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Notícies :: fòrum 2004
de que va realmente el forum?
20 abr 2004
forgive "me anglés"

So nice to see so many Columbines here in Barcino for the Forum to judge the empire.

just have a few questions:-

Would Senor Clos be as good as to explain publically and quickly the function of the UNICEF Forum 2004 complex, architecture, colouring, geography and electromagnetic geomantic schematics to us?

Perhaps he doesn't understand them himself?
= great jobs do not great men make.

Gaudí left precise instructions for his temple.
jolly good work being done there.

We recognise the symbology coz we are initiated.
we recognise the technology coz we have better.
we do not understand certain things however...

why is a urban regeneration project, with many sincere and wonderful motivations, which has allowed the "real Forum" those who consistently have spoken without hypocrisy the truth and lit the darkness, not been explained and justified to "peer review".

1. why are there trans-species communication semiotics visible in BCN?
2. why was there planned an introduction of an electromagnetic circuit?
3. what exactly is envisioned as the covering and colours on the tower near our darling mossos, our beloved Glories and our often maligned makabra?

Perhaps Joan Clos, knowing Juan and Jordi and Patrick and Hedas of all types to be "close" would be as good to explain to Signeur Colombe who was the inspiration for all this "glitter"?

Sorry for my english, shakey DAT speare...

Sorry for your accepted civilised history which if we do not recieve promptly satisfactory answers will be completely undermined.

Sorry for your ambition which will be curtailed if you do not _come down ¿or is it up? to our level and answer our questions.

oh and of course sorry for the empire, but hey that's not your fault, Senor clos you too are a wookie of End/Or.

now answers please.
in a public space.
Placa Nova will do.

Remember thats a new square because they tried to bomb the cathedral and walls of Barcino the city we built but missed.
They have always had a habit of missing, haven't they the bad ones.

So Senor Clos prove you're not a bad one.

Tell us "all you know".

This work is in the public domain
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