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regime change
11 mar 2004
this the fourth of a short series of reflections on the need for regime change in the Spanish State has been withdrawn from the open publishing network out of respect for the dead and their families. It would be most cynical to write more, and would go beyond the remit of any writer even one previously referred to as exorcist or indeed anarchist. There are no more jokes. The CNT have issued thier statement, and well they are very traditional and I for one writer respect their peer review.
Chesterton wrote "that a good novel tells us about the character, a bad novel tells us about the writer".
Señor Rajoy who listed Chesterton as his favourite writer was never really a man called Thursday.
¿was he?

May all the victims of this morning's terrorist attack rest in their peace, and may their families rest, and may their culture rest, for only through rest do we learn to appreciate what means terror and how do we achieve peace.

I hope that words written on other days do not touch the feeling felt by all in this land, on this continent as we reflect on 3/11.

¿As we ponder what caused this?

thank you for the space.
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