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Notícies :: fòrum 2004
Open letter of the Forum 2004
12 mai 2004
Text traduced from Spanish. Sorry for the mistakes.
Dear ladies and gentleman,
The story of the Forum which you talk about for Barcelona during 2004 is, at least, a confused and misfortuned story

During a long time nobody has taken any attention to this purpose that, moreover, was completely indefinite. Only when danger of ruination was immediate, all the Corporation of Parties has actued like one man to save it. But in the ciritic moment in wich they tried to reconstruct Forum 2004, Twin Towers of New York have fallen down and the war has begun. After initial confusion, the maximum responsible of the event has reacted: "Forum 2004 is more necessary than never". And the proposition has begun to be definite...

The reality that the shot that points out its starting is real fire it is a chance to see clearly what happens. In fact, Universal Forum of Cultures is NOW more necessary than never. Because State-war has to wear itself in order not to show its cold and criminal nudity. For this reason the cultural speech is essential.

-Forum 2004 talks about sostenibility while the Council governement has become the biggest's speculator. Public spaces are made private spaces, construction of skyscrapers is allowed, the city is converted in a big park due to the tourism.

- Forum 2004 talks about diversity like a value to be defended, while the Other is recognized just to be enchained better for the exploitation. The Other it isn't a worker without papers, it is an Other, a foreigner. The law for the foreigners is used to take benefit of this bag of âillegalâ? strenght of work.

-Forum 2004 talks about peace culture: tolerance and dialogue must be spread and become education for all. But State-war advance agressive under the shape of TV cameras in the street, private police... generalized cointrol that purses the localitzacion of the enemy in any place.

Forum 2004 is really more necessary than never. Because it is an essential piece of the State-War. Because thanks to it violent globalitzation is died with rainbow colours. For this, its organitzations aren't only salesman of smoke. They are white glove killers that use cultural speech like a war instrument. They are who traduce bush's proclaim "or they are with us or they are with terroristes"- And for this they want to put us in the jail of the obviety. Obvious is: peace, diversity and sostenibility. ¿Who is going to be against ? ¿Who in proper mental state is going to defend death instead of life? Take off minerals of the obviety until stones cry for us. Cultural speech can not hide anymore pain and the despair due to State-War.

Three years ago ther was a squat in Barcelona. In the end of a demonstration an old state delegation was squated (in Avinyó street) and this Squated Social Center Was called OFFICE 2004. Manifesto read there concluded:

"We also want to contribute in the festival of the 2004 and, for that reason, we are constituted like a OFFICE. In other words, we want to give the chance that if they are so tolerants they should recognized us because we are different... Opening in the centre of the city OFFICE 2004, the question we make is: ¿How many time will the power support that exists a difference whose only presence shows like hipocracy and false all its actuation?".

In the daybreak -police always come in the daybreak- OFFICE 2004 was evicted. The "big party for the tolerance and diversity", "the big meeting of the world for a peace culture", Forum 2004, started a complicated walk. That the meeting of Mundial Bank was not celebrated in Barcelona was like oxygen. But Genova's shadow is long, as long is the remain in the street of subsaharian immigrants. Razzias were organized to hunt them like animals. More and more houses have been evicted. Sell that Barcelona is the city of differences every time has less credit. ¿How much suffer they will need to impose they peace and tolerance culture?


web of the short squat office

The one who dreams during the night is not dangerous because simply manteins his mental health. The one who dreams during the day is naïve because pursues inaccessible utopias. Only
the one that during the night is awake makes fear. But nocturnal polithic is still without being invented.

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Re: Open letter of the Forum 2004
12 mai 2004
ERC i JERC còmplices del Fòrrum
Torneu-nos la pasta!!!
Re: Open letter of the Forum 2004
12 mai 2004
Les CUP de campanya... a vegades sembleu que li feu la campanya a CiU.
Re: Open letter of the Forum 2004
12 mai 2004
Pos si, la CUP (entre molts altres)fa campanya contra el Fòrrum per especulador, hipòcrita i inútil. Altres es dediquen a promoure'l com ara CiU i ERC.
articulo original == original article
12 mai 2004
//muchas gracias por la traducción == thanks for your translation.

Carta abierta Oficina 2004

solo una cosa, el titulo es Carta abierta Oficina 2004, una carta al forum 2004 osea q propongo otra traduccion (entiendo lo q te ha pasado porq vamos siempre con prisas :)

only one thing, the tittle is "Carta abierta Oficina 2004" and the translation should be "Oficina 2004 Open letter" and it was written to the forum 2004 of cultures. thanks for the translation :)