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Notícies :: globalització neoliberal
The European Economic Forum in Warsaw
13 mar 2004
From 28th till the 30th April this year Warsaw, the capital of Poland will be the host of the European Economic Forum, the regional gathering of the World Economic Forum. This kind of events, usually organised in Salzburg or Davos, has never been seen in Poland. Despite the relatively low interest in alterglobalism, social activism and independent media, some Poland – based collectives, groups, ngo’s and individuals decided to actively oppose to the Forum.
Most of the inhabitants of Warsaw (66%) do not like the idea of high costs of the events, security measures (the police already visits the inhabitants of the centre of the city, asks them about their future plans, personal data etc). For some people there are also some political reasons for not accepting the forum â as an non â democratic summit invited by polish president, and not the inhabitants of the country; the event seems to be a mysterious decision â making machine not really welcomed in Poland.
Poland â a country of neoliberal experimentation which results as: 22% unemployment, 60% of the people living under the minimal economic level, no democracy in media and no public economical and political debate except of liberalism â claims or liberalism â acceptance, was in the â80 a country of social struggle and massive political participation. Not any more. The sad results of political changes and fast switch from the âapplied communismâ? to capitalism seriously undermined any hopes for possibilities of a successive social action.
Nevertheless â still there is some activism and political dissent. Please visit the sites of the organisers of the protests against the EFE and do support their actions! If you can â forward this message anywhere you can, and do translate it (for that you can contact : translations ARROBA and propaganda ARROBA wa.29org )
<p><a href: ââ;?>the organisers of the protests</a></p>
<p><a href: âwww.antyszczyt.w.plâ;?>the counter â summit</a></p>
contacts: info ARROBA , accommodations ARROBA

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