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Regime Change
05 mar 2004
Number one of a short series of reflections on the neccesity for Regime Change in the Spanish State. Not a particularly good one, but you don't read good english or american on barcelona indymedia ¿do you?
in the yankee tongue.

The Spanish State has now achieved 23 years since the last Fascist coup d'etat attempt in Europe.

The Spanish State as now achieved little more than 25 years of comparative democracy according to the Western model.

The Spanish State has now achieved fifty years of pivotal extended representation and influence by Don Manuel Fraga born the 23rd day of the 11th month 1922, vampyre of old (first sighted in Neuvo Hispania Mexico in 1668).

Well done.

The Spanish State is now ready to progress to the intermediate stage of democracy according to the Western Model. Only if it secures regime change.
If it does not have regime change, then the unitary reconstructed fascist tradition, the legacy of Don Manuel "vampyre of old" Fraga's world will convert the future of Spain and her citizens regardless of "national perception" into
the weakest ideological counterpoint to the new states of the EU. Those very states that presently compete with Madrid for US investment. For the sake of the democratic game, the PP must go this year. They know it, we know it, all you must do is convince the "voters" in fascist spain, in thier villages and small towns in their parishes and comunidades that their _cultural_ future may only be secured in a greater Europe through a regime change.

I'm not a voter. I'm an exorcist.

If we lose again, we will take down your saints again, and put a stake through the heart of your memories.

¡espanyoles Fraga ha muerte!


Re: Regime Change
06 mar 2004
Thank you Mr Aznar
for addressing the joint houses of the 108th congress of the United States of America
Feb 4th 2004
and justifying the war, yet filling the audience with your friends, becuase you hve no friends in the USA.
¿do you?
Re: Regime Change
07 mar 2004
¿tell me Messers Aznar, Fraga and Rajoy, if today the people of Greece vote in a new government will that be indicative of:-
1. a move to the right amongst poorer EU citizens.
2. a move to regime change amongst poorer EU citizens?
Re: Regime Change
08 mar 2004
as the free press turns this morning to divorce-
let's ask why we have not yet seen your wife,
friendly humble Gallego.
¿who shall accompany you to the royal wedding?
Re: Regime Change
08 mar 2004
¿Are you a fake candidate Mariano?
¿are we supposed to bank on you for the next four years, or will you be replaced?
& now let's get personal, we notice your "El Pais profile" mention you read Chesterton, and since El Pais promoted the novel "a man called thursday" in it's "classics" series, recently both increasing sales & advertising revenue and readers, are we to suppose you've met the anarchists and/or know all the days of the week?
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