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They need a bomb and they will get one
27 mai 2004
Fear & Panic Election show
They need a bomb and they will get one. The old dirty game. The alert trick is not more used for deflection alone it is a part of elections. After the last declamatory speech of Bush without any solutions saturated with exhortation to hold out like in the end of German Nazi regime this US Regime need the fear and panic like 911 to remain in power. The war criminal Bush told live on televison two month before he expected a bomb attack short before elections ( the best that can happen). Not one US president was re-elected with a poll value under 50 percent. This fascist Regime has now only a acceptance of 40 percent. They need a bomb attack to turn the panic stricken crowd and nothing easier to let a couple of ports open to let the Al Kaida stooges work. And if this chuzpe don't grip these Sleaze have two safety nets more. Short before elections the murderous Bush will present the capture of an US avatar a Top Terrorist like Sadamm Hussein captured in summer flaunt as Christmas present and at least this Regime can trust in manipulable election machines. These criminals will be again remain in power thats for shure. The simple-minded American crowd is too easy to gerrymander. And if UN and Europa accept the log-rolling to make the dirty job for US troops in Iraq they get free enough military resources, as take place in Afghanistan, for next wars. The militant Bible Basher Bush has said clear on TV - He will be re-elected because he has a vision still not finished. Everybody can read it on PNCA protocol what next will happen.
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Re: They need a bomb and they will get one
27 mai 2004
Aneu a la merda!!! Com a mínim que s'entengui. Tots sou iankis! kin fastik!!
Re: They need a bomb and they will get one
28 mai 2004
tonto del cul , si no saps anglès n'aprens
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