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: pobles i cultures vs poder i estats
2004 Navarra/Euskal Herria y el Partido Carlista
La visión carlista en el siglo XXI del problema vasco y catalan y sus soluciones
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News: xarxa i llibertat
Diebold: Maryland Electronic Voting Systems Found Vulnerable
"My fine state (Maryland) has hired some people I can respect to hack into Diebold voting machines. The Washington Post (read it free for 2 weeks) has the details. From this story and the one on NPR, the state hired a company and set up a test voting precinct and had the group try whatever they could to break into the machines. Most of the attacks would probably be noticed by an even-half-awake poll staff, but some vulnerabilities were exposed. The net seems to be that you could really mess up individual machines, but the grail would be to get to the central collection servers and send a megavote to your favorite candidate. The last paragraph mentions problems that voting machines had in the last election in Virginia; it's interesting to note that those use wireless networking--my jaw has dropped onto my keyboard and I can't comment any further." Other readers sent in two stories in the Baltimore Sun (1, 2), and one in the NY Times.
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Announcement: immigració
'Escaping' the US? Join the Exodus Nexus!
The Exodus Nexus

This group is for current and aspiring American expatriates around the world in places like North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and elsewhere, who have left or are planning to leave 'The Homeland' or other territorial and military jurisdictions which are under similar modes of American political occupation. This group is being formed during these times of increasing government repression, military adventurism and generalized intolerance with the hopes of building up a formidable network of resistance and mutual aid amongst all varieties of American expatriates as well our friends amongst the indigenous, immigrant and citizen populations of the world, so that we may more effectively challenge the ongoing project of American Empire-building. Whether your current or impending exile is one that is of a military, political, social, cultural or temperamental nature, we urge you to join the discusion happening here, either anonymously or using your real identity, for history has shown that we will always be stronger if we work together and back each other up, as was learned very clearly in earlier underground railroads organized to escape American slavery in the 1830s and to escape military conscription in the 1960's, amongst many other examples.
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News: un altre món és aquí
Trobada llatinoamericana d´organitzacions socials indigenes , 5-8 febrer,a Cochabamba
Clica aqui para ver a imagem completa

Vai ter lugar, de 5 a 8 de Fevereiro, em Cochabamba, na Bolívia, o 2º Encontro Latino-Americano de Organizações Sociais Indígenas de Resistência Popular, anuncia o Indymedia boliviano. Este Encontro sucede ao de 25 e 26 de Janeiro de 2003, que teve lugar em Porto Alegre, no Brasil, como resposta ao Fórum Social Mundial, enredado em alternativas de reformar o capitalismo liberal.

Activistas de organizações sociais da América Latina vão trocar ideias e experiências de luta inspiradas na horizontalidade, na democracia directa e na autonomia; é um encontro que se manifesta abertamente contra a globalização neoliberal e como alternativa regional ao Fórum Social Mundial que se realizou na ?ndia, o qual foi participado pel os partidos social-democratas e ong's funcionais do sistema capitalista.

É também uma afirmação de alternativa, num momento em que as formas auto-organizativas dos movimentos sociais de base se revitalizam frente à crise das formas políticas verticais e autoritárias exteriorizadas na democracia representativa e no sistema de partidos políticos de vertente neoliberal, tal como naquelas formas da velha esquerda fundadas na centralização partidária.

Esta praxis de modelos de participação horizontais manifestou-se historicamente nas formas que articularam diversos movimentos sociais durante as recentes lutas bolivianas da guerra da água e da guerra do gás, conseguindo históricas e importantes vitórias, e abrindo uma nova etapa de mudanças e de luta contra o capitalismo neoliberal.
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News: guerra
:::NETSTRIKE against NATO's security conference in Munich !!::
Netstrike !!!
In order to support the demonstrations against the NATO’s
security conference in Munich.

(1) We’d like to launch a massive netstrike against the conference's website:

(2) Spam and mailbonbing against conference's email:

(3) Blocking the telephone lines of Press Office:
Tel. +49 89 31 68 61 41
Fax. +49 89 31 68 61 44

The netstrike is planned for Friday 6th February 2004
3pm GMT (UK, Ireland, Portugal time)
4pm GMT (Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy time)
5pm GMT (Finland, Greece, Turkey, Israel time)
6pm GMT (Russia, Georgia, Iraq time)
Find out your GMT time at :

The ideas is simple:

(1) Use this tool for netstrike
or run your web browser, go to the website, and keep on pressing the “refresh? (or “reload?) button of your browser, hoping that the server will be swamped by
access requests, and eventually knocked out.
If you wanna be more efficient, you can clean up your browser’s cache.
more info at :

(2) Send email with big attachment or spam with your ideas about conference.

(3) Call and send fax to Press Office of Munich conference with the numbers up segnaled.

Fourum in order to deepining about netstrike:

Spread this info, we need to be numerous.

More info about the conference at

Information about event:

The NATO Conference on Security Policy is a conference organized by a
private person called Horst Teltschik, former advisor of Helmut Kohl,
former Manager of BMW and now an employee at Boeing, one of the biggest
weapons manufacturers in the world.

At the annual Munich “meeting for safety policy? as it officially called,
military strategists, generals and armament experts, the ministers of
foreign and of defence affairs of the NATO and the EU states, as well
as representatives of the armament industry and the media, meet at
the hotel “Bayerischer Hof “.

The conference will be held in the most expensive hotel of Munich,
hosting several dozen military experts, politicians and private
investors to provide a platform for relaxed (mostly private)
conversation and exchange of ideas.

Also, this year, "Defense" Ministers of all member countries will be
holding a meeting on the 6th.

For the past years people have been protesting the conference as an
event used to promote war and military armament. And also a place for
investors seeking bigger market shares abroad with the help of the
military and its industry.

2 years ago all protests were prohibited by the city government of
Munich, all public dissent illegalized. But still almost 10,000 people
showed up to protest anyway, almost 1000 were arrested - illegally.

Because NATO allows the event to carry its name, and because NATO
members are taking part, and since the conference is ironically named
to be a "peace conference", it is neccessary to show how NATO supports
only one kind of peace, that of expansion, subduing other countries and
bombing them.

The conference's own website is here:

The official NATO web site:

German anti-NATO site:

International information against NATO:

Spread this info, we need to be numerous!!
You should collaborate and post new and messages
on, like newswire of
Indymedia Network, we can create a big coverage
against NATO's and USA's wars

Signed crew.
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News: globalització neoliberal
Forum econòmic alternatiu (Varsòvia)
Durant la següent Cimera econòmica europea de Varsòvia els moviments d´esquerra i anarquistes organitzen una trobada alternativa, on es faran manifestacions, xerrades, accions directes, etc. Una gran manifestació es farà a Varsovia el 29 d´abril.


Per contactar els organitzadors en anglés:

Els organitzadors fan una crida a la participació enviant propostes i preguntes sobre quins temes s´hauran de tractar en la cimera alternativa, que es recolliran perl 28 de febrer a: Merci d'envoyer vos propositions ou vos demandes d'information pour le 28 février à

Infos sobre les discussions en cours et le programma provisoire :

Crida du Forum économiq alternatif de Varsovie


Merci d'envoyer vos propositions ou vos demandes d'information pour le 28 février à :

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: antifeixisme
Slaying The Beast Before The Election Is Canceled
The Bush administration is guilty of so many crimes that they don’t dare give up the grips of power. The seriousness of their crimes rivals those brought to trial at Nuremberg. Every single senior member of this administration is guilty of war crimes, war mongering and crimes against humanity.
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Commentary: indymedia
Portland IMC responds to SF Indymedia Conflict
Portlands response, a dis on SF IMC

After examining the conflict in the SF Bay Indymedia community, with the information that we have Portland Indymedia activists have collectively decided that the actions of the current SF-IMC group are directly contrary to the spirit of Indymedia, to it's Principles of Unity, and to basic ethical behavior.

Therefore, Portland IMC activists have consensed to no longer recognize the current SF-IMC as a legitimate IMC until SF-IMC justifies it's actions of unilaterally taking over the SF server. Until that time, SF-IMC will be removed from the cities list on the Portland IMC site.

Portland IMC activists also agree that the subsequent New-IMC decision to recognize the new SF-IMC group was not valid with Gekked as the sponsor because the hard questions regarding his own actions have not been asked, nor answered. We feel it was a conflict of interest for Gekked to be the sponsor of his own groups petition to be recognized by New-Imc. Therefore, we recommend that SF-IMC's official recognition within New-IMC be RETRACTED, with a NEW application required for any future recognition.

Furthermore, Portland IMC activists encourage the Indybay group not to compromise and accept any deals but rather to demand that the SF Indymedia community remain a single IMC and that the people currently controlling SF-IMC justify their actions or step aside.

Indymedia activists across the broader Indymedia network are also encouraged to speak up and take action to address the wrong that appears to have been done.
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