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Anunci :: ecologia
link between animal cruelty, later violence
02 mar 2004
Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's first victims were the dogs he killed, severing their heads for a macabre display behind his childhood home.
School shooter Luke Woodham, who killed two classmates and his mother in 1997, wrote in a journal about killing his dog by setting her on fire, a violent act he called "true beauty."

And "vampire cult leader" Rod Ferrell, who is serving a life sentence for the bludgeoning death of a Florida couple, first drew the attention of law enforcement in Kentucky, where he was charged with breaking into an animal shelter where two puppies were tortured, killed and mutilated.

Criminologists have long believed there's a link between animal cruelty and violence toward humans.

A recently published book by University of South Florida professor Kathleen Heide and animal activist Linda Merz-Perez provides new research into the connection.

The study of 45 violent inmates in Florida prisons and 45 prisoners serving time for drug and property offenses found more than half of the violent offenders had committed animal cruelty as children. By comparison, just 20 percent of the nonviolent offenders had a history of attacking animals.

"A lot of people who want to victimize, they want to start with something they can really control," said Merz-Perez, a former animal shelter director and public school teacher. "The easiest thing in the world to control is a puppy. It's a matter of escalation, they work their way up."

The complete story on ANIMAL
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Re: link between animal cruelty, later violence
03 set 2005
jeffreay dahmer didn't kill the dogs, he found them dead on the road, roadkill, all he did was mutilate the bodies
Re: link between animal cruelty, later violence
11 set 2005
you're right, jeffrey dahmer never killed any animals. Yes, he mutilated roadkill, but he was never interested in the pain or suffering of an animal, so he used ones that were already dead. He actually had a pet dog of his own which is basically one of the the only other living organisms he showed any affection to
Re: link between animal cruelty, later violence
28 nov 2005
He deeply loved animals and never killed one
Re: link between animal cruelty, later violence
27 feb 2006
verry true anamals should be treated with respect just like us
Re: link between animal cruelty, later violence
01 mar 2006
Its funny that im reading this web page...because right before i went to this one, i read something telling me the jeffery dahmer in fact did not torture live animals, but he only mutilated the already dead ones...and now that statement has been verified...thanks
Re: link between animal cruelty, later violence
17 mar 2006
i have a question that really needs to be answered. my boyfriend told me that when he was younger he used to pull down his pants and try and gets male dogs to ride him. when it hurt he would them beat them off of him. there was also one other time when he put on a condom and tried to have sex with a female dog. is he crazy? or is this just something some younger children go through because i do not want to marry some one like this?

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