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Notícies :: antifeixisme
Stop the nazi demonstration to the G8 in Schwerin
17 mai 2007
While thousands of anti-G8 activists will held a mass demonstration in Rostock at the 2nd of June, the fascist party NPD announced that at the same time they are going to demonstrate in Schwerin. Up to 1500 neo-nazis will try to present themselfes as the “only real anticapitalistsâ€? to media and population. That has to be averted!
Anti-fascists in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are confronted with a strong and good-organised fascist scene. At the last elections in 2006 60.000 people voted for them, so they gained six seats in parliament. Recently they place emphasis on anti-G8 activities such as handing out leaflats or organising demonstrations against globalization. Behind their “anticapitalismâ€? stands the supremely anti-Semitic and nationalist idea of a “world-wide Jewish complotâ€?, which threatens all nations, especially Germany.

Such ideologies are absolutely contradicting to our thoughts of an emancipated society, where all people regardless of their age, sex, skin colour or origin are equal. To point out the antifascist character of the anti-globalization movement, it’s necessary to come to Schwerin and to take part in actions against the fascist demonstration. It’s highest time to show fascists in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern that they won’t be tolerated in the streets of Schwerin on the 2nd of June, as well as anywhere else anytime.

Now there is a trailer to mobilize against the nazi demonstration to the international antifa action day!
Watch the stuff and start the action!

You can find it here:

Fight antisemitism & capitalism!

For more infos check

Download the trailer here

Or watch it at youtube

This work is in the public domain

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