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Palestine 10000
07 mai 2004
Mark your calendar; 'P10K - September 11, 2004 - Palestine.' Register -
Show Up - Make History.
Aloha All,
It is a great pleasure to announce my plan intending to effect a
Palestinian ceasefire in Israel; and right now the P10K Team is working
day and night in Palestine and Israel and beyond preparing for the
announcement of this plan on May 8 in Ramallah. This Press Conference
will attract international media and Arab media alike; you will hear about
it. But we will ensure that virtually every IndyMedia site and other
independent media are informed and it is IndyMedia that will be our focus.

Considering the incredible violence that is engulfing the Middle East
right now it may seem fantasy to tell you that the P10K Team has in fact
everything in place to produce a publicly confirmed ceasefire from the
likes of Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Hizbollah and most
amazingly of all, Hamas. But I kid you not; all things going as they are,
within two weeks to one month a P10K instigated ceasefire will be
confirmed; and the only condition to effect this ceasefire is revealed
within the first line of the P10K Mission;

Mobilise 10,000 Western Citizens (the P10K Force) to the occupied
territories of Palestine.

Effect a Guaranteed Ceasefire by the Militant Palestinian Resistance.

Respectfully occupy Palestine in accordance with International Law.

Intelligently employ Non-Violent Direct Action.

Transcend Government & Media Lies.

End the Unlawful Occupation.

Demand global respect for Inherent Human Rights.

Spark the dawn of global Truth Justice & Peace.

Cynics beware; there are roughly 879 million people in the west; that
means it will require a mere one out of every 88,000 of us to make up
10,000 in Palestine; to fulfill our end of the bargain and immediately
save Israeli and Palestinian lives. Put another way; we need only
. 673 people from the UK (pop. 59 million)
. 46 people from Ireland (pop. 4 million)
. 226 people from Australia (pop. 20 million)
. 470 from Spain (pop. 41 million). you get the picture.

Anyone who says we cannot mange to get this many people from these
countries is simply not thinking straight; we can and will get 10,000; in
fact we will get much more than 10,000; mark my words.

P10K will undoubtedly make history, but far more importantly we will
immediately save lives upon arrival into Palestine and we will compel the
application of International Law. which demands an end to the ignorant,
counter productive and undeniably illegal occupation of Palestine. And
since the occupation is in fact the primary cause of so-called "terrorism"
the P10K Force has the capacity to change our world for the better in the
most profound of ways.

"This (P10K) is a very imaginative, creative, and courageous initiative.
If it receives the support it merits it could have a major impact on moves
towards reconciliation, peace, and hopes for justice and freedom in this
tortured corner of the world." - Noam Chomsky

Our so-called "democracies in the west have failed us; in Iraq we now have
yet another mass murder carried out in our name (like it or not) and worse
yet we paid for it with our taxes. Once P10K is launched we in the west
will not have any excuses; protests and petitions alone are not enough, we
must do more. We can and will end the insanity of Israel's occupation and
we will prove our humanity; something that is desperately needed when "our
boys" are literally urinating on Arabs, violating their woman and
otherwise giving an entire ethnic and religious population cause to hate
us all. We cannot comfort ourselves with the fact that we do not approve,
we must prove we really care and P10K is going to expose us for good or
bad; I would not have initiated this action if I thought the latter were
true. I genuinely believe that virtually all people are good at heart;
given a healthy environment of love and respect. And with all the passion
I have I intend to see this understanding translate in to intelligent and
meaningful action.

I shall part for now by saying that this plan is currently being submitted
directly and respectfully to the Palestinian people (including the
resistance) and the response is nothing short of incredible. The people
of Palestine are more than eager to open their homes to us and the P10K
Force participants who experience this action are to have the greatest joy
of their lives. Despite the considerable risks I am happier than I have
ever been in my life and I know that this action; which is very much my
baby, is the greatest gift I could possibly offer to the people and world
I love without limit. This is it, get ready to change the world for the
better; to spark the dawn of the day when all humanity shall reap the
rewards of Truth Justice & Peace.

With a smile on my face and tears of joy in my heart, I submit P10K to
you; if we in the west really want peace (and I know that we do); then we
can have it, and all we have to do now is show up. First Palestine, then
Iraq, and ultimately we shall put ourselves out of business; what a
"wonderful world it will be!"

Truth Justice Peace & Love,
Ken O'Keefe & the ever-growing P10K Team
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Re: Palestine 10000
07 mai 2004
Leyendo un panfletillo tan ingenuo y naif...dan ganas de decir ¿pretendeis parar la inmensa fuerza trituradora del Ejército Terrorista de Israel...con sonrisas y florecillas?
El mundo no es un Parque Temático...las torturas de prisioneros,los tanques,los asesinatos "selectivos",los bombardeos y masacres de civiles no son un videojuego.¡Despertad!¡La Lucha Continúa!Contra el Eje del Mal de USA/ISRAELTODOS UNIDOS !!!!!
Re: Palestine 10000
07 mai 2004
Crec que aquesta gent es mereix molt més respecte que els no van més enllà de d'escriure sempre les mateixes coses que tú escrius. Ells potser son ingenus pero intenten fer alguna cosa útil.
Re: Palestine 10000
07 mai 2004
Amb floretes no es va fer canviar a l'assassí Sharon ni parar el genicidi contra Palestina.
¿Paz y Amor?...¿hippies contra tanques y bombardeos?
Es como si contra Hitler la Resistencia hubiera ido a darles buenas palabras y mucha paz y amor...aun tendríamos invadida Europa !
Sindicat Terrassa