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The Guardian informó conexiones terroristas
13 mar 2004
¿Estais hipnotizados como los votantes del PP?
Como veo que The Guardian adquiere de pronto credibilidad en indymedia cuando informa de Al-Qaeda tratando de condicionar las elecciones, os traigo esta noticia del mismo periódico que vincula ETA y Al-Qaeda:

Eta has Stinger missiles bought from Bin Laden

Giles Tremlett in Madrid
Wednesday February 27, 2002
The Guardian

Three Eta members travelled to al-Qaida camps in Afghanistan last year to buy ground-to-air missiles and train in their use, according to a report from an unnamed Arab intelligence service obtained by Tiempo magazine in Spain.
The magazine said the Basque separatists had bought three Stinger missiles, which Spanish intelligence services feared they would try to use to bring down official aircraft carrying government ministers or King Juan Carlos.
Official Spanish documents seen by the Guardian confirm that officials believe Eta has obtained anti-aircraft missiles.
Some of Spain's major airports, especially those in the Basque country in the north, have put into place special protective measures to avoid ground-to-air attacks, according to Tiempo.
EU leaders are due to meet for a summit in Barcelona in mid-March.
The intelligence report quoted by Tiempo said that the three Eta members travelled from Brussels to Islamabad, Pakistan, in January using false Belgian passports.
They were reportedly accompanied by Syrian-born Imad Eddin Barakat, alias Abu Dahdah, the alleged leader of a Spanish-based al-Qaida cell who is in jail in Madrid under suspicion of being involved in the September 11 plot.
The four travellers were spotted by an intelligence service informer in Islamabad airport because they spoke to one another in Spanish, despite their Belgian passports.
They told immigration officials they were Belgian journalists travelling to Afghanistan.
The Eta members were reportedly met at Islamabad airport by Anwar Adnan Salah, a Palestinian who previously lived in Madrid.
According to Spanish court documents, Mr Salah founded the Spanish al-Qaida cell but left to help run the Jalada training camp in Afghanistan three years ago. A Spanish judge has claimed he worked for Osama bin Laden's Makhtab al-Khidamat recruiting organisation.
The party travelled to Peshawar and Jalalabad before arriving at the Jalada training camp, where they stayed for 18 days and trained in the use of several kinds of ground-to-air missiles.
It was unclear how the Stinger missiles, originally given to Bin Laden by the CIA when his group was fighting the Russians, could have been transported to Spain or to Eta's logistics bases in France. Tiempo reported that Eta paid around £300,000 for them.
Spanish police arrested a four-man Eta commando unit and various collaborators in Barcelona in September.
They said the unit, which had enough explosives to pack six or seven powerful car bombs, had orders to launch a bombing campaign in the days running up to the Barcelona conference. Their aim was to create a climate of "panic and fear".
Last year Eta was reported to have made contact with other Middle Eastern groups, including Hamas. El Mundo newspaper claimed that the Basque group, which has carried out several spectacular explosives robberies in French warehouses in recent years, was providing the group with explosives for use in suicide attacks in Israel.

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Re: The Guardian informó conexiones terroristas
13 mar 2004
Aquest article està fet per justificar la possible repressió durant la cimera europea a L'estat espanyol al primer semestre del 2002, fixeu-vos amb la data. Només Tiempo va recollir-lo curiosament al Estat espanyol.
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