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Notícies :: amèrica llatina
Estado peruano ultraja a familiares de víctimas de tortura
04 jun 2004
En 1991, dos adolescentes, Emilio y Rafael Gómez Paquiyauri, fueron torturados y asesinados por la Policía Nacional. Actualmente sus familiares son ultrajados por el abogado del Estado Peruano, Dr. Julio Quintanilla.
En 1991, dos adolescentes, Emilio y Rafael Gómez Paquiyauri, fueron arrestados, cruelmente torturados y asesinados por la Policía Nacional. Actualmente su caso está siendo visto por la Corte Interamenricana de Derechos Humanos, pero sus familiares son ultrajados por el abogado del Estado Peruano, el inefable Dr. Julio Quintanilla.

De acuerdo con Inge Genefke, representante del Consejo Internacional para la Rehabilitación de Víctimas de Tortura (ICRT, por sus siglas en inglés):

"El procedimiento [judicial] se volvió ultrajante. La familia [de las víctimas] fue maltratada por el representante del Estado Peruano, abogado Julio Quintanilla, durante el interrogatorio en la corte. Tanto la madre como la hermana rompieron en llanto durante el interrogatorio. Él se comportó de una manera brutal y cruel, y trató de tergiversar sus testimonios con mentiras. Atacó a la familia como herramientas de Sendero Luminoso y finalmente tildó a la abogada de la familia, Mónica Feria, como 'subversiva'".

"La familia es corajuda, humilde y digna. Ellos fueron intimidados, amenazados y hostigados por 13 años, la gente tenía miedo de socializar con ellos. Espero que puedan ver la justicia cuando la corte emita su veredicto".

Adjunto la nota de prensa del original del ICRT (en inglés).

Ricardo Alvarado


Relatives broke down during interrogation in case against Peru for torture and murder of children
ICRT Media Release, 12 May 2004

IRCT Ambassador Dr Inge Genefke and Deputy Chief Forensic Pathologist Hans Peter Hougen, University of Copenhagen, last week testified as experts on torture before the Inter-American Human Rights Court.

In 1991, two Peruvian children, Emilio (14) and Rafael (17) Gomez Paquiyauri, were arrested, tortured and killed by the police. The Gomez Paquiyauri case is the first case concerning the protection of children in the context of an armed conflict. It concerns the protection of children from torture, and violating the right of life is such a context. At the hearing in Costa Rica, the State of Peru is charged with violating several articles of the American Convention and the Inter American Convention to Prevent and Punish Torture, including violating the right to life, the right to humane treatment, the right to personal liberty, the right to a fair trial and the right to judicial protection.

Dr. Genefke stated:

"The procedure turned out to be outrageous. The family was psychologically maltreated by the representative of the Peruvian State, attorney Julio Quintanilla, during the interrogation in court. Both the mother and the sister broke down during the interrogation. He behaved in a brutally and mean fashion, and he tried to twist our testimonies with lies. He attacked the family as tools of the Shining Path and further labelled the family's lawyer, Monica Feria as 'subversive'. The family is courageous, humble and dignified. They have been intimidated, threatened and harassed though 13 years, people have been afraid to socialise with them. I hope that we will see justice when the court reaches its verdict".

Important evidence in the case is footage from Peruvian television, which was filmed at the detention of the two minor brothers. They were alive and defenceless when they were taken to the boot of a police car. The police claimed that they were shot during an armed confrontation with the police. An hour after the two brothers were captured, their sister found them in the morgue. She describes the painful moments:

"...I realised that they had not only murdered them but had taken pleasure in making them suffer. If they had only wanted to kill them, they would have just shot them in the head, but they had several bullet holes in different parts of their bodies. In addition, it looked like they had rolled them on the ground because their clothes were dirty, wet, full of blood and on top of all this, smelling of urine".
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