peculiar symptoms of CNN-Fox syndrome and seek help of anti-virus experts)

Daily Updates

The partial list of the web sites providing daily updates against CNN.exe virus:

The security patches

For removing vulnerabilities and patching security holes please visit the web sites:

U.S. Interventions in the Middle East

The latest various definitions:

For latest virus definitions please visit these web sites:

Anti-CNN.exe virus specialists:

They provide you cure from various strains of CNN.exe virus.
Virus Experts
Important removal instruction:

After removing CNN.exe virus, please keep away from T.V channels like CNN and Fox till your mind gets virus free and vulnerability patches are applied. Then you are free to view any T.V channel.
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