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Ad Fight: Big, Fat & Censored
13 ago 2004
The bond between media outlets and their corporate sponsors is killing us. Literally. Globally, rates of obesity and heart disease are soaring while McDonalds spends $1.5 billion a year pushing its supersized, fat-laden fare on consumers. To make matters worse, commercial television networks are refusing to sell Adbusters airtime for our 15-second public-health spot about the fat content of Big Macs. This is a fight against censorship. And a chance to show fast-food for what it really is: the next big tobacco. We’re loving it...
In a totalitarian system, you aren't allowed to talk back to the government; in the capitalist system, you can't talk back to the sponsor. Proof of this came when we took our ads to the big networks. Here's what they had to say:

âWe do not accept advertising for controversial issues and now must reject all the spots submitted.â?
-MTV networks, manager of commercial clearance, Kristie Carlson.

âWe think these [spots] are controversial and we're not convinced they would be in our interest.â?
-Oracle South Africa, general manager, Chris Hitchens.

âYou know what I feel like saying? Suck it up, it's the real world.â?
-ABC, vice president of advertising, Julie Hoover.

âWe're in the business to make money, and we're in the business to sell our customer's products. So why would we come out and say "don't buy anything" and effect the economy?â?
-CTV Canada, group director of national sales, Al Hudak

âOur president did not want to air anything that is anti-TV. And he has dealt with you guys in the past, according to him.â?
-CanWest global Canada, business development executive, Carmen Lago


Censored Spots:
Big Mac
Buy Nothing Day
Corporate Hotseat
Tv Turnoff - Minimalist
Buy Nothing Day - Consumption
The Product is You
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Re: Ad Fight: Big, Fat & Censored
13 ago 2004
Media Carta is the human-rights battle of our information age. It is about us, the people, taking a stand against a media system that shuts us out and dominates our lives. It’s about building-up an entirely new communication order to replace it, one that has at its foundation the direct, democratic participation of citizens. It’s about reclaiming our most basic freedom – the Human Right to Communicate.

This is a fight that we cannot avoid. Without a media democracy – meaningful public access to the most powerful forms of communication – we cannot raise healthy children, create good public policy or hold elections that matter. We lose the power to shape our own consciousness, our own future. We lose even the power to imagine what that future might look like.

Change is already underway. Recent attempts by the FCC to further relax US media ownership rules have hit a serious nerve; a groundswell of public opposition has emerged. Led by movements for Media Reform, Media Democracy and Media Justice, battles are raging against corporatized communications. Independent, community-based alternatives are breaking new ground everyday.

Still, progress on the big issues has been slow and victories scarce. The reality is this: we need a total revolution in how we relate to the media. And we’re not getting there.

What we need is a plan. We need a long-term strategy with concrete, achievable goals and targets for our grassroots activism – something to give our movement focus.

What follows is a Four-Step Plan for Media Carta. We hope it will pull together media activists of all stripes, from all corners of the world. And we hope it will bring new activists to the movement. Each of the four steps hits a central issue. Each is laid-out to build on the others, to raise the stakes and grow this battle. Take the Tour below to learn about the plan and get involved.

Media Carta is a great personal, intellectual, social, cultural and legal test. It is the freedom fight of our generation. When we win, it will tip the balance of power from corporations to people, from money to ideas. This is the issue of issues, the jam of jams – the ultimate struggle for a genuine democracy.

A victory here will change everything.