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El nuevo lider de Hamas busca un pacto entre musulmanes y arabes para derrotar a Israel y EEUU
20 abr 2004
Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal on Monday called for an Arab and Muslim alliance to defeat the United States and Israel.
"Our battle is with two sides, one of them is the strongest power in the world, the United States, and the second is the strongest power in the region (Israel)," he told hundreds of people at the al-Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus.

"That is the caliber of the battle. We will not be victorious unless the other side of the battle is Arab and Muslim. All of the Arabs and Muslims," he said at a memorial ceremony for Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi, the group's Gaza leader assassinated by Israel on Saturday
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...El nuevo lider de Hamas busca un pacto...
20 abr 2004
Uns posen el fanatisme però els altres tenen els diners. Les guerres les guanyen els diners, i fins que la comunitat internacional no se n'adoni que els EUA son la principal amenaça per a la pau mundial no es començaran a arreglar les coses.
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