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Turkey, Anti-NATO reminder - from now on 2 months left!!
28 abr 2004
Turkey, Anti-NATO reminder - from now on 2 months left!!
Hello, Let us use this brief opportunity to tell you about
the advantages of holding a NATO conference in Istanbul.
Turkey, a country where military repression is
ironically synonymous with liberty and independence.
Turkey, the shining jewel on the crown of NATO.
Have you considered spending this summer in this
massively repressive military dominated paradise? 15
months of compulsory military service without the
right to conscientious objection will guarantee a
wholly satisfying summer holiday for you and your family.

Like all NATO members the Republic of Turkey gives
enormous importance to human rights and multicultural
exchange. So far Turkish governments have done their
bests to promote human rights inside and outside its
borders. Domestic examples of such policies are of
course too many to count. The interventions in Iraq,
Afghanistan and Kosovo are the real pride of the
Turkish army. Turkish generals have successfully
carried the torch of human rights throughout the world

by eliminating the humans in question.

Our army is taking good care of us, we are very happy.

Please visit us this summer.

Joking apart, during 28-29 of this June, NATO summit
will be held in Istanbul. "Bush the 2nd" will probably

land here just a few days before the summit. Months
ago, anarchists and anti-authoritarian people agreed
organizing their own and came together under the name
of "Libertarian Coordination Against NATO". The group
is mainly located in Istanbul but also supported by
local groups and individuals around Turkey (including
our group "Ankara Anarchy Initiative"). Weekly
meetings are going on in Istanbul.

Until now, the coordination group has prepared and
distributed a declaration
also a brochure, some posters and stickers
organized a demo in Istanbul-Taksim Mis Sokak on 4th
of April NATO day
held a panel discussion titled "NATO, Capitalism and
Contrary Movement" in Bogazici University on 21st of
and designed a web page
The declaration text is already translated into many

If the text is yet not translated into your own
language please help us in translation.

As anarchists, anti-authoritarians and variants living
in Turkey we wish to see you in Istanbul this June.

If you are planning to come please contact with
"Libertarian Coordination Against NATO" via
antiotoriter2004 ARROBA

or with our group "Ankara Anarchy Initiative" via
ank_aa ARROBA

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