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04 jun 2004
Indymedia is not everywhere very liberal,and tries to create an apartheid-regime of information.For instance the German site has many restrictions,and discriminates the English language-still spoken by two billion people in the world-as if the English are the iventors of fascism.This is a popular belief in Germany,wich has caused the 'Euro' under the guise of a gurantee of everlasting peace in Europe.The real motive was to create one of the biggest consumer markets in the world.But the two aims are at variance.Anyone who has a drop of intelligence can see this).The Belgian site tries to bring us back to kindergarten telling us what we write must be related to the restricted category or field in wich we wish to express ourselves.The whole misfortune of the ordinary media is that they do not want ot see or report the relations between these categories-thus creating the worst apartheid-regime in the world.This regime is not based on the colour of skin,but the colour of money.Europe is even more materialistic than America.Europe believes in intellectual materialism,with an atheistic constitution,in fear of Islam.
Europe stands for hypocrisy,cowardice and a renewed falsification of history and its meaning.This falsification is a form of fascism.
Europe stands for hypocrisy,especially by the France-Germnany axis.
By the end of the First World War France helped to determine the borders of Germany.This resulted in the Second World War.By the end of the Second World War and the Cold War France helped to determine the economic boundaries of Germany by the establishment of the Euro.This was done under the guise of guaranteeing everlasting peace.The real motive was to create one of the biggest consumer markets in the world.
For studying some unexpected elements of global society today(that are underestimated by most people,because of media-manipulation)have a look at the SHARE INTERNATIONAL site;also in Spanish)
Here we can read as well about the Emergence of the Mahatmas of old and Maitreya.
In Barcelona Horacio Londner can be contacted.Say hello to him.

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Re: Worldcrisis.
04 jun 2004
so you've a problem with funding now?
team up with moomoo.
Re: Worldcrisis.
04 jun 2004
You better stay in Rotten Amerikkka.
Live Europe.
q forma d hacer propaganda
04 jun 2004
Sindicat Terrassa