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Thomas Barz, une agente Secreto Alleman y Mossad in Espana!!
by mclaugh 5:13pm Sat Jul 5 '03

Thomas Barz placed recently a lot of links on Indymedia.Certainly to infiltrate again the Globalisation Movement. The fact Thomas Barz is a German National working for several Secret Services, e.g Mossad.

Download attached file: (mimetype: application/zip )


Thomas Barz placed recently a lot of links on Indymedia.Certainly to infiltrate again the Globalisation Movement. The fact Thomas Barz is a German National working for several Secret Services, e.g Mossad.


“Man’s of Honor”

‘Politic & Crime.’
‘100 Million a minute .......... .’
‘European Candy-striper Attaché Case Couriers.’

“The Power Brokers......”

“Money Laundering, Conman’s AND GOVERNMENTS are always one Family.”

“His name was Death, and Hell followed with him.” Revelation 6:8
... And if anyone wants to harm them, fire pours from their mouths and consumes their foes.”

Contents (Names)

Dr. Helmuth Kohl, German’s ‘Black-out’ Chancellor and Euro Illusionist....
E. Balladour, (Ex) French Prime Minister,
V. Giscard d’Estaing-Ex French President (L’Affaire de Diamond e.g.)
J. Chirac, Ex Prime Minister, (French President since 1995)
Max Hageman, Editor Munich National Zeitung
Guiseppe Zigiotti, Italian Fascist National Association
Carlo d’Amelio, Attorney, representing the financial holdings of the House of Savoy and the House of Pallaviciny.
Lois Mortimer Bloomfield
European “fondi”
International Monetary Fund
Credit Agricole et Indosuez
European Development and Reconstruction Bank
Schroeder Bank
Barclay’s Bank Bad Muenster
Kuhn Loeb, Partner of Otto Kahn, his granddaughter is the spouse of Earl of Airlie, the family of Winston Churchill, whose mother-in-law is an Airlie.
The Lazard Group.
Lazard controls the London Financial Times, the Economist, Pinguin-Books.
NATWEST Bank - National West Minster Bank, Eagle Star Insurance Company (management is British intelligence, by an arrangement that traces back to World War II.
Hongkong-Shanghai Bank
Midland Bank
Lord Carrington
Kissinger Associates
Hambro’s Bank
Assicurazioni Generali
Barclay’s Bank
Warburg -- Mercury Securities
Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas
American Express International Bank - Geneva
Edmund Safra - Carl Lindner
The Golden Triangle Funds
SAFRA - Syrian-Jewish Banking
Safra’s Republic National Bank of New York in merger with:
Trade Development Bank of Geneva
Credit Agricole -’The Bank serving Banks’
...and CA ‘Cash-Letters’.
Allianz Versicherungen of Munich, and the
Deutsche Bank - Bank Politic
Dresdner Bank
Deutsche Bank
Arab Bureau, Genoud’s KGB Islamic Division
Dusseldorf Global Bank - Tabatai - Son in Law
of Khomenie’s
Swiss Bank Corporation
Verger, French apocalypse Lawyer
Banque Lois - Dreyfus of Paris
Paribas is the major stockholder of the Assicurazioni Generali of Venice
Paripas is the major stockholder of the Assicurazioni of Venice
KKB Bank Germany
Banka Baltija
Hoechst (Germany)
N. M. Rothschild
Robert Meyjes, now based at CitiBank’s Office in Paris
Drexel - Burnham Lambert, the Belgium Cousin of the Rothschild family.
Bayerische Landesbank
DG Bank
Hamburger Sparkasse
Suedwest LB
DSL Bank
SGZ Bank Frankfurt
WGZ Bank
Electro Banque
Audi Banque, Beirut
DSL Bank, Bonn
Bank Julius Baer
Kreissparkasse Koeln
Frankfurter Sparkasse
Stadtsparkasse Koeln
GZB Bank
Raiffaissenverband Innsbruck
Stadtsparkasse Dortmund
Credit Andorra
Sparkasse Aachen
Saudi International Bank, UK
Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nuertingen
Kreissparkasse Garmisch
Kas Associe
Tiroler Sparkasse
Sparkasse Pforzheim
Stadtsparkasse Augsburg
Sparkasse Bonn
Friesland Bank
Sparkasse Ulm
Bankhaus Herman Lampe
Bank Linth
Banca Agricola, Bucarest
PARIBAS, create together Warburg-Becker-Paribas merged into Merill Lynch during 1984)
Bayerische Hypo & Wechsel Bank
The Bonn-Paris Euro, Inc. in Brussels”
Why Vichy and Hitler was not just a accident...
‘Two Knights and 13 servants.....’ (EU)
The ‘Private Economy’ and Bodyguards messenger of a Bavarian Minister
Germans ‘Frequent Travelers’....
Germany, the laundryman’s dreamland
Dr. H. Kohl, ex German Chancellor, ‘Man of many faces’.
Dr. Winfried Maier, ex Public Prosecutor in Augsburg, Germany.
The German counterpart of the Italian Prosecutor Signor ‘Mani Poluti’. (The case Berlusconi etc.)
‘Schmiergeldzahlungen’ with CDU arm deals
Holger Pfahl, ex State Secretary of Defense in Germany, wanted for arm dealing and supposed to be hidden in Singapore,
3, 8 Millions from Saudi Arabia to Germany for Fuchspanzer (Tanks)
The ‘executing Mastermind’ to protect Official Money Laundering in Germany:
Public Prosecutor and Chief Prosecutor in Augsburg Mr. Nemetz.
Germanys Mastermind for Politic Money Laundering: General Prosecution Office in Munich
Dr. Maier statement: “ For ordered crime reports or investigation I am not willing to sign such documents.” (He lost is job as prosecutor and investigator and is now Family Judge)
‘Money Laundering a la Germany”.
Only comments from Mr. Nemetz, Chief investigator in Augsburg: “ An hearing of the ex Chancellor Kohl would be a show and the office of the Public Prosecutor is not established for a show, but to ‘investigate in accordance with the German Law’!
How the Public Prosecution from Munich and Augsburg, Germany covers up Money Laundering to keep Germany International ‘face’ clean.
The German Public Prosecutor Dr. Maier , engaged in the case Kohl and why he lost his job?
German Public Prosecutors from Augsburg and the Philippine Marcos Funds,
The Author, Public Prosecutor Wiessner , Minister Tandler, the Hotel of the Bavarian Minister Tandlers spouse and his protection from the German, Bavarian Justice.
Kohl and Cie., Geneva Suicide 1, suicide 2, the secret accounts
Schreiber the ex German Secret Agent turned arm dealer, exiled in Canada, Minister Schaeuble and the Bavarian final game a la Strauss…
Germanys Political Justice, Official Money Laundering Justice and the biggest arm deals during Kohl’s time as Chancellor.
Politic and Justice a la Germany
Karl-Heinz Schreiber, from ex German Secret Agent to Germanys ‘Super Arm Dealer’ and Financier of the political wing Christian Democratic Party and Christian Social Union.
Minister Schaeuble: The Scapegoat for Kohl,
Schreiber and the Political Arm in Augsburg.
The fake true Passport issued by an German Embassy to help to escape an ex German Secret Agent now International wanted Money Launderer and Arm dealer.
Werner Stoehlein, BND, Germanys International Information Service (like the NSA) old and good friend of Karl Heinz Schreiber.
The connection between the International wanted Arm dealer and Money Launderer K. Heinz Schreiber, financier of the CDU and Kohl has been well known in the circle of the German Government
Elf-Aquitaine, Leuna and why Kohl ordered the case to be dealed in his head office.
Is the BND (the German counterpart of NSA or the French DST) in the center of all Official German Money Laundering and arm deals?
CDU Leisler Kiep, Schreiber, Pfahl and even K. Heinz Schreiber all had the necessary connection to the BND.
Erisch Schmidt-Eenboon a German Secret Service Expert:” It is amazing and strange that a normal Landes Minister Leisler Kiep knows the BND Station Manager in Washington and get involved with his party to promote the German Secret Station Manager in Washington.
Minister Leisler Kieps intervention for the BND Collaborator Blum to arrange a promotion, classification A 6 trough the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Blum, firstly acting as BND Station Manager in Washington becomes later President of the well known BND.
A strange fact, that all persons involved in Money Laundering and arm dealing had connection with the BND, has been employed by the BND and placed via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs into top locations.
50 Million DEM a Dieter Holzer, to arranged the deal between Elf and Leuna. Dieter Holzer has been a BND Agent.
The International Fraternity of Money Laundering.
Case 1.: ex-Germans Chancellors Kohl Black-out Case with Graf von Lambsdorff.
Case 2.: ex-Germans Chancellors Kohl’s Case 1991 with Leisler Kiep, treasurer of the Kohl’s party
Case 3.: ex-Germans Chancellors Kohl’s Politic Justice Protection
Case 4.: ex-Germans Chancellors Word of Honor (Ehrenword) to protect the donators. Why? Because they never existed?
The system Kohl. A German system?
The suicide of CDU Finance Chief Mr. Wolfgang Huellen.
The suicide of Geneva. Fact are behind the walls of the investigation office.
The secrets of 1,2 millions disappeared files and documents from the ex-Chancellors Office.
Kohl’s standard comments on money laundering, bribery and other crimes investigated: “ I can not remember such things. I don’t know. Here, I can nothing say. This comments has been recorded 51 times since the beginning of investigation against Kohl.
Has Germany been ruled for 16 years by a ‘black-out’ Chancellor as H. Giessler mentioned?
The Author says no. In contrary. Kohl politic is a mirror of the German political face after 1945.
A mirror of the existing virile society existing as later investigated in this book.
Three solution as K. Dreher the Kohl Biograph stated: “ Had Kohl a ‘black-out’?
Is he a layer? Can he not release the truth as a German?
CDU and Liechtenstein.
Germany is not a Banana Republic, but Kohl and Cie. are Planters, his Secret Service placed via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the sellers and the political justice covers up.
Werner Stroehlein, BND Station Manager in Central America, later in charge at the Service Secret HQ Pullach, Ref. 11 A ‘against organized Criminality’. Werner Stroehlein is now on the run and certainly hidden somewhere in South America.
Kohl and Co. above the German Law, because Kohl is the German Law.
More then four year investigation from the public prosecutors in Augsburg against the son of the last Bavarian King: ‘ Max Strauss’ without results. Again the Chief Prosecutor Mr. Nemetz: “ We are at the beginning of the investigation….”
The ‘Octagon Trust’ in Liechtenstein, Schaan, exist since the Gestapo used the trust as arm dealing center. Later on, Millions from the profit has been delivered to the Christian Democratic Party and again the BND. (Germans Secret Service)
(IN -Konkret 03/2000)
The Octagon Trust and his private Bankers: J. Baer and ‘Von Tobel’
Rudolf Ruscheweyh and Hans Klein, the Money Launderer of Nazi Funds and Pierre Laval in Switzerland.
Ludwig Holger Pfahl: Prosecutor in Munich, Office manager of the late F. Joseph Strauss, one of the must known figure in Germanys after war history, President of the BFS, Secret Service for Internal Affairs, State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, manager of Daimler Benz. A modern R. Kimble. ‘Wanted’ by the German Justice for arm deals and money laundering, bribery and corruption, last time seen in ‘Taiwan’ is as fare the Author knows in Switzerland (1999) with a brand new passport delivered from a German Embassy in Far East.
Are German National the responsible of the Asia Monetary and economic crisis?
Dr. M. President of Malaysia said yes, after the author presented documents not included in this publication after presenting other hidden documents, in case of a law suite.
The German Mules, the German Passports from the Embassies and the Borders at Thai - Malay Borders.
Germans, Medelin, Colombia and the Thai Bath History
What the ex-German Chancellor can do, normal German Citizen can do better.
The German Government, his Servants, his Embassies, his secret service and the fake true passport of the Embassies for Germans must wanted persons.
(Like Pfahl - ex Director of ..
This publication is based on facts no fiction and written from an exiled German forced into exile, to protect a German Minister and his helpers for eleven years.
Germans Secret Service in Switzerland
France internal scandals involving Money laundering up to the highest level.
Kohl, Mitterand and the Petrol.
France and Germany, the model of a modern European Union?

This is the first edition or first part of ‘Man of Honors’ Money laundering. However the second publication will be ready end of 2001 and will include updated information, facts and changes occurred in the European Union since ex German Chancellor Kohl lost the election and a new Government is in place.
However, the latest public release of EUROPOL, Interpol, and other Intelligence services shows that Money Laundering, Corruption is far from elimination and our daily news shows that more and more High level European and Western Head of States are involved in Corruption and Money Laundering using the Political Party System and their House Banks. The next report will show, why the World not only are in need of an International War Crime Tribunal but first of all of a new Law which place certain Citizen above the Law. Also the Justice needs to be cleaned up and any political justice must be removed. We have seen that the ex German Chancellor has been during 16 years above the law and he showed again that old connections remains valid even for a now private citizen. He recently has been found no guilty and all charges have been dismissed.
The Professionals:

American Express
Allianz Versicherungen AG (Germany)
Algemene Bank Nederland
Banco Ambrosiano
Banco de Maracaibo
Banco de Occidente
Banco Internacional
Banco Provincial
Bank of America
Bank Atlantic
Bank Austria
Bank of Boston
Bank of England
Bank of Greece
Bank for International Settlements
Bank of Italy
Bank Leu International
Bank of Liechtenstein
Bank of New England
Bank of New York
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bank of Warsaw
Bankfinanz (Zurich)
Banque Brussels Lambert
Banque du Sued ( Tunis)
Banque National de Paris
Barclay (UK)
British Bank of Middle East
Capital Bank Miami
Central Bank of Lagos
Central Bank of Seychelles
Charterhouse Japhet
Chase Manhattan
Chemical Bank
Commerz Bank (Koeln)
Credit Suisse
Caisse National du Credit Agricole
Deutsche Bank (Suisse) Ltd. (Montserrat)
Deutsche Bank International
Dresdner Bank
European Overseas Bank Ltd. Grenada
FinaBank (Geneva)
First American
First Bank and Trust Company (Florida)
First Interamericas Bank
First National Bank
Franklin National
Handels Bank
Hypo Bank
Hongkong Bank (Panama)
Independence Bank (Encino)
International Bank
IOR (Vatican Bank)
Keystone Bank Ltd. (Kitts & Nevis)
Manufacturers Hanover Bank of Canada
Mercantile Overseas Bank (IoM) (MANX)
Midland (UK)
Morgan Stanley
National Westminster
Nugan-Hand Bank
Panamanian National Bank
Prudential Bank & Trust Ltd. (Montserrat)
Royal Bank Of Canada
Royal Bank of Montreal
Royal Bank of Jersey
Southeast Bank
TSB (Trustee Savings Bank)
Union Bancaire Privee (Geneva)
Union Banque Suisse
United Bank Ltd. Pakistan
V & P Bank Liechtenstein
World Bank Ltd. (Montserrat)
Z - Laender Bank (Liechtenstein)
Zurich Overseas Bank (Montserrat)


CEP (Committee to Elect President)
Euro Arabian Jewellery Ltd.
Cambia Italia S.A. (Montevideo)
Manaus - Santarem MASA S.A.
Budapest - Prague - Warsaw, Inc.
Deutsche Industrie Stiftung, fur
Deutsch- Arabische Freundschaftsverein
Geneva suicide and., the back ground...
The Schwabenland (Bavarian) ‘legal’ way as clearing house
Ministers, Ministers and a Landerjustice
Germany’s second largest economy
German’s Bavaria and his ‘Frei’ Maurer

The Magic Game

When the President does it, that means it is not illegal, ‘Richard Nixon, former US President....’

French Presidents HQ is searched

A French Investigating magistrate has searched the headquarters of Presidents Jacques Chirac’s Gaullist party about an alleged funding fraud.

Thirty peoples are under investigation in the case. Rake-off of public housing money to help finance the party!

Jacques Chirac, French President

Money Laundering is all about sleight of hand.
It is a magic trick for wealth creation.
It is, perhaps, the closest anyone has ever come to alchemy.


Interpol is an international organization established to facilitate information sharing and co-ordination among nations in worldwide criminal investigative matters. At the 64th session of Interpol’s General Assembly held in October 1995, a resolution was unanimously adopted establishing the first major anti-money laundering declaration in the organization’s history. This resolution consolidates the ten previous actions of Interpol since 1960 and calls for major legislative reforms by the 170 Interpol member nations.

The adoption of this major money laundering resolution by the member countries illustrates Interpol’s commitment to thwarting international financial crimes and their desire to strengthen international co-operation.

The resolution recommends that Interpol member countries consider adopting national legislation that would:

Provide for the criminal prosecution of persons who knowingly participate in the laundering of proceeds derived from serious criminal activity;
allow for the seizure of property, with sufficient legal investigative authority for law enforcement officials to identify, trace and freeze assets derived from illicit activities; allow for reporting of unusual or suspect currency or other transactions by banks and other financial institutions, to appropriate officials who would have authority to conduct further investigative inquiries; require financial institutions to maintain, at least for five years after the conclusion of the transaction, all necessary records on transactions, both domestic and international, in order to enable member countries to properly investigate money laundering, and to enhance international co-operation by enabling member countries to respond to requests from authorities in other countries for such records; allow for the expeditious extradition of individuals charged with money laundering offences.

What is money laundering?

With few exceptions, criminals are motivated by one thing-profit. Greed drives the criminal, and the result is that illegally gained money must be introduced into the nation’s legitimate financial systems. Money laundering involves disguising financial assets so they can be used without detection of the illegal activity that produced them. Through money laundering, the criminal transforms the monetary proceeds derived from criminal activity into funds with an apparently legal source.

This process has devastating social consequences. For one thing, money laundering provides the fuel for drug dealers, terrorists, arms dealers, and other criminals to operate and expand their criminal enterprises. We know that criminals manipulate financial systems Worldwide to further a wide range of illicit activities. Left unchecked, money laundering can erode the integrity of our nation’s financial institutions.

FinCEN is a network, a link between the law enforcement, financial and regulatory communities. Because the changing financial world creates vast opportunities for criminals, FinCEN strives to work with its domestic and international partners to maximize the information-sharing network and find new ways to prevent and detect financial crime.
How big is the problem and why is it important?

The profits of crime that creep into Global’ financial system each year are staggering and detrimental by any calculation. Drug trafficking alone generates tens of billions of dollars a year. Many believe that it is simply not possible to pinpoint the amount.

It is clear, however, that the problem is enormous. It is also clear that money laundering extends far beyond hiding narcotics profits. The dimension of the problem increases rapidly when one considers, for example, trade fraud and tax evasion subject to the money laundering statutes, as well as organized crime and arms smuggling. Bank, medical, and insurance fraud-which can also entail significant laundering of funds-add many additional billions of dollars to the criminals’ profits.

Notes on German Money Laundering

Follow the money

To fight them, law enforcement has traditionally resorted to arrests, seizures and convictions. The focus has been on the underlying crime, drug trafficking, racketeering, prostitution, weapons trafficking, trade fraud, terrorism and, more recently, the smuggling of radioactive materials. This focus has now changed:

“We follow the money,” says the Author, “because we have learned that this is what hurts such criminal organizations the most.”

The first legislation aimed at regulating monetary transactions in Europe was passed in 1970 (known as `The Bank Secrecy Act’). It required financial institutions to keep records and to report transactions involving large amounts of currency (the present threshold is 10,000 dollars, about 8,000 ECU).

However, money laundering per se was not criminalized until 1986. In 1992, banks were required to file suspicious transaction reports and to establish internal anti-money laundering procedures, called `Know your customer policy’.

Eventually, in 1994, the `Money laundering suppression Act’ was passed. It required the federal registration of other types of financial institutions (like money transmitters, check cashiers, remittance corporations, money changers and giro houses) that were unregulated until then.

Bigger catches

“The aim at the legislative level,” says the Author, “has been to make the holes in the net smaller so that fewer fishes can get through. FinCEN has adopted a prevention-detection-enforcement approach envisioning a single, seamless, enforcement system that goes from the bank teller, securities broker, or money order agent, through analysis and information sharing, to special agent and prosecutor.” The agency makes use of the latest information technologies available, such as artificial intelligence to detect trends and patterns of money laundering.

Other countries have similar organizations: TRACFIN in France, CTIF in Belgium, NCIS in Great Britain, AUSTRAC in Australia and soon there will be a new center in Poland.

Black hole of wire transfers
“The area of wire transfers has often been the black hole of money trails and is still very arcane to many investigators,” adds the Author, “it is not an easy matter to identify one transfer in an ocean of transactions by wire transfers when we keep in mind that each day over 1 trillion of dollars (about 800 billion ECU) pass through the New York Chips System alone.

FinCEN’s initiative will make such identification much easier.”

EU initiatives

The European Union’s fight against money laundering has become harder since the borders between Western and Eastern Europe were opened.

The commission’s directive 308/91 has eight sections about money laundering, dealing with the bank’s duty to identify customers and transactions, professional practices of bank workers and of internal controls for banks.

The directive has been accepted by most of the Community. Ireland has accepted it only in part and Greece will introduce it soon. The directive has a limit for the identification of the bank’s customers and their financial activities. All transactions over 15,000 ECU need to be certified. This helps to identify potential criminals and fight the money laundering.

This rule can also be applied to non-financial activities.

Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands and Great Britain use ‘de-facto’ the new directive for casino, jewels and art trafficking.

Co-ordination problems

Despite good intentions, there are problems of co-ordination between the EU’s countries.
Some countries are delaying the introduction of legislation required by the directive.

Another problem concerns the internal laws of the EU countries.

Only Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands and Great Britain have national regulations about the money laundering of all criminal activities: drugs, terrorism, weapon traffic, prostitution, smuggling, extortion, organized crime and other illegal activities. However, no one German has been ever sentenced or brought on trial for Money Laundering. Germany as the main engine for a Europol generated and controlled by Germans cannot afford to recognized that Money laundering exist or being committed by the so ’Law obeying German’s.

There is also confusion about other international regulations.

The UN convention of Vienna about drugs, for instance, was not completely adopted. Belgium and Ireland have not ratified it whilst Greece, Spain and Luxembourg have adopted it only in part.

The same is true for the European Council’s convention of Strasbourg about money laundering. It was ratified only by Great Britain, Netherlands and Italy.

There are also differences about Europol, a sort of European FBI, for fighting criminal organizations. Whilst Germany wants, a federal structure France favors a national organization of Europol.

All these differences make it hard to have full co-operation between countries for fighting laundering.
This lack of co-ordination is made worse because the EU has no judicial authority.

Too many transactions

Even in those countries that have many controls, there are many problems fighting money laundering.

Italy, for instance, has adopted the whole directive and has lowered the EU’s limit for controls on financial activities from 15,000 ECU to 10,000.
However, although Italy has a system of identification of suspected transactions it does not work well. There are so many transactions that it is very hard to identify the illegal activities.

Another difficulty is that the rules do not guarantee confidentiality to the bank worker who informs the police. A modification of Community law on this is being discussed at the European Parliament.

Italy is now experimenting with an important new method for fighting money laundering, called Gianos. It is a computer system that is already used by more than 300 banks which automatically identifies anomalous operations and traces suspect transactions.

The lifeblood of gate (Water or North or the next Bonn-Brussels’s gate’) drug dealers, fraudsters, smugglers, kidnappers, arms dealers, terrorists, extortionists and tax evaders, myth has it that the term was coined by Al Capone, who, like his arch rival George’ Buys’ Moran, used a string of co-operated Laundromats scattered around Chicago to disguise his revenue from gambling, prostitution, racketeering and violation of the Prohibition laws.

FRANCE and the forced ‘marriage’.

France is the most brilliant and dangerous nation in Europe, best suited to become in turn an object of admiration, hatred, pity, terror, but never of indifference...!

La Force de frappe,

France should stop using yesterday’s solution for today’s problems. Where it to so, it would secure a much more influential and safer place in the world, and take part in a free peaceful new Europe, in state to become a puppet of Germany in the hostile overtaking process since the signed treaty of Rome and since then manipulated through the Deutsche Mark and the never succeeded dream to rule Europe from Germany.

Whatever arguments France marshal about its value to Europe, the French really see it as a way claiming special status for themselves vis-à-vis everyone else, specially the Germans. France has proposed to let European military allies (?), specially Germany, have say in managing France’s nuclear posture, possible even including teams aboard French nuclear marines.
(Plastered by French Franc support in Frankfurt?)

Professor Karl Haushofer, who ghost-write most of ‘Mein Kampf’ in Hitler’s Prison cell fifty years later named his first secret organisation the ‘Virile Society’.

G eld E reicht R echte M eistens A m N eutralsten
F. orever R. ich & G. rowt,
Federal Republic of Germany
English for
leibe R. eich & D. eutsch

The virile society is alive and Bonn’s Euro, Inc. Articles of Association includes:”
There is a destiny now possible to us - the highest ever set before a nation, to be accepted or refused. We are still unregenerate in race; a race mingled in the best northern blood.

We are rich in an inheritance of Honor, which it should be our daily thirst to increase with splendid avarice.

‘Never again’ the empathic words echo and re-echo on the 50th. Anniversary.

However, what means ‘Never again’ for Germany, - after the Germans Chancellors second ‘black-out’ in ex Yugoslavia?
That means, one must assume, that ‘never again’ should apply only to novel conflicts, one’s that have no historic roots.

Conveniently for the complacent, there are not to many of those.

“Still, we hear “Never again!”

This words do not command the conduct of the living, but insult the memory of those whose abandonment have scarred a lesson into our souls.

The German blackout Chancellor said in India, during a state visit, that:’ we will build a Europe, and if required and necessary with 10 or even with 3....
The recent sentences hanged out by German courts against the killers of Sadri Berisha, a Poland citizen and Sahit Elezay for murder against the German Citizen Thomas Wende, 25, Michael Drigilla, 21, Roland Wende, 23, and Frank Neuman as the sentence against the killer of a Vietnamese Citizen are the proof of a virile justice and Government.

A well-known Professor of the Academy in Esslingen stated clearly: ‘ the virile justice and the German Government are tolerable against killing of ‘Non Germans’ then stealing a Mercedes from a ‘good’ German.

It is even more complex as Wende has been 13 times legally sentenced from German courts for violent crimes.

His ‘nick-name’ Schoenhuber refers to the ‘Virile Bavarian Guide’.

Reading the accusation of the prosecutor’s attorney in the case against Wende, you will find many ‘excuses’ such as ‘group dynamic’ before the trial.

‘ Les nation sont plus souvant la conséquences de l’ establissement d’une Etat qu ‘elles n ‘en sont de fondement.

Bref, l’Etat prouve a postori la nation.

German’s Kohl 1994:

1996 end unemployment with the single market. (?) Kohl’s ex ‘consultants M. Stuermer said:

“More Europe, - or more Germany.

Why Germans can must easy open Bank accounts to ‘clean and kind of funds’ while others are checked or even denounced.

This facility goes back during Hitler’s rules. Collaborators, like Francois Genoud in Switzerland an authentic hard-core Nazi who reconstituted in 1949 Nazi International which was reassembled as a public association.
Dr. Armin Mohler, former Swiss Volunteer in Hitler’s Waffen SS, produced his book: ‘ The Conservative Revolution in Germany’ as a doctoral dissertation under pro-Nazi Swiss Philosopher Dr. Karl Barth.

By 1942, Genoud’s Lousanne operation had expanded into the Banking word and he facilitated the transfer of million of marks from German to Swiss Banks.
The funds would later underwrite the ODESSA organisation that smuggled countless top Nazi officials out of Germany into Spain, North Africa and the Middle East. These Network to this day make up the hard core of the international German Money laundering organisation. Accounts under Genoud’s names and Diethelm Brothers, personally founded under the direction of Hitler’s personal secretary M. Bormann are still in use and used by or under supervision of new Anstalten in Liechtenstein, with Fund set-up in co-operation with the Attorneys of I.G. Farben and Schroeders Bank goes back to SS General Karl Wolff and guaranteed the ‘safe passage’ of million of Jewish confiscated funds. Since 1960, using funds still remaining from the Hitler and Goebbels Trust Genoud set up the Banque Commerciale Arabe a Lousanne.
The corresponding Bank, like InterBank in Lebanon facilite many business with Iran and Iraq, while under international embargo by German’s Government front companies.

One long-time Genoud collaborator, Lt. General Otto-Ernst Remer, has emerged as a leading Neo-Nazi advocate of reunification of Germany under Soviet Hegemony.

In April 1969 at a Barcelona meeting of the Neo-Nazi New European Order, founded by Genoud agent Gaston Guy Amaudruz, the Lousanne Banker sponsored a delegation from El-Fatah and from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestina. (PFLP) At that meeting, Genoud arranged for the Palestinians to receive training from several ex-Nazi and ‘New German’s’ including Karl Van De Put and J. N. Schuller.
In September 1969, Genoud was brought in as a special advisor to the legal team three PFLP terrorists who attacked an Israeli EL AL plane in Zurich.

Thousand or millions of accounts of today’s Germans are in connection with one or the other and therefore any ‘inquiries’ from German Prosecutors Attorney’s in any case of eventual Money Laundering would be blocked and declared as non possible by any superior, or superiors superiors.

However, the Germans Chancellor’s dream of a Europe even with 10 or 3 and ‘either more Europe or more Germany, are not only words. Corruption does not exist in Germany, but ask any well established Businessman or woman in a CDU Land, if he/she could and how he would place funds, you ears will be turn to red.

Estimation that 20 (!) percent of the Germany economy is based on non-legally obtained fund, is not underestimated.

.........and the leaving and never stronger virile society needs the strongest economy and therefore money, money and more money - of any kind and

Money Laundering Directory

The following is a list of government agencies that have responsibilities in
the money laundering field in their home countries.


Central Bank of Argentina
Edificio Reconquista
Office 31
Reconquista 266
(1003) Buenos Aires

Phone: 54-1-334-0780
Fax: 54-1-325-5917


Chief Commissioner of Police
Eilhelminastraat 40

Fax: 297-821-914


Australian Federal Police
Fraud and General Crime Division
68 Northbourne Avenue
ACT 2601

Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC)
Level 44, ANZ Tower
55 Collins Street
VIC 3000

Phone: 61-3-650-5454
Fax: 61-3-650-5493

National Crime Authority
National Office
340 Albert Street
East Melbourne
VIC 3002

Phone: 61-3-412-1111
Fax: 61-3-412-1399


Austrian National Bank
Poststelle Aktenzentrale Und D
Postfach 61 Vienna A-1101
Oesterreich A-1011

Phone: 43-140-420-7303
Fax: 43-140-420-7399


Bahrain Monetary Agency


Bangladesh Bank
Deputy Director
Banking Control Department
Post Box No. 325

Phone: 880-252-931


Banking and Finance Commission
Avenue Louise 99
1050 Brussels

Phone: 32-2-535-2211
Fax: 32-2-535-2425

Belgian Banking Association
Rue Ravenstein 36
Box 5
1000 Brussels

Phone: 32-2-507-6811

Central Office for Combating Organized Economic and Financial Crime
13 Rue des Quatre-Bras
1000 Brussels

Phone: 32-2-508-7362
Fax: 32-2-508-6959


Central Bank of Belize
Financial Sector Supervision Department
P.O. Box 852
Belize City

Phone: 501-2-77216
Fax: 501-2-70113


Bank of Bermuda
6 Front Street
P.O. Box HM 1020
Hamilton HM DX

Phone: 809-299-5077
Fax: 809-295-1386

Bermuda Monetary Authority


Canadian Bankers Association

Central Bank of Canada

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Economic Crime Directorate
Criminal Operations Branch
Enterprise Crime Section

Phone: 613-998-6055
Fax: 613-998-6055

Office of the Supervisor of Financial Institutions
Kent Square
255 Albert Street
Ottawa K1A 0H2

Phone: 613-990-7788
Fax: 613-952-8219

Czech Republic

Czech National Bank
Public Relations Department
Na prikope 28
110 03 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Phone: 42-2-441-2061
Fax: 42-2-441-2179


Attorney for Economic Crime
Anker Heegaardsgade 5. 5
DK-1850 KBH. V.

Phone: 453-314-1448
Fax: 453-314-3940

Danish Bankers Association
Amaliegade 7
DK 1256 KBH. K.

Phone: 453-312-0200
Fax: 453-313-6468

Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
Gl kongevej 74 a
DK-1850 Frederiksberg C.

Phone: 453-123-1188
Fax: 453-123-0441

Dominican Republic

Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
Ave. Pedro Henriquez Urena
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

Phone: 809-221-9111


Financial Information Analysis Unit
Avenida 12 de Octubre
Number 1281
Entre Wilson y Ventimilla

Superintendency of Banks
1561 Avenida 12 de Octubre

Phone: 593-2-554-422
Fax: 593-2-563-652


Bank of Estonia

Economic Police
Pagari 1
Talllinn EE0102


Bank of France

23 bis rue l'Universite
75007 Paris

Phone: 33-1-428-60067
Fax: 33-1-426-11080

Ministere de l'Interieur

Phone: 33-1-492-74927
Fax: 33-1-435-98950

French Banking Commission
73 rue de Richelieu
75002 Paris

Phone: 33-1-129-24292
Fax: 33-1-429-24292

French Banking Association
18 rue La Fayette
75009 Paris

Phone: 33-1-480-05252
Fax: 33-1-452-30473


Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany Central Bank)

Customs Criminological Office
Tel-Aviv-Strasse 1
5000 Koln 1

Phone: 49-2-216-0283

Great Britain

Bank of England

British Bankers Association

National Criminal Intelligence Service
Financial Intelligence Unit
P.O. Box 8000 Spring Gardens
Tinworth Street
London SE11 5EN

Phone: 44-71-238-8607
Fax: 44-71-238-8286


National Bank of Greece S.A.


Bank of Guatemala
7 Avenida 22-01
zona 1
Guatemala City

Phone: 502-2-534-053
Fax: 502-2-534-035

Hong Kong

Financial Services Branch/Hong Kong Government
Rooms 1802-3 Admiralty Center
Tower 1
18 Harcourt Road
Hong Kong
Phone: 852-252-73974
Fax: 852-252-83345

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Joint Financial Intelligence Unit
GPO Box 6555
Hong Kong

Phone: 852-2529-4013


State Banking Supervisory Office
Allami Bankfelugyelet
Csalogany u. 9-11
H-1027 Budapest


Central Bank of Iceland
Kalkofnsvegi 1
IS-150 Reykjavik

Phone: 354-1-569-9600
Fax: 354-1-569-9605


Irish Bankers Federation

Phone: 353-1-671-5311
Fax: 353-1-679-6680


Bank of Japan


Bank of Latvia


Central Bank of Lesotho
Box 1184
Maseru, Lesotho
South Africa

Phone: 266-314-281
Fax: 266-310-051


Luxembourg Monetary Institute
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
63 Avenue de la Liberte

Phone: 352-402-9291


General Administration of Federal Fiscal Audit
Avenida Hidalgo 77, Module 2, 1 Piso
Col. Guerrero
Delegacion Cuauhtemoc
06300 Mexico DF

Phone: 52-5-228-2909
Fax: 52-5-518-1288


Director of Budget and Treasury
Place de la Mairie
MC 98000

Phone: 33-8315-8000
Fax: 33-8315-8050

Ministere d'Etat
MC 98015 Monaco Cedex

Phone: 33-9315-4222
Fax: 33-9315-4224

Netherlands Antilles

Bank of the Netherlands Antilles
Breedestraat 1 (P)
Willemstad Curacao
Netherlands Antilles

Phone: 599-961-5004


P.O. Box 8193 Dep 99
N-0034 Oslo

Phone: 47-2-286-5400
Fax: 47-2-286-5499


Bankers Association of the Philippines
Office of the Director
Sagittarius Condominium
Dela Costa Street, Makati
Metro Manila

Phone: 63-2-810-3860

Central Bank of the Philippines
A. Mabinia Street

Phone: 63-2-522-3987

Department of Finance
Agripina Circle

Phone: 63-2-522-4361


Central Bank of Seychelles
P.O. Box 701

Phone: 248-225-200
Fax: 248-224-958


Association of Banks in Singapore
10 Shenton Way #12-08
MAS Building
Singapore 0207

Phone: 65-224-4300
Fax: 65-224-1785

Monetary Authority of Singapore


Swedish Central Bank

Swedish Financial Police
Box 12256
S-102 26 Stockholm

Phone: 46-8-650-1354


Swiss Federal Banking Commission
Marktgasse 37
CH - 3001 Bern

Phone: 41-31-322-6911
Fax: 41-31-322-6926

Swiss Bankers Association
P.O. Box 4182
CH - 4002 Basel

Phone: 41-61-295-9393
Fax: 41-61-272-5382


Office of the Narcotics Control Board
Din Daeng Road
Phayathai District
Bangkok 10400

Phone: 66-2-247-0901
Fax: 66-2-246-8526
How to listen to secret transmissions:

Shortwave Spy Numbers Stations Types

5 Digit Spanish YL 3/2 Digit Spanish YL 5 Digit Spanish OM
5 Digit English YL 3/2 Digit English YL Lincolnshire Poacher
The Russian Man 4 Digit German YL 5 Digit German YL (Two
Letter Phonetic) Mossad Stations New Star Broadcasting Station
OLX - MOI Prague Czech Station Swedish Rhapsody Station

Note: The schedules found here are the result of monitoring by
the Author.

5 Digit Spanish YL

This is by far the most commonly heard type of numbers station in
North America. A typical transmission starts with "atencion", then a
three digit block and a two digit block, such as "atencion 932 86".
The three digit block is believed to be the recipient. This preamble
is sent for several minutes, followed by two two-digit numbers, the
second of which is the message length. Then the actual message is
sent, as a series of five digit blocks. The transmission ends with the
words "final, final". Sometimes three finals are sent.

Typical transmission:

Atencion 245 01 (rpt) Message to 245
01 51 (rpt five times) 51 blocks will follow
45892 05157 ... Message
final final End of message (sometimes three finals)

A variant of this type transmits a five digit preamble "atencion
04499" for example, for a few minutes, followed by recipient and
the count, such as "04499 150". Then the actual message is sent.
Transmissions with a count of 150 are very common, presumably
they are training exercises.

Typical transmission:

Atencion 04499 (rpt) Message to 245
04499 150 (rpt five times) 150 blocks will follow
45892 05157 ... Message
final final End of message (sometimes three finals)

Yet another variation has just occured! Starting January 1, 1997, 5
Digit SS/YL Number Stations have started sending three messages
in each broadcast! Here's the observed format:

Atencion 72302 51782 41592 (rpt) Messages to 72302, 51782
72302 72302 72302 72302 72302 First message is to 72302
43459 90932 ... Message
51782 51782 51782 51782 51782 Second message is to
83743 24830 ... Message
41592 41592 41592 41592 41592 Third message is to 41592
65382 18439 ... Message
final final End of messages (sometimes thee

Only time will tell if this is a permanent change.

AM modulation is sometimes used, although USB is also reported.
I have heard many stations which seem to be using reduced carrier
sideband, with modulation on one of the sidebands, and a lower
power carrier, sufficient for reception on AM receivers.

These transmissions often have technical problems (poor audio,
hum, distortion, sometimes big "accidents" like starting to play the
Radio Habana opening music! I once heard a very distorted
transmission, the distortion was caused by the fact that Radio
Habana audio was bleeding into the audio!

As you can guess, it is commonly believed that these transmissions
come from Cuba.

Schedule of transmissions for this station.


3/2 Digit Spanish YL - aka The Counting Station

Five digit blocks are also sent, but with a distinct pause between
the third and fourth digits, making it sound like a three digit and
then two digit block, hence the 3/2 designation. This station is also
referred to as The Counting Station due to the count heard at the
beginning of the broadcast, and is believed to be operated by the
CIA. These stations replaced the 4 Digit format, which is no longer

Typical transmission:

015 015 015 1234567890 (rpt) Message to 015
Ten tones Signal that message will begin
Grupo 186 Grupo 186 186 blocks will follow
969 70 376 60... Message
5 Digit Spanish OM

Male Numbers Stations are rather infrequently heard. One version
of this station appears to air live messages, and has been nicknamed
The Bored Man due to the rather unenthusiastic voice used by the

The formats of these stations are not as well known as the YL
stations, due to their limited number of transmissions. Indeed, they
may well be operated by another organization, some have suspected
drug traffickers, due to the poor technical quality, and the use of
live, rather than taped, announcers.

Monitored transmission:

Atencion (rpt three times)
7 2 Biente Nueve
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Count


Atencion 7 2 Noventa
final final All done

5 Digit English YL

These transmissions start with a three digit block (presumed to be
the recipient number repeated for several minutes. No message
length is sent. Then the five digit message blocks begin.

The accent of the female announcers of the five digit stations often
varies. Some are distinctly Britsh, some Spanish, others sound
American. This may indicate that there are several organizations
operating the various stations. Or, as with many "facts" about
Numbers Stations, it may mean nothing at all!

These stations (IMHO) don't seem to be as common anymore. I can
remember the 'Warrenton Woman' booming in on 4470 in the

3/2 Digit English YL - aka The Counting Station

These transmissions are very similar to the five digit transmissions,
except that a distinct pause is heard between the third and fourth
digits of each message block. It is not known if this signifies a
different encryption system than used in the five digit
transmissions. This station is also referred to as The Counting
Station due to the count heard at the beginning of the broadcast,
and is believed to be operated by the CIA. These stations replaced
the 4 Digit format, which is no longer heard.

5 Digit English YL - aka Lincolnshire Poacher

This is a variation of the five digit English station. The tune
"Lincolnshire Poacher" (which sounds like "Pop Goes The
Weasel") is played at the beginning of the transmission. This
station is most often heard in Europe and the eastern part of North
America. It is believed to be transmitting from Cyprus, with a target
of the Middle East, presumably Iran or Iraq. It is often heard being

5 Digit English OM/YL - aka The Russian Man

This is a variation of the five digit English station. First, the voice
is best described as unisex, some hear it as male, others as female.
The Russian man often puts very good signals into the USA. This
station continuously changes frequencies.

Typical transmission:

529 (rpt) Message to 529
834 834 167 167 167 blocks, 834 means ???
96970 96970 37660 37660... Message, each block repeated
834 834 167 167 00000 End of message

4 Digit German YL

Similar to the five digit German stations described below. Rarely
heard (at least in Asia).
5 Digit German YL - aka 2 Letter Phonetic

These transmissions often open with tones or some sort of music.
Sometimes, a two letter phoentic phrase is heard, such as "Papa
Romeo". The preamble opens with "achtung" and a three digit
block, generally presumed to be the recipient. (Perhaps it is really
the number of the one time pad to be used to decode the message,
and the two letter phonetic sent at the beginning is the recipient.
This makes sense to me because the agents would listen at the
beginning of the transmission to see if the message is for them.)
This is followed by "gruppen" and the number of message blocks to
follow. The message closes with "ende".

Formerly commonly heard in Europe, and North America. This
would tend to indicate a European transmission site. Indeed,
several years ago, transmissions were DFed to a then East German
location. These stations have been rapidly disappearing, Whiskey
Lima may be the last one left.

Whiskey Lima is heard 0400 on 5770 USB (Sundays only?)
3 Letter Phonetic (MOSSAD)

A female voice is used to repeat a three letter phonetic phrase
(followed by a number), such as "Papa November Oscar Two". This
can go on for hours before a message is sent. The message consists
of blocks of phonetic letters.

A "One" is sent after the identifier (such as "Papa November Oscar
One" if no message follows, a "Two" is sent if a message will
follow. Extremely rarely, some other number is sent, presumably
this indicates a higher priority message follows?

It is generally believed that MOSSAD (the Israel Intelligence
Service) operates these stations, and they are often referred to as
MOSSAD transmissions. Transmitter sites include Israel, and
Israeli embassies and consulates, due to the extremely high signal
strengths reported by listeners close to such facilities. In fact, one
can assume that many number station transmissions occur from
embassies and consulates, as this allows nations (especially those
without the resources or friendly allies to situate transmitters
abroad otherwise) to place transmitters close to the target areas.
International law allows countries to communicate using radio from
their embassies.

Schedule of transmissions for this station.

Typical transmission:

Echo Zulu India Two (rpt) Message to EZI
Message Message Group 22 Group 22 Message of 22 blocks of
five letters each
Text Text Message follows
Kilo Papa Tango Romeo Golf Message
Bravo Alpha November Kilo Mike...
End Of Message Message finished
Repeat Repeat Sometimes the message is repeated
Message Message Group 22 Group 22 Message of 22 blocks of!!!!!

BKA national Seit der Novellierung des Geldwäschegesetzes durch Aufnahme des Para. 5 unterstützt das Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) als Zentralstelle für Verdachtsanzeigen die Polizeien des Bundes und der Länder bei der Verhütung und Verfolgung der Geldwäsche sowie der Finanzierung terroristischer Vereinigungen. Zur Erledigung dieser Zentralstellenaufgabe hat das Bundeskriminalamt die sogenannte "FIU - Financial Intelligence Unit" eingerichtet. Sie arbeitet auf dem Gebiet der Lagedarstellung eng und vertrauensvoll mit den Ländern zusammen und setzt Akzente im Erkennen von Typologien und Methoden der Geldwäsche sowie im Bereich operativer und strategischer Auswertung. Mit der Einrichtung dieser Zentralstelle reagiert Deutschland auf die Empfehlungen der FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering) und wird den internationalen Standards und Anforderungen gerecht. Dies spiegelt sich auch in dem für Mitte 2003 geplanten Beitritt zur Egmont-Gruppe, einem internationalen Zusammenschluss von zurzeit 69 FIUs, wider.

Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Deutschland Zentralstelle für (Geldwäsche-)Verdachtsanzeigen

Referat OA 14
Zentralstelle für (Geldwäsche-)Verdachtsanzeigen
65173 Wiesbaden

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