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Guardia Urbana
21 abr 2004
We acknowledge the presence of judicial advisory services in the area of the cuitat vella, it is a pleasure to observe such assistance being offered to the citizens of this city on the triangle known as Placa George Orwell, which was named after Mr Blair (version 1) and commonly referred to as Plaza trippi.
It is a pleasure because I lived on the4 corner of that square at number 23 Codols, and from there wrote to you all upon the walls.

We traditionally write on the walls.

the writing is on the wall we say.

I wrote stuff like:-

memento mori.
never sell, never buy and never be without a black sheep.
Pensem també?
remember your pigeons.
and it was all written in chalk.
I also described the formation of a certain molecule of borassic sulphate which some day you might learn how to use.

I also wrote 2002 minus 1984 = 18.
then the next year I wrote 2003 minus 1984 = 19.
and this year I didn't need to write 2004 minus 20 = 1984, because the younger people had sort of phenomonally realised what's going down.

They had been labelled "pacifists" en masse.

¿why were they labelled pacifists?

Because amongst other things they protested against the war, occupying the ancient forum of this city which lies between the placa of the constitution and jaume and carrer templers where also let us be reminded I lived at number 14.

They occupied that public space for weeks of war,
they began with candles to mark the murder of 23 year old Rachel Corrie, who's witness against war and lies seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Today one year after the supposed end of the war on Iraq, one member of the Guardía Urbana accosted me and caused me discomfort and embarrasment and hey guess what-

I did find wrath.

I have remembered every face of every police officer I have seen since coming to this city of Barcelona to stop the World Bank. I then lived in Les Naus, which means amongst other things the Nave of the Temple.

Put it together yourselves why not?

I accept that many of the guardia urbana are good boys and girls and that to disband their force now would cause job insecurity and confusion, but I think it imprudent to continue with the mistaken policy of preserving a municipal police force which maintains an image of "molesting" the citizenry. I also counsel you that many of our urban problems in both first and third world are cuased by preserving a seperate police force which offers workers life time job insecurity. This is bad for their heads. Rather like letting mayors go on and on and not telling them clearly when their time is up-

No terrorist will ever come to Barcelona with a litre of xibeca and a dog on a rope. Police really ought be trained to guard their people well.

Barcino and Barcelona have heriditary guards.
Their symbols are resplendent and are to be seen all over the city.
Barcelona have pacifists, millions of them.
and voters, don't forget the voters, we ahem didn't did we?

I know that many officers of the Guardia Urbana have in their "non-street" activity helped the administration of this community, and that as reward count on grace and favour apartments to the east of the central city.

I am aware of the work they have done.

I remember every face
good boy
bad boy.
good girl
bad girl.
(that's my job)

Tomorrow the guard who accosted me will apologise to me.
And you will not imitate Gaudí and be manipulated into placing trans-species semiotics in the modern architecture of this city.
either on the tower at Glories or the market aside the passeig de colomines which is Placa Catarina, you might have seen a movie I made a few years ago before you even laid the foundation stone on that mistake, it was called "nada para mi". Exactly,
that's the problem you see, Senor Clos and ignorant, over weight, problems at home with the children into your order Guardia Urbana.

There really is nothing much for us in the garden anymore. Which is why we are so terribly pissed off and wrathful.


We placed the poor at Glories on the meridien.
You the Guardia Urbana took them away.

Their place is on the meridien, selling what ever they have, you may not judge if they are unwelcome are not.

Barcelona under the "face" of Clos,
has become associated with manipulation of the global and indeed universal cry for peace.

I never saw Joan Clos on a march. If he was there I suppose he was at the front leading?
what a joke.

You have destroyed buildings and our symbols,
you have poured concrete on our graves.
you have poured scorn on the most disadvantaged of society, those who shine the most to us.
You do not shine.

The Mossos and Policia Nacional will now begin to take the work of the Guardia Urbana.
The Guardia can be "shook up" and revamped (hee hee hee) over a period of two years.

You will stop harrasing those who are attending _our_ forum, those who represent the 12 million who assembled using our symbols and words to protest the War. The punkies, the okupes of Europe. They are more colombines than you may rationalise.

They are truly the corner stones of the xxi century.

Let it be clear, clar com aigua.

Barcelona needs to fully enjoy it's new european and global profile, and as city of "forum", a green or republican mayor, endevant, republika but a verd will do it better now for 2004.

when I was accosted by that guard, I lost a key.
It is a very special key.
Never lose things on fairies.
Didn't we tell you you get gold at the end of the rainbow?
If you find it it will seem strange to you,
it requires a seven chamber lock with no less than forty teeth.

It opens a room in the Centre Pompideau in Paris,
amongst other places.

I request the return of that key.

As you might guess such keys are very valuable,
and I am tired of casting pearls be they of wisdom or counsel, education or symbol before swine.
for the benefit of the poor translator, swine is the collective word for pig.


The judicial advice stays in the zone of Placa Real.
There will be no eviction of any squat without warning.
The key will be returned.
The Guardia Urbana who dared to accost me,
will apologise.

It is very good in the universal order and chaos, top know yourself, your limitations and to know how to seperate good seeds from bad.

I am impressed at some of your new architecture,
I am impressed at some of your new technological discoveries, I am aghast at the mistakes you have made, and believe you me, we will stay around till you make it all better.

for your humanity, and our species.
and the garden we so thoughtfully call
Sol 3.

You have done your job now
Mr Juan Clos, organise your exit,
and we won't mention how the Chinese Golems
which first left China to visit my "home" city of Dublin all the years ago,work, coz it would probably put the shit up you, more than any honda box of tricks.

Is my english understood?
good. maybe some day I'll get the two months pay from Opening english school -will I?
gets boring being here giving you all this free advice after a while playing your "john is close game".

This work is in the public domain


Re: mossos
21 abr 2004
Jaume is my Bond.

The mossos really seem to do well, fine body of guards for the visit of Jeb3. They passed the test last year at the anti-War okupations.

They also seem to have realised that not everyone who volunteers to be a policeman or policewoman is suitable for the job.

Endevant Mossos!
clar com aigua.
Re: Guardia Urbana
21 abr 2004
do I need to put his photo online with his identification number to get the apology?

And that key, oh yes that key.
where is it now I wonder?

Horizontal comminication is great isn't it "ohn is close hypocrite", you just go online and for free you can get right inside all the binary all over the planet. great. By the time you get the message it's been everywhere else, and that poor soon to be bedeviled ignorant problems at home needlessly and consistently aggresive and impolite policeman doesn't use the internet.
Perhaps his kids dream of going to Bangkok or something? Perhaps they train how to be soldiers using the program games we really dislike so much.
¿who knows?
¿you know who knows?
no-one knows.
aint that sweet.

haz lo bien Juanito.
Re: Guardia Urbana
21 abr 2004
yeah put the photo on-line!!!!!!
his id number too!!!!

Fuck Police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guardia Urbana??
21 abr 2004
Re: Guardia Urbana
21 abr 2004
la clarror clarrreja
el arrròs pasteja
la cosina cosineja
i jo em fotu fotu
una pasta naga per el cul.
No tedigo?

A quien no me "entienda" keledenporculo
Re: Guardia Urbana
22 abr 2004
somos todos victimas.

Lee este "juanito".
con tu govierno mundial,
por que somos todos los niños del RastaMan.
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