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The Insane god Myth: The greatest plague to have ever infected humanity
08 abr 2004
A Forbidden Truth dissection of the perverse and pathetic addiction of
the human species to the diseased and insane myth that a god creature
Copyright © 2004-2054 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. This essay is the
Intellectual Property of The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights are
Reserved. No portion of this essay may be reprinted or reproduced in
any form or venue without the expressed and written consent of The Seer
of Forbidden Truth.

The Insane God Myth:

I think the best way to start this essay is by revealing the primary
Forbidden Truth, and then work backwards from there. So here it is: There
is no such entity as god, belief in the existence of god is the manifestation
of a toxic, mental disease, a plague if you will, that societies overtly
and deliberately infect all of their citizen-slaves with, most especially
and outrageously targeting all children for this malevolent infection.
The notion that an entity such as god might exist and be worthy of acknowledgment,
much less be worthy of "worship", is ludicrous. There has never been,
throughout the history of the world, the tiniest shred of evidence to
support the bizarre theory that a god creature might exist. No sane,
rational human being has any legitimate reason to believe in the existence
of god, and any human being who goes further, who actually "worships"
this non-existent entity or believes that he has any obligation to follow/obey
the imaginary decrees of this non-existent entity, is demonstrating that
he suffers from a severe, destructive, pathological mental disorder.

Outline, Origin and Genesis of the Insane God Myth:

What is the Insane God Myth? It is a highly toxic, societally ritualized
belief/addiction system, that is designed to control the behaviors of,
and dictate the life path of, human beings. Who is the designer, promoter,
and inventor of the Insane God Myth? Human beings. More specifically,
empowered leaders and agents who represent human societies. This insane
myth has many different versions, such as christianity, catholicism,
protestantism, judaism, islam, etc..., and these differing versions are
put forth and imposed upon you, the Unwashed Masses, by your societies,
specifically tailored to meet the agenda of generational derangement
that has been and continues to be employed, in passing this insane myth
down upon each new generation of helpless, vulnerable, open-minded children.
Even though these various "religions" each have a slightly different
design and structure, the similarities that exist between all of them,
between every single "mainstream", society advocated religion on planet
earth, are remarkably identical in nature. This is because all mainstream
religions have been based and built by societies upon the exact same
fascist, brutally oppressive template and structure, and to serve the
exact same malevolent purposes.

Before I move on to discussing these utterly evil purposes, I want to
begin to debunk the Insane God Myth from a Truth-based perspective. Throughout
this web site, you will find that I go to great effort and time to not
only reveal obvious Truth, such as the fact that no god creature exists,
but also to completely dissect all of society's myths and lies, using
brilliant logic and undeniably accurate revelations of concrete reality
in such a way that only a mentally deranged human being could fail to
recognize and agree that my insights of Forbidden Truth are not theories,
opinions, assumptions, or suppositions, but in fact constitute factually
undeniable certainty. The Insane God Myth is centered upon the following
notion: An invisible, omnipotent, immortal, sentient entity with unlimited
powers decided to create other forms of life on planet earth, chooses
to and has the ability to monitor and judge whether the chosen behaviors
of every created creature are morally appropriate, seeks to impose specific
behavioral rules and standards upon every human being throughout the
entire course of his lifetime. chooses to and has the ability to either
reward or punish every creature after the creature dies, and the invisible,
omnipotent entity wants to be obeyed and worshipped by it's human creations.
This notion, both in singular fashion and taken as a whole as outlined
above, is profoundly insane. No other term fits, to believe or think
that this theory could possibly represent factual truth, is demonstrative
of profound insanity. There is not a shred of evidence to indicate that
any living entity can be invisible, immortal, or omnipotent, much less
all to possess all three of these abilities. There has never been, in
the history of human existence, a single shred of valid evidence or data
to support the validity of even one of these "powers", invisibility,
omnipotence, or immortality, even having been possessed by any living
or sentient entity. Based upon this single Truth, we already establish
that to believe in god demonstrates profound insanity, and to actually
"obey" the so-called "rules" that this obviously non-existent entity
is said, via second-hand claim by other human beings, to impose upon
human beings, while also worshipping/praying to the non-existent entity,
represents a mental breakdown that is tragic and perverse beyond all
measure. This mental breakdown, horrifically suffered by billions of
human beings, is not organic in nature, it is 100% preventable. It is
inflicted upon each individual victim, by the genocidally pervasive societal
and cultural structure of Insane God Myth imposition and brainwashing.

Lets look at the myth further: Why would an omnipotent entity choose
to spend time monitoring the life choices of the trillions of creatures
it is responsible for creating? Why would the omnipotent entity choose
to remain invisible? Why would the omnipotent entity want to be worshipped
and prayed to? If the omnipotent entity did desire to be worshipped,
why would it not prove it's existence by making itself visible? Why would
the entity bother to sit in "judgment" of every single one of it's human
creations, surely it can find something more interesting to do? The reality
is, there is no possible sane or valid answer to any of the above questions,
not only because god does not exist, but because if such an omnipotent
creature did exist, there is no chance in hell, (pardon the pun), that
the creature would adopt any of the behavioral policies, attitudes, and
methods of dealing with/interacting with it's creations, that every mainstream
religion proclaims to be the case. So, beyond even the undeniable Truth
that no creature such as god could possibly exist, the societal design
and structure concerning the details of what god wants from humanity
and how god interacts with humanity, is so ridiculous that all current
"religious" teaching/doctrine would be invalid and false even if an omnipotent
creature did create human and other species of life. This constitutes
a two-tiered philosophical Truth, in that even if some of you cowardly
creatures are so terrified of the reality of death and so terribly addicted
to the Insane God Myth that you cannot accept the Truths I am revealing
on this page, you still have absolutely no reason or business "praying"
to god, worshipping god, or following the so-called "rules of behavior"
that other humans have brainwashed you into thinking god wants you to

Even if you cannot break free of the insane notion that an omnipotent
entity exists, you still have absolutely no reason to worship, pray to,
or obey any of god's rules, because there is not a shred of sane evidence
to support the idea that this omnipotent entity wants to be prayed to,
wants to be worshipped, or wants you to engage in any of the behaviors
that your human societal/cultural leaders tell you that god wants you
to engage in. To assume that this omnipotent creature wants your worship,
wants you to refrain from killing other human beings, wants you to engage
in specific behaviors and will reward you for doing so, without ever
having seen and heard the actual omnipotent entity directly make these
requests/demands of you, is insane, and also an insult to your imaginary
"god". How dare you assume that the entity wants you to treat him in
specific ways, and to adopt specific behaviors and attitudes towards
life in general, based not upon what the entity has directly told you,
but rather what fellow humans claim, in second-hand fashion, that the
entity told/tells them, or told their ancestors? If anything, viewed
from a sane perspective, the odds are extremely high that if an omnipotent
entity did exist and cared about you creatures, the entity would be upset
and enraged at you for daring to blindly assume that you know what he
wants and expects of you. So, to conclude the above insight of Forbidden
Truth, there is no possibility of any kind that any god creature exists.
Believing in the existence of god is demonstrative of utter insanity,
but to go further than that, to actually pray to, worship, or follow
a lifestyle path that you believe god wants you to follow, is significantly
more deranged, because even if a god creature were to exist, none of
you have any legitimate basis upon which to conclude that the god creature
wants to be worshipped, wants to be prayed to, or has a desire for you
to follow any specific behavioral codes of conduct of any kind.

I now want to move on to discussing the origin of the insane god myth.
As I will outline at an essay towards the end of this web site, it is
my firm conclusion and realization of Truth that the human race is genetically
diseased and malformed. The human mind, constantly touted by humanity
as being a glorious, wondrous model of species superiority, is in fact
terribly, tragically flawed, deformed and diseased in terms of the horrific
consequences that it's so-called "superior" intellect/thinking abilities
wreak upon both individual human beings and upon the collective structures/ideologies
of human society as a whole. The origin and basis of the insane god myth
serves to prove this to be the case. As a result of a flaw in the evolutionary
process, the human species developed both an ability and an intrinsic
need to analyze and understand the true nature of what it means to be
alive, as well as the results/consequences of losing one's life. This
first step within the evolutionary process was fine, it was not in itself
demonstrative of genetic/evolutionary mind disease and deformity, until
the second part of the equation came into play. It is in the second part,
which is the intellectual and philosophical inability of humanity to
accept the horrific Truths that their rational, Truth-based minds arrive
at, that the genetic perversity is displayed and revealed. The sane human
mind arrives at the Truth concerning the issue of death, the fact that
death can and does equal only one thing: The experience of nothingness
for all of eternity. This is a healthy, proper, sane realization, if
it can be accepted and embraced. But no, due to your genetic brain malformations,
you creatures could not and cannot accept/embrace this Truth. You feel
a desperate, overwhelming need to deny and reject this sane, healthy,
valuable Truth. Mental terror, cowardice, and genetic malformation of
the mind form the basis for this desperate, overwhelming need. This need
overwhelms all else, as the horrific reality of what death entails implants
itself upon your genetically diseased minds. and this is the origin/genesis
of the Insane God Myth.

You creatures had to find a way to reconcile the unavoidable fact that
you are going to die, with the reality of what death entails, along with
your desperate need to maintain the illusion that your lives have ongoing,
valuable purpose and meaning, which requires that death not constitute
the experience of nothingness for all of eternity. These three philosophies
cannot be reconciled. The only way that a diseased mind can find to reconcile
this issue, is to reject one of the two Forbidden Truths, and since the
reality of people constantly dying serves as proof that all human beings
are mortal, it is the second Forbidden Truth that you creatures naturally
chose to reject, namely, the reality of what death entails. Once you
rejected this Truth, the door was left wide open for all sorts of insane,
perverse, invalid life philosophies and belief systems to take hold.
The insane god myth originated right there, an absolutely perfect way
to not only maintain the perverse illusion that your death is not the
end of everything for all of eternity, but also to make yourselves feel
superior to other humans and animal species, to enable you to adopt the
insane attitude that your god will reward you for adopting certain specific
behaviors and life path philosophies, etc... It all stemmed from one,
specific, genetic mental deformity of humanity: The ability to intellectually
realize exactly what death entails, coupled with a complete inability
to emotionally/psychologically/philosophically accept the factual realization
of what death entails.

Let us now move on to discussing the core parameters and purposes of
the insane god myth. Every myth has a specific purpose, it is created,
validated by societal leaders and by the popular culture, and declared
valid, because it serves to meet specific needs, cravings, terrors, obsessions
of individuals, as well as, very importantly, an agenda, usually highly
malevolent in nature, that societal leaders themselves are seeking to
promote and maintain. The insane god myth is among the top three most
cherished and valued myths in existence, by societies, because it serves
so many purposes and is so useful, in so many different ways, to societal
leaders as they seek to maintain control, domination, oppression, productivity,
and appeasement of their masses of citizen-slaves. Let us examine just
a few of the ways that the insane god myth is so useful and valuable
to your evil societies: Death. Sane human beings do not wish to die,
and are fearful of the consequences that death brings with it. The actual
embrace of the fact that the individual will experience nothingness for
all of eternity upon death, is horrifically unbearable to the vast majority
of human beings, given their genetic brain/mental malformations. If left
to their own devices, some humans will develop comforting, false rationalizations
and illusions of what death entails, in order to avoid and move past
the horrific, unbearable Truth. But many other individuals will not be
able to develop such rationalizations. They would sink into depression,
refuse to waste their irreplaceable, finite lives engaging in slave
labor on behalf of society, etc... This is where societal leaders recognized
and continue to recognize what a great opportunity they have to step
in and culturally promote/legitimize "organized" religion. In establishing
a very specific image of what god is, what god wants, and how god will
reward those who obey "him", societal leaders create the absolutely perfect
climate for brutal oppression, enslavement, and fascism. As I will discuss
later in this essay, nothing else, not imprisonment, not legal murder,
comes close to the god myth in working as well for society, in imposing
genocidal legal and cultural policies upon the citizen-slaves, and getting
the slaves to meekly accept, even enthusiastically embrace, the genocide
being practiced upon them.

The insane god myth serves as the perfect cover, for society to impose
it's hypocritical, malevolent codes of conduct upon the citizens, while
hiding behind the lie that the citizens are not really being oppressed
and victimized by any human being, much less by the societal leadership,
but are merely "obeying god", doing what god wants them to do, in exchange
for the "gift" of a heavenly afterlife. You creatures agree to submit
to a lifetime of victimization, oppression, brainwashing, to deny yourselves
your True natures, to waste your lives clinging to a toxic myth that
your evil society has fed you, all because the ridiculous, invalid lure
of an "eternal afterlife in heaven" is held out to you, dangled in front
of your noses and genetically malformed minds, by your evil societies.
And you submit to this atrocity despite the fact that not a single shred
of evidence exists to support the notion that any god creature exists,
much less the even more bizarre notion that such a creature might have
the ability or desire to provide any "afterlife" of any kind, to any
human. This is a marvelous demonstration of the depth of human genetic
and mental disease & deformity. Any sane thinker has to shake their head
in amazement: Trillions of human beings, throughout many thousands of
years, have voluntarily chosen to sacrifice and throw away their real
lives, to be victimized and oppressed throughout their entire real lives
by choice,, using the rationale that they will be rewarded for sacrificing
their real lives after they die, even though there has never been and
will never be a single shred of legitimate reason or evidence to support
the notion that any existence of any kind is possible, once a living
creature dies. This has to be a genetic mental/brain function deformity,
folks! There is no other logical explanation, for trillions of human
beings to sacrifice their real lives, for the illusion of a non-existent

Another way that humans demonstrate genetic mental deformity is in their
eagerness to be led, to be told, even ordered, what to do, what to think,
what to believe, and how to live their lives, by others. Very few humans
have the ability, much less the desire, to think for themselves, to live
a lifestyle that is independent and free of societal illusion, coercion,
doctrine, and brainwashing. A more appropriate designation for humanity
than "people", would be "sheeple", because this is what humans are: sheep.
Mindlessly following each other, heads and faces lowered to the ground,
eating up whatever piece of grass is in front of them, just as you humans
mindlessly mimic each other, refuse to look up and think independently,
refuse to embrace even the most obvious and blatant Truths. The insane
god myth fits in wonderfully with regard to this sheeple mindset. Humans
want to be led, told what to do, and they also refuse to take responsibility
for any of the profound Truths of life. To be led by other humans, societal
leaders who are malevolent and constantly promoting hypocrisy, lies,
and myths as Truth, is a glorious thing for these diseased creatures,
no need to think for themselves, or face up to Truth. But it's not quite
perfect, many humans want more. Specifically, they cannot face up to
the reality that there is no other entity in existence on the planet
that is as intellectually advanced and able to control their lives, as
they are. This is primarily because most humans have no genuine control
over any of the important aspects of life. This is where the insane god
myth conveniently pops in yet again. Society encourages the humans to
"give their life over to god", to submit to the superior power/omnipotence
that this non-existent creature is said to possess. Broken, self-hating
humans love to do this, they love to embrace the notion that an omnipotent,
benevolent god creature will allow them to live and take care of them
for all of eternity. It is the ultimate version of thumb-sucking, taken
to it's zenith. Babies and young children feel helpless, confused, scared,
and find comfort in sucking on a pacifier or their thumb. Adults feel
and in fact are just as helpless, confused, scared, at their core reality,
and just as desperate to find a source of comfort. But they can never
admit to their terrors, they can never face up to them, and due to their
intellectualized, "mature" minds, sucking a pacifier or thumb just won't
provide the same degree of comfort as it did when the individual was
a baby/child. There is too much Truth out there, too many unbearable
facts of life that cannot be accepted or embraced, the diseased mind
cannot escape from these Truths merely by sucking a pacifier. But hey,
no problem, society happily provides the insane god myth for you citizen-
slaves to suckle on. All you gotta do is "believe" in insane notions
like an afterlife, and poof, in your diseased, truth-hating mind, the
belief becomes a reality. "No need for any doubt, after all, look how
many billions of people believe in god, look how my societal and cultural
leaders believe in god, they can't possibly all be wrong. My life has
value, because it is eternal. So what if I'm suffering now?? I have all
of eternity left, might as well accept this brief period, only 60-80
short years, of suffering. The reward I get in the end will make it all
worthwhile." This is the perverse mindset of you humans, which serves
to make the insane god myth so preciously useful as a tool of genocidal

Different societies have varying methods and degrees of promoting the
insane god myth, and in some cases, such as the communist Soviet Union
of the past, it appears that societal leaders were not encouraging this
myth at all, and may even have been discouraging it. However, if you
examine the internal cultural structure of these "pseudo-atheist" societies,
you will find that while the degree of overt public promotion of the
god myth is indeed lower than is the case with other societies, there
was still no genuine policy of discouragement regarding belief in god,
and there were/are 1 or 2 primary, mainstream religions that all the
citizen-slaves who insist upon believing in & worshipping god, are directed
by these societies to embrace. Every society recognizes that it cannot
prevent some of it's citizen-slaves from embracing the god myth, and
therefore every society also realizes that it needs to very specifically
direct, encourage and channel it's citizen-slaves towards embracing mainstream
religions that march in lockstep with the malevolent ideological agenda
of the societal leadership. Most societies have in fact overtly promoted
and literally terrorized their citizen-slaves into embracing the god
myth, and continue to do so today. The more diseased, evil, and perverse
a society is, the more likely it is to ceaselessly impose this toxic
myth upon it's citizen-slaves. In addition, societies which claim to
be "democratic and free" are far more likely to employ terroristic, fascist
methods of getting their citizen-slaves to believe in god. This is primarily
because "free & democratic" societies naturally rely more on lies, myths,
brainwashing, and coercion, as well as the illusion of benevolence,
to control and oppress their citizen-slaves, than societies which more
honestly structure themselves along communist, socialist, or dictatorial

As you might imagine, the united states of america is indeed once again
at the very top of the planet-wide list of nations, in terms of utterly
perverse imposition of the insane god myth upon all citizen-slaves. Take
a look at every piece of american currency, it says: "in god we trust"
on every single penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar bill, 5 dollar bill,
10 dollar bill, 20 dollar bill, 50 dollar bill, 100 dollar bill. Every
single darn piece of money every created by american society has this
perverse message imprinted upon it. Every single human being in america
is compelled to use currency, to take currency from others, and to give
currency to others. Every single day, the person has to touch, exchange,
handle objects that have written on them, "in god we trust". Is there
any provision made for atheists, currency minted without this perverse
message?? No, of course not. The atheist is expected to use this same
currency, compelled by society to "indicate" that they "trust in god",
by constantly using currency that has this message imprinted upon it.
What about children? Every child looks at money, examines it, reads exactly
what is imprinted on it. Every child is thus subjected to this malevolent
societal message. Lets examine the phrase, it says: "in god we trust".
It doesn't say "worship god", but in many ways the use of the word trust
within the phrase is even more fascist than "worship god" would be. Trust
is a sacred thing. If we trust someone or something, we are relying upon
it, we are placing our safety, welfare, our very lives, in the hands
of the entity that we agree to "trust". Trusting in god implies not only
a belief in the existence of god, but a declaration of loyalty, allegiance,
devotion to god. And take note of the word "we". It is a plural term,
thus it clearly implies that every human being who ever uses any type
of american currency has an obligation to "trust in god", and since you
can only trust something that exists, the only rational interpretation
of the use of this phrase on american currency, is the fact that american
society is attempting to terroristically coerce each and every citizen-
slave to both trust in, and believe in, the existence of god.

Look at the american pledge of allegiance, which I will be discussing
in much greater depth at a separate essay. The pledge reads: I pledge
Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic
for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty
and Justice for all. I will be dissecting each and every word and term
of this pledge within the future essay, but right now lets just focus
on "one nation under god". This pledge is a toxic instrument of mental/intellectual
brutalization, specifically targeted at children. All children are taught
the pledge of allegiance, told that it represents important, valuable,
Truth, and ordered to publicly proclaim this pledge, usually on a daily
basis, within the school system. The phrase "one nation under god" not
only is designed to infect children with the toxic notion that god exists,
but even more perversely, to convince the child that he must be subservient
to the god creature. The pledge says that the entire nation, thus all
citizens, are under god, this means beneath god, less important than
god is, obligated to obey and follow the will and decree of god, etc...
What an outrageous perversion this is, that children, trying to hold
on to the precious self-esteem and sense of narcissistic personal value
that they were born with, are confronted with the toxic message that
an invisible, non-existent entity is in fact their "boss", more important
than they are, and must be blindly and insanely believed in, worshipped,
and obeyed. Interestingly, the original pledge of allegiance had no
direct mention of god in it. Only several centuries later, in 1954, did
the genocidally evil supreme leader of america, then president Dwight
D. Eisenhower, sign into law a constitutional amendment that very specifically
added just two words, "under god", to the pledge. As he signed this new
law, in explaining why the two words were being added, your evil supreme
leader declared: "In this way we are reaffirming the transcendence of
religious faith in America's heritage and future; in this way we shall
constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our
country's most powerful resource in peace and war." Don't you just love
how brilliant your evil leaders are, in delivering toxic decree under
a flowery verbal guise of benevolent-sounding eloquence? If he were being
honest and truthful, Dwight would have said: "I feel that terroristically
forcing all american children to pledge that they believe in god will
result in future generations of citizen-slaves being more heavily addicted
to this insane myth, thus making it easier for future american leaders
to get all citizen-slaves to blindly support their evil policies as well
as to get more young people to willingly sacrifice their lives upon command
of societal leaders."

What else? Well, how about the public speeches of all top elected societal
leaders and candidates. Throughout the entire history of america, every
single president has publicly and repeatedly professed a fervent belief
in and devotion to god. In fact, I don't think you will find a single
regularly scheduled presidential speech during the past 50-100 yrs, in
which the president failed to mention god at least once. Most common
is the sign-off at the end of the speech, of "god bless america", or
"god bless you all". Your supreme leader, who actually exists, is pretending
that god exists, that america and thus all of it's citizen-slaves, need
to be supported and blessed by an even greater supreme leader, and of
course the only way to gain god's blessing is to believe in him, pray
to him, and obey him. Not only does the president gleefully seize upon
every opportunity to promote the insane god myth, but being the supreme
"human" leader, by aligning himself with god in every public speech,
everything that the president says is put forth as if channeled directly
from god, this is the obvious ploy that is used here. By concluding his
speech with "god bless america", the president is saying: "I am one of
your two supreme leaders, and everything I have said in this speech has
the blessing and support of your other supreme leader, the god who you
worship and who you must remain faithful to in order to gain an eternity
of heavenly bliss when you die. In blindly supporting me, my policies,
and america, you gain the blessing of god." He doesn't need to say this
out loud, the message is clear and undeniable, and embraced by a great
many hopelessly brainwashed and societally/religiously addicted citizen-
slaves. Within toxic and diseased societies, no aspiring societal leader
who refuses to fervently proclaim a strong belief in god has any chance
of ever attaining the presidency or any other national-level position
of power, because of the fact that the vast majority of all citizens
within the society are hopelessly addicted to the insane god myth and
will only allow someone who validates the delusion that they have built
their lives around, to become their empowered leader. Remember, citizen-
slaves will always insist upon their leaders at least pretending to reflect
and mirror the delusions, perversions, and insanity that they themselves
are addicted to.

And now we finally come to what is by far the most pervasive form of
pro-god terrorism within america, viciously imposed upon literally every
single child in the nation, the "house of worship" and "religious, private
school" structures. What are houses of worship? They are buildings that
have been built and designed for the specific purpose of allowing societally
empowered people, who claim to be fervent believers in the god myth,
to promote the insane god myth to total strangers, earning money for
themselves via this relatively easy but brutally destructive "job". All
adult believers in the god myth are victims of societal brainwashing
and toxic lies. They have already been addicted to the insane myth. You
can argue that being adults, they have some "free will", some ability
to reject the god myth and stop going to houses of worship where their
delusions are declared valid and overtly encouraged. Personally, it is
clear to me that this is not true. The god addict has less of an ability
to break free from his toxic addiction, than any alcoholic, cocaine user,
or any other type of addict. But, putting that aside for the moment,
let us look at children. Children have developing, immature, vulnerable
minds, along with a natural instinct for and interest in uncovering the
Truths of life. Society has a sacred obligation to protect children from
all types of toxic, harmful influences. Poisoning a child's mind with
toxic lies and myths is an act of brutal torture, nothing less than that.
For it to be a crime to feed arsenic or cyanide to a child, poisoning
the child's body, but not a crime to brutally impose the toxic god myth
upon a child's mind, which constitutes poisoning of the child's mind,
is absolutely outrageous. Children deserve to be protected in every
possible way, from the insane god myth. Just because the biological creators
of a child are likely to already be infected with this toxic myth, is
no reason to legitimize, much less encourage, the parents to impose and
inflict this infection upon their child. And yet this is exactly what
your evil societies do. With utter malice aforethought, your societies
deliberately seek to infect all children with the god myth, to addict
them to this myth, the younger the better, empowering not only the child's
parents, but complete strangers as well, to go to whatever lengths are
necessary to coerce, bribe, terrorize, every child into embracing the
notion that a god creature both exists, and deserves to be worshipped.

Parents and other legal slaveowners of children are encouraged by society
to not only transfer their own personal god myth beliefs to their child,
on a one-on-one level, but also to take their children to houses of
worship, known as churches, mosques, temples, etc..., where professionally
trained con-artists are employed for the specific purpose of expertly
addicting all visitors to the insane god myth, and reinforcing their
addiction if they already have it. The one-on-one parental transfers
of the god myth to children are completely outrageous and should be illegal.
But the additional methods of relentless addiction, such as allowing
adults to bring children to churches and other house of worship as well
as allowing adults to enroll their children in schools where belief in
god is taught as a primary educational subject, are far more outrageous.
There is absolutely no sane reason for why any child should be allowed
to enter a house of worship, or enrolled in a school that is set up to
impose a toxic myth upon him, masqueraded as truth. Within any sane societal
structure, belief in and worship of god would be strongly discouraged,
rather than encouraged. Whether or not most children who are not viciously
exposed to the toxic god myth can overcome the genetic mental deformity
of their species to the degree that they will resist all god myth temptations
as adults, for their entire lives, is unclear. I'm sure that some will,
while others won't. But every child deserves, at the very least, to
be given a fighting chance to defeat this toxic infection, and the only
way to give each child this opportunity is for society to place every
child's sacred right to not have his developing and vulnerable mind poisoned,
above the selfish, disease-based wishes/cravings/need of parents and
other adults to validate their own insane god belief, by infecting children
with the same toxic myth that they were infected with when they were
children, and are now addicted to.

All houses of worship should have a minimum entry age of at least 28,
which is when the average person begins to reach some level of genuine
mental maturity. No child or youth should be permitted, under federal
law, to enter a house of worship. No parent should be allowed to bring
their child inside a house of worship. No school should be allowed to
have a religious or religion-based curriculum of any kind. And no parent
should be allowed to personally impose, in a deceitful, lie-based manner,
the insane god myth upon the mind, consciousness, and developing sense
of reality, of their child. There is absolutely nothing "fascist", unfree
or governmentally/societally intrusive in these proposals. They represent
the bare minimum obligation that all societies should accept/embrace,
as part of the process of attempting to try and allow every helpless
child to grow up and mentally/emotionally mature within a safe, nurturing,
truth-based environment. How many of you would argue that the ritualistic
feeding of a deadly poison such as cyanide to a child, must be decreed
legal because the government/society has no right to try to save the
life of any child, in any manner?? Very few of you would adopt this insane
position, even though you do genocidally legitimize the mass physical
torture/murder of children within your society. Well, religion and god
worship is a deadly poison, upon every single child that it is cruelly
imposed upon. It is a plague which destroys the child's ability to think
rationally and to recognize/embrace Truth, not only for a specifically
limited period of time, but in fact for the entire lifetime of the child.
The mind of a child is the most vulnerable, more so than the mind of
any adult, because it is still developing, still maturing, still trying
to reconcile it's natural, instinctual interest in Truth, with the comforting
and yet toxic myths that are floating around in the diseased popular
culture. It is impossible to create a protective bubble around any child
that would serve to insulate the child from the influence of all toxic
myths. And yet of course every society has an obligation to go to all
reasonable lengths to protect children from the deliberate, direct, and
brutally coercive imposition of highly toxic and mentally destructive,
in reality poisonous, myths. Belief in the existence of, and worship
of a god creature absolutely fits into this category, and therefore the
legal proposals for protecting children that I have outlined at the top
of this paragraph simply constitute basic common-sense and demonstrate
a borderline degree of respect for the welfare, health, and protection
of the single most valuable asset that any human being can possess, a
healthy, sane, rational mind, which can distinguish truth from falsehood.

The vast majority of all adults are indeed hopelessly addicted to the
insane god myth. A major component of the perverse structure of the insane
god myth involves the deliberate "recruitment", via mental victimization
and terroristic coercion, of additional humans into embracing the same
insane myth. Addicts are terrorized into agreeing to not only believe
in and worship god themselves, but in addition, to overtly go out and
try to addict other human beings, to the exact same specific version
of the insane god myth that they are themselves addicted to. This terrorization
includes promises of gaining the favor of god, and ensuring oneself a
favorable spot in a blissful afterlife, as well as the more overt threat
that if a person that the god addict cares about, likes, or loves fails
to embrace the god myth, that individual will be "punished" by god, not
get to enjoy a proper afterlife, not be together with the delusional
god addict in "heaven". This insane notion creates tremendous pressure
upon the god addict to spread around the mental plague that afflicts
him, to coworkers, neighbors, friends, relatives, anyone that the addict
personally knows and claims to care about, with children, especially
biological creations and legally owned child-slaves, naturally being
the easiest and foremost targets. Within a sane societal structure, all
adults who believe in the existence of god would not automatically be
decreed unfit to serve as Primary Caretakers to any child. The Mandatory
Parental Competency Test system would recognize that it is possible for
an adult to both be infected with the insane god myth, and at the same
time to possess enough moral respect for children and their personal
autonomy as well as right to be protected from malicious indoctrination,
to refrain from terroristically imposing their god myth addiction upon
the child. But, due to the factors I have outlined above, and the perverse
overall structure of the god myth, it is clear to me that very few genuine
god addicts would be able or willing to refrain from infecting their
children. My estimate would be that no more than 1 aspiring parent out
of 5000, at most, who is a god addict, would be Superior enough in character
to be able to avoid infecting their child. Therefore, the design of the
Mandatory Parental Competency Tests would have to be extremely strict,
in terms of requiring that all applicants demonstrate and prove, beyond
a reasonable doubt, that they will not deliberately and falsely impose
the god myth upon any child that they are given custodial access to.

At this point I want to talk a little bit about the issue of relative
toxicity, as well as the difference between teaching/providing factual
information, versus malevolent, unacceptable brainwashing. These insights
I am providing below are equally valid with regard to both adults and
children, with the only major difference being that the negative consequences
of imposing toxic mythology upon a child are far greater than the negative
consequences of imposing much mythology upon a mature adult, because
the child's mind is more open, more vulnerable, less able to analytically
process and weigh information that is provided to the him, and to determine
how much weight/credence to give to the information, and if addicted
to a toxic myth during childhood, the victim will find it much harder
to break free of the myth, than is the case if addiction occurs during

What are myths? Myths are invalid, untrue, societally ritualized fables
that have, for the most part, a philosophically complex structure which
serves to make them more harmful, to more individuals, than mere "lies"
are. Myths are granted legitimacy and usually overtly promoted by societies
and their empowered leaders/agents, as part of an overall process that
is designed to allow/cause all citizen-slaves to live out their lives
on an artificial, fiction-based template. Every single day, the vast
majority of people make their most basic and profound life decisions
based not upon factually accurate information/beliefs, but rather based
upon mythological notions, ideas, and beliefs, that they have been addicted
and terrorized into embracing, ever since they were tiny babies.

Relative Toxicity of myths: We have already established that all myths
are toxic, unhealthy, and in fact harmful to all individuals, based upon
the fact that Truth is the most valuable, useful, and precious mental
resource that every child is born with, and that every individual has
the sacred right to at least be able to try to nurture Truth within himself,
mature and go through life free of having toxic myths terroristically
and coercively imposed upon him. Every myth is toxic not only in and
of itself, but also because it helps to create an overall legitimization
of falsehood and artificiality within the conscious minds of the individuals
that it is imposed upon. What I'm basically saying here is that the more
myths a person is malevolently subjected to and coerced into embracing,
the less likely it is that the individual will be able or willing to
distinguish any truth from any falsehood, and the more likely it is that
the individual will eagerly and mindlessly embrace all myths and falsehoods
that their malevolent society feeds them, as being true, throughout their
entire lives. So, even though the directly negative impact of a specific
myth might be relatively minor, far less toxic than the god myth is,
that other myth still has a tremendously harmful overall impact upon
the individual, because it serves to further blur and obliterate the
line between genuine, empowered Truth, and artificial, invalid, enslaving

Let me give you a brief example of how the Relative Toxicity scale works,
with regard to societally promoted myths. Belief in god is a toxic myth,
and belief in the tooth fairy is also a toxic myth. Both of these myths
are overtly promoted and legitimized by the diseased american societal
leadership and structure. But the god myth is far more toxic, on an overall
level. Why? Because it exerts a far greater, lifelong impact, in far
more ways, than the tooth fairly myth does. The tooth fairy myth is targeted
at children, not at adults. It is one of those toxic myths that humans
are perversely instructed to infect their children with, and yet those
same targeted child victims are also expected to "outgrow" this particular
myth once they reach adulthood. However, the tooth fairy myth very specifically
fosters insane god myth ideology within children by virtue of it's design
structure: An invisible creature known as the tooth fairy is said to
come inside the homes of children, remove teeth that the child has lost,
and leave either money or a gift in place of the tooth that is taken
away. In reality of course, it is the parents who sneak in and take away
the tooth, and leave whatever "gift" they wish behind. They lie to the
child not only with regard to the existence of a "tooth fairy", but on
an even more directly personal way, they lie to the child concerning
the factual nature of what they themselves are doing to the child, in
taking away the tooth. They deliberately seek and attempt to coerce the
child's tender, vulnerable, developing mind, to accept a complete falsehood,
a toxic myth that promotes and validates irrational thought, as being
true. From any commonsense perspective, this should be illegal, and considered
an act of child abuse.

Does the tooth fairy myth encourage children to think irrationally, to
form false and invalid beliefs, and to more easily accept different types
of "mythological creature" myths, such as the god myth, as constituting
Truth? Of course it does. But there are significant differences. First,
as stated above, most adults do not believe that a "real" tooth fairy
exists. This myth is expected to be uncovered as a myth by it's child-
victims, at some point during their adolescence or early adulthood. This
fact serves to make the tooth fairy myth less toxic than the god myth.
But far more importantly than the duration of time that the toxic infection
lasts, is the scope and degree of behavioral and ideological impact that
the myth has upon the victim. The tooth fairy myth is absolutely abusive
and harmful to every child that it is imposed upon. It portrays falsehood
as constituting Truth, it promotes and encourages magical, irrational
thinking patterns, specifically involving non-existent creatures, thus
setting the stage for insane god myth indoctrination. it instructs children
that to be lied to, to embrace lies, and to disseminate lies as truth
is absolutely the right and proper thing to do, thus dooming the next
generation of children to be subjected to the same ritualistically abusive
lie pattern. But the tooth fairy myth itself only comes with a few, limited
"rules" that are imposed upon the children that are subjected to it.
These rules are not extremely toxic, they do not last throughout the
child's lifetime, and they do not serve to influence/affect very many
of the child's behaviors or lifestyle choices, over the course of the
child's life. This is in stark contrast to the insane god myth, which
is specifically designed to not only last for the entire lifetime of
each victim, but to actually become stronger, more intense and toxic
as the individual reaches adolescence, adulthood, middle age, and becomes
elderly. The rules of the insane god myth are extremely toxic, and specifically
designed to exert a tremendous amount of influence over just about every
major lifestyle/behavioral choice that the person has available, throughout
the course of his entire life. For a god addict, this insane myth has
a pervasive, immense influence upon each and every day of the addict's
life. Each day, dozens of times, the thinking patterns, lifestyle choices,
and entire mindset of the addict is controlled, dictated by, and ruled
by, their god myth addiction, an addiction which is toxic, invalid, and
untrue. The individual is compelled to live out his life clinging to
an insane myth of falsehood, and the hundreds if not thousands of perverse
rules and decrees that every mainstream, false and invalid god myth carries
with it. Not even the judicial laws of a society have as much of an impact
upon robbing individuals of their personal freedom, autonomy, rational
thinking ability, and behavioral options, as does the insane god myth.
So, I hope I have shown in my above Forbidden Truth insights why all
societally promoted myths are toxic and perverse, and also why the insane
god myth must be considered the single most malevolently toxic of them
all. Within any sane society, the eradication of the insane god myth
would be a top, national and public health priority. To free as many
citizens as possible from the toxic grip of this insane myth would be
considered the nation's #1 public health goal, even more important than
finding a cure for cancer, AIDS, or heart disease, because the plague
of god addiction afflicts far more people than all of the three physical
diseases above combined, and absolutely has a far greater negative impact,
upon far more individuals, than any physical illness possibly could.

I want to backtrack just a bit at this point, and refocus on the origins
as well as the root structural design of the insane god myth, because
there are extremely interesting/important details here that cast light
upon the overall perversion and malevolence of human society and of the
human race. As of the early 21st century, one of the most popular versions
of the insane god myth revolves around an individual known as Jesus Christ.
According to mythology, this person lived about 2000 years ago, and had
some sort of a personally interactive relationship with the god creature,
that has been woven into the fabric of mainstream societal religions
such as christianity and catholicism over the course of the past 2000
years. It is unclear to any sane thinker whether or not the individual
who is now known as Jesus Christ ever existed. There was no news media
or reliable, verifiable form of journalism 2000 years ago, and therefore
all of the historical data which suggests that an individual known as
Jesus Christ did exist and was in fact murdered some 2000 years ago,
is nothing more than rank speculation and theory. But, let us assume
for the sake of argument that yes, there was an individual named Jesus
Christ who lived 2000+ years ago, and he was in fact murdered by other
human beings. Once we make this assumption, lets examine what Truths
we can extract from the life of this man. First and foremost, assuming
that the details of his life activities have been accurately documented,
we know that he was extremely mentally ill. He suffered from organic
mental illness, he was delusional, self-hating, and unable to cope with
the horrific realities of life, to a far greater degree than the average
human being who lived 2000 years ago. At the same time, like many mentally
ill people, he was extremely sensitive, thoughtful, and desperate to
find false comfort that would allow him to mentally escape from the horrific
realities of life. His organic mental illness, today known as "schizophrenia"
as well as other doctoral definitions, caused him to hear non-existent
voices in his head. He chose to interpret these voices as coming from
an omnipotent life form who wanted to be worshipped by humans, and would
grant him an eternity of life if he both agreed to worship the omnipotent
life form and to try to recruit/convince other human beings to worship
the omnipotent life form. This was a pure delusion, that dovetailed perfectly
with his unbearable terror of the Forbidden Truth that he would experience
nothingness for all of eternity upon his death. This same unbearable
terror, almost never spoken, was shared by billions of humans across
the world, due to the organic mental/brain function deformity of the
human race.

Because Jesus, like most humans, was self-hating, his delusion had to
involve hardship, suffering, as well as personal disempowerment. The
delusional, omnipotent life form that he conjured up in his mind could
not simply grant him an eternity of life after death with no conditions
attached, only a saner, self-loving individual could arrive at this realization,
that they deserve eternal life without question, compromise, or obligation.
Jesus was totally insane and extremely self-hating, and therefore he
set out on a suicidal course of attempting to impose his delusion upon
as many other humans as he possibly could. Not surprisingly, most humans
that he viciously imposed his delusions upon were quite happy to listen
to him, and eager to embrace his organic mental illness, even though
most of them did not suffer from genuinely organic mental illness themselves,
of the type that results in the perceived hearing of imaginary voices
or the viewing of invisible entities, but merely genetic human brain
deformity/malformation. Why were they happy and eager to embrace Jesus's
delusions? Because this particular delusion provided an absolutely ideal
way for them to falsely and invalidly cope with the horrific reality
of what their deaths would result in. Jesus Christ's delusions provided
"salvation" to other people, because they helped/caused other people
to embrace the ultimate security blanket, allowed other people to deny
and reject the single most pervasively horrific and unbearable Forbidden
Truth within all of human consciousness, which is the reality that every
individual, immediately upon dying, experiences nothingness for all of
the rest of eternity.

So, our mentally deranged, organically mentally ill, suicidal, truth-
hating Jesus Christ got to travel around a bit, and infect a fair number
of fellow humans with his toxic myth. His infected victims certainly
did not feel victimized, they were mostly very glad and happy to embrace
the extremely comforting myth, and I'm sure Jesus was quite passionate
and persuasive in his sales pitch, as most severely mentally ill individuals
who have an agenda to promote, are. Eventually, being suicidally self-
hating and subconsciously eager to "test out" his delusion, to make sure
that he was "right", Jesus ended up among a group of humans who, for
whatever reason, refused to accept his viciously intrusive attempts to
impose his delusions upon them. The more they resisted, the more determined
and insistent our hapless Inferior was, as he subconsciously played out
his suicidal ideology. Eventually, due to his own perverse nature, he
angered them so greatly that they murdered him, perhaps inflicting some
torture upon him beforehand, using him as a cathartic Poison Container
to unleash their suppressed rage, hate, and life frustrations upon. As
you would expect, Jesus clung fiercely and stridently to his comforting
delusion until the very end, since he genuinely believed that his entire
future fate, after death, rested upon how the omnipotent life form that
his mentally ill mind had conjured up, chose to treat him. Since he hated
himself and felt worthless, his delusion naturally perceived the omnipotent
life form as being worthy of his extreme devotion, with the "reward"
being an eternity of "afterlife." And so this tragic individual happily
died at a young age, having caused his own death via self-hatred, confident
that he would experience a much better, immortal, eternal existence in
"heaven", or whatever name his mind may have given to the "afterlife
place." End of story. I repeat, end of story. The story should end right
here, and this tragic individual should be completely unknown today,
just as anonymous as any mentally ill person who lived 2000+ years ago
and accomplished absolutely nothing of note in his lifetime. Jesus was
literally a carbon copy of the mentally ill homeless people that you
often see in year 2001 cities, pushing shopping carts around as they
wander aimlessly for their entire lives, mumbling or sometimes yelling
aloud the details of the mental delusions that plague them. You diseased
creatures totally ignore these victims, would never even ask them their
name, much less befriend them, you express contempt for them and even
try to lock them up in cages. And yet with Jesus Christ, a carbon copy
2000+ year old version of these homeless, mentally ill drifters of today,
you insanely worship him, idolize him, and joyfully embrace the details
of his ridiculous delusion. Why? Because just like the humans who lived
2000 years ago, you creatures today suffer from genetic mental deformity.
The Truths of life are your mortal enemy, you are at war with your minds,
all of life is a constant battle for the vast majority of you humans,
a battle centered upon finding ways to deny horrific Truths, and to
embrace toxic, but comforting lies and myths.

The next issue we must discuss is this: Exactly how did Jesus Christ,
assuming he did exist and that there is some factual accuracy to the
reports of his life activities and death, become the worldwide celebrity
icon that he is today?? There was no TV, radio, satellites, internet,
fax machines, or other toxic technological instruments of mass brainwashing/indoctrination
available to Jesus, or to anyone else, 2000+ years ago. Jesus was certainly
not famous during his lifetime, and in fact he was only able to personally
infect a relatively small number of people with his insane delusion.
Although it is true that this small number of people went out and infected
as many other people as they possibly could, since Jesus's delusion was
rooted in plague structure, meaning that Jesus himself felt compelled
to try to infect as many other humans as possible with his toxic myth,
and part of the infection process involved convincing his infected disciples
to emulate him, and do the exact same thing he was doing, to go out among
the humans and convince as many of them as possible to believe in and
worship "god". Still, this in no way explains how a mentally ill man
who lived 2000+ years ago is today, in the year 2001, known by name by
99.9999% of all human beings who live upon the face of planet earth.
The explanation is quite simple, but deeply rooted within societal malevolence,
and I am happy to provide the necessary enlightenment.

Jesus had already infected some humans with his toxic delusion, by the
time he died. Therefore, his death did not bring an end to either his
delusion, or the ongoing dissemination of his delusion, because of the
plague structure that was rooted within the delusion. The plague continued
to spread, eventually gaining the notice of national/clan/societal leaders
and aspiring leaders. This is the critical point, the period of time
when actual leaders and aspiring leaders of societies and nations/clans
became aware of and began to study the structure of Jesus Christ's delusional
doctrine. These malevolent, enraged, power-crazed, and yet also astutely
intelligent individuals came to realize, to their amazement, that the
insane god myth which characterized Jesus's delusion could fit in perfectly
with their fascist, malevolent desires and plans to oppress, control,
dominate, and dictate the entire lives of the people living within their
nation, tribe, clan, or group. One such malevolent leader hired a highly
intelligent, creative writer, ordering the writer to construct a book
which would be entertaining to readers, but the main purpose of which
would be to instruct all citizen-slaves that they must act and behave
in very specific ways, in order to meet with the approval of god and
to gain an eternity of blissful afterlife in "heaven". This book was
named the "bible". This very same malevolent leader, or perhaps the leader
of some other society, decided that many humans wouldn't have the ability
or attention span needed to read a very long book, and so "the ten commandments"
were written down, a greatly simplified version of the "bible", in which
societal leaders attempt to terroristically convince all citizen-slaves
to obey these "top 10" rules of conduct, which are in fact nothing more
than the 10 most fascist, oppressive behavioral demands that the cleverly
evil societal leader felt would most fully give him complete control
and domination over his citizen-slaves. Leader after leader, all across
planet earth, began to realize what an incredible opportunity they had,
to employ "god" as a fascist, brutally oppressive dictator, to employ
god as their ultimate police force, to use god to impose their agenda
upon the citizen-slaves. All they had to do was convince the citizen-
slaves that god exists, and, far more importantly, that this "god" expects
and demands that they adopt certain specific behavioral and lifestyle
choices, with an extremely enticing reward, namely an "afterlife", as
the irresistible bait.

Guess what? It worked! The lure could not be resisted by 99.9999999%
of all human beings. The reality of death was simply too unbearable,
the lure of the insane notion of an afterlife was too enticing, absolutely
irresistible to almost all human beings. All rationality, all commonsense,
all interest in Truth was gleefully cast aside, as the stampede began,
all the humans joyfully rushed forward, grabbing ahold of this insane
myth, vowing to cling to it for their entire lives, and to infect their
children, every generation to come, as the perversely dysfunctional cycle
of insane god myth addiction took root. This is the True genesis of the
god myth. Some societal leaders were not satisfied with the bible, but
they also realized that the insane god myth was too good to pass up as
a tool of enslavement and fascism, so they decided that the specific
details of exactly how the worship was structured and what "rules" were
most important to them, as fascist leaders, needed to be modified. And
they simply created other versions of the insane god myth, writing different
versions of the bible, such as the "koran", that were based upon the
same general myth structure of an omnipotent creature who has demands,
offers irresistible rewards to those humans who meet it's demands, etc...
I want to make it clear at this point that it's quite possible that some
of the minor details that I have provided above, concerning Jesus Christ,
may well be inaccurate. It's quite possible that Jesus Chris never existed
at all, and that this entire version of the insane god myth was simply
dreamed up by a cleverly malevolent societal leader, or a writer hired
by the societal leader, who simply patterned the Jesus myth upon other,
earlier god myths. It is absolutely impossible to know or provide positively
accurate information concerning any situation or event that occurred
2000+ years ago, since there is no valid or verifiable documentation
of any kind. What I have done in my dissection of the Jesus Christ/god
myth, is to reveal the genesis and foundational origins of not just the
christianity myth, but of all mainstream, societally sponsored religions
that currently exist on planet earth, and I am 100% certain that this
general foundational origin is completely accurate. No sane thinker,
who looks at this issue from a courageous, Truth-seeking position, can
fail to recognize the Truths that I revealed above.

A minor but interesting comment worth making here, that will set up our
next Forbidden Truth, is how the perverse capitalization of the letter
G in god, serves to emphasize/prove the societal legitimization/promotion
of the insane god myth. Dictionaries and definitions are constantly being
used by societies to malevolently manipulate and mislead the masses of
citizen-slaves, I will be discussing this at great length in a separate
essay, but right now lets just focus on this one capitalization situation.
Why would a so-called secular society, like america, decree that the
letter g in the word god must be capitalized, even when the word occurs
in the middle of a sentence? It is an absolutely illegitimate grammatical
error. God is not a proper name, it is a description of an mythical entity,
that in fact does not exist. If the grammatical laws are to dictate
that god should be spelled with a capital G in all situations, than the
exact same law should apply for words like Ghost, Goblin, and Tooth Fairy.
The answer to my above question is that america is not a secular society,
and that at every level, societies like america not only legitimize
the insane god myth, not only promote the insane god myth, but in fact
terroristically impose the insane god myth, using every available method,
upon every single child and adult who is born into or living within
the society. This includes relatively minor methods such as using invalid
capitalization to grant an air of "mystical legitimacy and superiority"
to a non-existent entity, as well as extremely malevolent methods such
as making sure that no child growing up within the society is ever protected
or insulated from overt exposure and promotion of the toxic god myth.

Some societies, like america, have the audacity to claim that they operate
under a cultural system that provides for a "separation between church
and state." This has to rank as one of the most outrageously ludicrous
claims that american society makes, and that is sayin
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