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911 Days after 9/11
12 mar 2004
What a accident!
911 Days after 9/11 at least 190 people have been killed and over 1000 injured in a series of blasts which ripped through railway stations in

the Spanish capital Madrid. What a accident! Ten terrorist bombs tore through trains and stations along a commuter line at the height of

Madrid's morning rush hour Thursday, killing more than 192 people and wounding 1,400 others before this weekend's general elections.

Asking who's behind these murderous crime it doesn't make sense for ETA to strengthen Aznar and his party by random bombing civilians `cause

he is a deadly enemy and uncompromising against any dialogue. There is no sense for ETA bombing civilans 'cause the political backing goes to

zero. There is no sense `cause ETA at most attacks politicans, officials and executive authority. There is no sense for Al Quaida to bomb

civilians 'cause 90 percent of spain civilians have denunciate the raid on Iraq. The question is who can capitalize on fear, rage and panic.

Who can protect us by total control, by lashing civil law to establish a Orwell Europe, a Orwell America. There is a sense to fetch back

Europe to the boat for more honorable wars against evil nations delivered with weapons-grade uranium by US since for decades. Definitely

others are behind these attacks as presented on the platter and Gen. Tommy Franks has told on informal interview that if US or a friendly

nation (Vassal) will attacked by heavy terror bombing the american Constitution will be cancelled and replaced by military government. It is

done. Let's follow the next steps. Anything else? The mother of all assaults before elections, may be a final bombing in London or the

grandmother of all assaults in USAF two weeks before the Bush cretin will be reelected by election-machines. Al-Qaida is always on the spot

when Bush need them. Peculiar, isn't it?

11.03.2004 01:30 Madrid (adjusted to local time New York)
11.09.2001 08:45 WTC
911,7 Days

The notation 9/11 in Europe is not in use, so it's only a american accident similar like the jackpot accident 9/11 one year later after on

the Neo-Con PNCA protocol was postulated a second Pearl Harbor
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