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about un-American activities
06 mai 2004
and American activities
American Auschwitz.jpg
American means to kill 300.000 Iraqi conscripts in 1993 to let Hussein finally in power
American means to betray Shiites to Hussein and back up the abolition with result of 200.000 killed Shiites in 1993
American means to kill over 1.000.000 Iraqis in conequence of a twelve year embargo
American means to kill over 100.000 Afgans in conequence illegal raid
American means to jail eleven year old kids as 'Terrorists' in Guantanamo
American means to jail and torture foreigners in Guantanamo without any accusation and law
American means to lie to whole world and UNO to start a raid on Iraq based on fictional threats
American means to disregard international law
American means to disregard preventive International Court of Justice to hedge future American War crimes
American means to kill over 60.000 Iraqi conscripts in the raid in 2003 founded on lies about WMD
American means to kill over 15.000 Iraqi civilians to gain access to oil
American means to raze a nation to the ground

and American means to torture and assassinate people as sub human beings "They're all animals" because they don't celebrate their murder as deliverer

I am proud to be un-American
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Re: about un-American activities
07 mai 2004
Y que no me vengan con monsergas sobre la "gran Democracia"etc...son un pais de sicópatas,enfermos y violentos si no no mantendrían a ese Gobierno de halcones asesinos...¡YANQUIS GO HOME!!!!!(AND STAY THERE ,PLEASE!)
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