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The law of falling body it is wrong with one of the bodies hotter
20 mai 2004
The project I'm working at it is about magnetic fields. To complete it I had to describe how a body falls at different temperature. After a little search I have realized that in more then 350 years nobody has ever tried The experiment, so nobody has ever seen the big surprise: The hottest body has a faster acceleration rate.
I know that it sound at little odd, but if you waste a little bit of your time going online you will realize that Iâm not joking. Try any possible words combination that may link you to any EXPERIMENT OR MATHEMATICAL DATA about THE FALLING BODY EXPERIMENT with one of the bodies HOTTER IT DOES NOT EXIST BECAUSE NOBODY HAS EVER TRIED IT.

In more then 350 years nobody has ever tried the falling body experiment with one of them HOTTER.
I live in the Himalayan and I do not have a camera to record it (Iâm waiting for a tourist with it) so Iâm writing all around hoping someone gets a little curious and try the MONEYLESS experiment and record it on camera and put it online.

It doesnât take too much,
just a couple of hors to set it up, plus
1 roof of a high building
2 objects (bodies) to drop
1 electric oven to heat up one of the bodies.

You donât need any timer because if you heat very red-hot one of the bodies the difference it is very large and on video it will show all the difference.

This all I can do from here. Making you control the information I have put on here.
If you control you will make the experiment and realize that it is not that difficult to prove Galilei , Newton and Einstein aâ? little wrongâ? . It is just a very nice feeling.

Just prove it.

Best regards

This work is in the public domain
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