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Ronald Reagan was a 鈥済reat鈥? president
10 jun 2004
I have to praise the Manhattan Mercury editorial on June 7, â淭he Legacy of Ronald Reagan,â? because it used quotation marks on the word â済reatâ? to endorse the argument that Reagan was a â済reatâ? president.

This is not a trivial matter. Particularly when you think that Dinesh Dâ橲ouza, an academic of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, has endorsed the same argument without quotation marks on that word.

The Mercury editorial claims that Reagan was a â済reatâ? president because â渉e presided over â and probably created some of the conditions leading to â the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union,â? and because he was the â淕reat Communicatorâ? and advocated â渢he role of the individualâ? in American culture. Great!

I suppose that the author of the editorial used the quotation marks on that word because he/she was sensitive to the fact that the quoted word would evoke different meanings. If thatâ檚 the case, the editorial should agree, too, that Reagan was a â済reatâ? president because, as some have said, during his administration â渋ncreased the disparity between rich and poorâ? in America, and because â淩eagan was buddies with Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.â?

â淎nyone who thinks that former president Ronald Reagan deserves to be put on a dime or have his face chiseled into Mt. Rushmore,â? says Gary Sudborough in his article The Reagan Legacy, â渘eeds to read a book called Lost History by Robert Parry.â? I havenâ檛 read this book, but I am sure we would find in it even more â済reatâ? things about the legacy of the former president.

By 1981 for instance four American churchwomen were raped and murdered by the military in El Salvador. If one is correct about why the editorial used the quotation marks, it should agree, too, that Reagan was a â済reatâ? president because his ambassador to the UN Jeane Kirkpatrick â渆xcused the murders by saying that the nuns had been political activists involved in leftist causes,â? as Sudborough says.

So, the magic of the quotation marks is so prodigious that it makes the legacy of this man even more impressive: He was a â済reatâ? president because he called the Contras â渇reedom fightersâ? â those who practiced horrendous abuses of human rights and mass killings of civilians in Nicaragua in the 1980s.


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