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regime change
15 mar 2004
the fifth 5º and last of a series of short reflections on the need for regime change in
the Spanish State.
in the english tongue which belongs not to any country and is understood throughout our civilisation as well as castillian.
You are split equally by prejudice and culture and history. Each now as strong and as weak as the other.
Aznar as leader of the right in Spain and South America has not gone away, you must be careful of thinking that he has.
Some might think the weaker candidate won for the better reasons. Some others might think that now all the Spanish people, may progress together in co-operation.
visca Catalúnya, vive España, Vive Europa!

You have experienced three days of historical importance, which have changed many of your perceptions of your place in the world, and indeed the world itself.

Now you must work together at all ages, in all communities to ensure that the Shock and disbelief and hurt which have turned to sorrow, grief, and misery and then to Anger has been resolved in the democratic system.

The feeling of the mass has been expressed in collective channeling of emotion.

But only under the most appaling duress, neither Spain nor any of it's constituent lands, is a united "mass". Nor indeed is Europe nor the Atlantic relationship. The World is not so.

You must learn to trust yourselves and your neighbours. And don't rub salt into the wounds of Aznar. He, and those he represents need time to heal as well.

We must all keep an "understanding" ear to the continuation of their "project".


Cullons com plou arreu de l'imperi
15 mar 2004
I could read you at all, but I prefer that you learn a bit of spanish or catalan, and bend down from the Empire, to talk with us: the rest of the people.

Y tu desengañate, que acá no hubo ningún cambio de régimen. Sólo ha perdido las elecciones un enfermo mental que todavía ejerce de presidente dentro de una monarquía parlamentaria.
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