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Stop prisoner rape
08 mai 2004
Sexual Abuse in Iraq is No Accident.
Dear All,

The following press release is from the executive director (Lara Stemple) and Communications Coordinator (Alex Coolman) of Stop Prisoner Rape
( This is an organization I rescued in 1983 and which I directed until 1994 and have been president of since 1998.

Yes, I am a survivor of this barbarism. Memos from my FBI files indicate the Bureau's Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) against the New Left may have set me up to be beaten, gang-raped and otherwise tortured while jailed for civil disobedience in 1968 because of my anti-Vietnam War activities.

I'm not the only peace activist to receive such treatment at the hands of the US criminal justice system. Arrested on the grounds of the White House in Washington, DC, at a "Pray-In" to stop the bombing of Cambodia in 1973, Stephen Donaldson, small and white, was placed in an all-Black cell block where he was beaten and gang-raped for two days. After release from the
hospital, he went public at a press conference. Donny and I teamed up in 1984 and worked together on this issue till he died in 1994 of AIDS
contracted from rape in prison in the early 80s.

One of the "Watergate plumbers" was confined in the same DC jail as Donny in August 1973. He writes about Donny on pages 318-321 in "Will: The
Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy" (1980).

How many more activists raped in confinement is yet unknown. But because of the extreme humiliation of this barbarism, sexual assault must be an excellent way to silence dissidents. Therefore it's my belief that among other "excesses," sexual torture is being taught at the US Army's infamous "School of the Americas." And may I remind you, Faith Fippinger, a human shield in Bagdad during the invasion last year, is currently in prison for
"tresspassing" at a demonstration at the School of the Americas late last year.

Has the United States of America sunk to a new low in depravity, greed, and lust for power? I don't think so. The USA has been "abusing" the
whole planet and even many of its own citizens for decades. Pres. George W. Bush is no anomaly as members of the Democratic Party would have us
believe. Will politics be different under President John F. Kerry? I don't think so.

Tom Cahill
President, Stop Prisoner Rape

This work is in the public domain
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