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Annihilation of Human Dignity
24 mai 2004
Masters and their sorcerer's apprentices
annihilation_of_human_dignity_by german_fascists.jpg
In history not one Gestapo or SS myrmidon, the executive body of Holocaust, all members of the german 'master race' had been tortured

by US on Nuremberg Trials. The most Nazis have been re-deployed by US do-gooders on political functions against the 'Red Hordes'.

This is not astonishing because the Americans also believed and still believe to be a 'master race'. They have demonstrated it to the

'redskin' natives and they have demonstrated to their 'Niggers' who is master and who the black sleaze. Now they have a new victim to

tantalize, the Arabs all terrorist 'sub-human beeings' destroying all american hypocritical truism. In the Nazi manner all Jews get

denounced as criminal sub-humans, as worthless crud. Since fascist US Bastards lost their main enemy USSR the Hollywood propaganda

machine was producing oodles of sappy action movies and series till now flooding the world market, creating a new enemy point out

that 99 percent stupide Arab cameleers are the ugly villains, the Terrorist who want to destroy America. A easy food for simple

minded folk. The fascist system has a method and now the brainwashed US mercenaries, stupid kids berserk in Middle east are still

believing that they has to torture 'Terrorists' Arab sub-humans on orders and they have fun at it. To abuse naked prisoners smudge

with excrements, heads cord up with bags soaked with excrements and vomit is a American further development of bestial Nazi methods

to paralize the victims and all Arab 'emenies' by total deletion and privation of human dignity. The idea behind is to avert any

resistance against their tantalizer like paralized Jews going to Holocaust without any resistance against their Nazi tantalizer. This

well planned methods in Iraq and Afghanistan were only destined for word of mouth and not for western media. The bane of digital

technology only brought it to light. And the fascist US Bastards still believing in this Nazi approved methods, they will not stop

killing, torture and humiliation but they stop digital circulation of torturing sub-humans.
The fascist cockroach Rumsfeld now bans camera phones in Iraq on May 23. Cellphones fitted with digital cameras have been banned in

US army installations in Iraq on orders from Raid and Homicoíde Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, a business newspaper reported. Quoting a

Pentagon source, The Business newspaper said the US War Department believes that some of the damning photos of US myrmidons abusing

Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad were taken with camera phones. "Digital cameras, camcorders and cellphones with cameras have

been prohibited in military compounds in Iraq," it said, adding that a "total ban throughout the US military" is in the works. They

wont stop blood and thunder they want stop pictures about. The intentions of Nazi Regime and US fascist Bastards are the same.

Immeasurable profit and to fund the world supremacy for chosen people based on disseizin of an whole folk. It's absurd to believe

that the initiators of this homicide & torture system have nothing known about practical experience and it's absurd to believe that

commanders like the criminal Bastard Sancez wasn't present at torture on important Iraqi decision makers like General Abed Hamed

Mouhusch former chief of Iraqi Air force who surrender 'unsolicited' after US myrmidons have jailed four of his sons as hostages

three days before. This prisoner of war was tortured in a bestial way for two month till he died. His corpse blotched with heavy

graze and burn now was discarded in the front of an Iraqi hospital (offical cause of death: compression of his chest / former cause

of death: insensibility after nausea) His 16 year old son was beaten and maltred with electroshock during a five and a half month

custody. Quite normal standard procedure for Iraqi sub-humans but not decided for western publishment. In this case the American

fascist sleaze has prolonged very wisely the absolute immunity for all US myrmidons in Iraq after the fake handing over of power to a

controlled powerless Puppet Regime

âWhat luck for rulers that men do not think.â? Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945)
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