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Der Spiegel acusa a Aznar
13 mar 2004
Els mitjans espanyols son els únics de tot el mon que estan manipulant per salvar al PP. Der Spiegel es la revista més prestigiosa d'Europa, gens alternativa i denuncia en portada com Aznar ens manipula per guanyar les eleccions.
Ambassadors should make Eta responsible

Does head of the government Aznar let determine because of the choice on Sunday on one side? According to "El Pais" wants the cabinet the Eta for the notices from 11 March to absolutely make responsible. Of Spain Ambassador were instructed to spread the Eta thesis. Speak ever more details for an Islamic trace.

Of Spain Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar
Hamburg - which would not correspond to assigned fuze those, which are used otherwise by the baskischen underground organization Eta, reported the Spanish press today. The fuzes were from copper, which Eta have always fuzes from aluminum preferred. In addition consisted the bombs of a plastiksprengstoff, which the Eta did not use since years no more, as it was called further.

In the meantime it is also certain that the hours after the assassination attempts found delivery van was used for the transport of the bombs. In the vehicle a tape in Arabic language with Koran verses had been guaranteed. Minister of the Interior Angel Acebes continues to hold however to the fact that the Eta the main suspects is. The anonymous call, in which a speaker in the name of the Eta had denied each responsibility for the blood bath, is completely worthless, it was said. "we believe that not", said Acebes.


Determinations: A witness saw Vermummte at the station (13.03.2004 ) with ski masks
Tracing: New referring to aluminium-Qaida-participation (13.03.2004)
Safety debate in Germany: "our country is just as threatened as other one also" (13.03.2004)
Threatening letters: Eta takes German holiday-makers in the visor (13.03.2004)
Terror in Madrid: Eta denies participation (12.03.2004)
Mourning demo: "today our tears reach the sky" (12.03.2004)
Safety debate: Sharper controls, German Federal Armed Forces than auxiliary police (12.03.2004)
Spain: Elections in the shade of the terror (12.03.2004)

The government does not seem anyway very interested in references, which point on other authors than the Eta. The question, who stands behind the notices, is from great importance for the parliamentary election on Sunday, with which the conservative government applies as favorite.

"you should use each possibility, in order to confirm the responsibility of the Eta for these brutal notices to zerstreuen in order to help thereby, each kind from doubt to which wants to possibly spread interested parties", quoted the newspaper "El Pais" on Saturday from a note of the Foreign Minister Ana Palacio. From the government there was in addition first no comment.

It had made the separatist Eta responsible for the act immediately after the notices on Thursday morning, with which approximately 200 humans were killed. It does not close however in the meantime also Islamic extremists like the Qaida Osama is shop as an author out.

According to the sheet sent away Palacio their instruction on thursday afternoon. It refers therein to statements of the Minister of the Interior Angel Acebes. "the Minister of the Interior confirmed the responsibility of the Eta. This was confirmed by the kind of the procedure likewise as by other information, those for understandable reasons so far not published is."

The newspaper is close to the oppositionals socialists, who are past before the choice on Sunday in inquiries behind the people's party of the Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. According to political experts a complicity of the Eta of the people's party voices could supply, since the government led a hard course against the organization. However if Islamics should stand such as aluminium-Qaida behind it, this could be regarded as reaction for the Iraq politics Aznars. Against the will of a majority in the people Aznar had placed itself against the side of the USA and the war against the Iraq had supported.

The number of the victims of the devastating bomb attacks in Madrid rose in the meantime after reports of the national broadcast to 200. A man middle age succumbed to his injuries, it was said. An official confirmation did not give it for it first. With the contemporaneous notices on Thursday on several courses in the Spanish capital nearly 1500 humans had been hurt.
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Re: Der Spiegel acusa a Aznar
13 mar 2004
alguien puede traducir esto por favor?
Re: Der Spiegel acusa a Aznar
13 mar 2004
lo haría, pero no aporta información realmente nueva. es una traducción automática de,1518,290496,00.html. plantea básicamente si el pp está haciendo uso electroal del atentado alegando el mensaje de palacio a los embajadores, el ignorar las pistas que apuntan a al qaeda. dicen explicitamente que si fue eta o al qaeda puede ser decisivo en las elecciones de mañana y que por eso el gobierno podría estar interesado en atribuir la autoridad del atentado a eta.
Re: Der Spiegel acusa a Aznar
13 mar 2004
En resumen dice que los embajadores han sido instruidos para difundir la tesis de que ha sido ETA, con fines meramente electorales. Da detalles de los detonadores y cables utilizados, que no son los que normalente usa eta. Así como tampoco lo es el explosivo utilizado. En hay un artículo que habla de las verdaderas pruebas, masomenos con el mismo detalle que aquí.
Re: Der Spiegel acusa a Aznar
13 mar 2004

a leer se ha dicho!
Re: Der Spiegel acusa a Aznar
13 mar 2004
A continuacio un altre tros de l'article, en catala. Perdoneu-me la falta d'accents.

Experts noruegs en terrorisme havien explicat al migdia que hi havia nous indicis que eran fundamentalistes islamistes. Els analistes havien descobert un document en internet que permetia suposar la participacio de la xarxa terrorista Al Qaeda. En el text, que es va publicar l’any pasta en una web arab, Espanya es assenyalada, a causa de les eleccions, com a blanc d’attemptats que hagin d’esfonsar la coalicio bel.lica liderada pels Estats Units.
(Spiegel Online 13.03.04)

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