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Anunci :: antifeixisme : globalització neoliberal : pobles i cultures vs poder i estats : especulació i okupació
02 mar 2004
international network gathering of autonomous groups and projects; action and conference week
welcome ladies and gentlemen, gentlies and ladymen. we are pleased to invite you to...

AUTOORGANISATION 4 - 11 April in Berlin

authorities shut down a lot of autonomous, non commercial projects. especially in barcelona, there has been an eviction almost every week.
resist! fight against repression! unit!

autoorganisation is a chance to meet up with autonomous groups from around europe, to build connections, express solidarity, work together, exchange experiences and resources.

autoorganisation provides a major forum grassroots, non-hierarchical groups and campaigns, to build and strengthen a network against capitalism, racism, fascism, sexism, suppression, living positive alternatives, to create a better world.

workshops and discussions: history, present time and orientation of the movement of movements, women’s projects, conflicts inside and outside, resistance against authorities, legality law and order, projects, independent media,

actions: squat actions, reclaiming public spaces, yo mango product liberation, street performances, pickets and blockades, office actions, invisible theatre… and loads more!

there’s also free vegan food and accommodation for all, plus cosy chill out, entertainment and cheap local beer. riots and wuv.

come along, present your campaign and get other people involved, find out what's going on elsewhere, link up and kick capitalism up the arse.

it would be a particularly good opportunity for those working on the coming olympics in athens, maybe do an action or two and activate wider european involvement as well as a fine place to do a workshop on EU/Mayday Dublin events. Not forgetting getting wider participation and organising and planning for massive mobilisations against the G8 in the UK in 2005.

So do come along, lets unit and become stronger together.

if you are interested in sharing transport or travelling with others then email autoorganisation ARROBA

Find out more on


Re: autoorganisation
02 mar 2004
Autoorganisation o el nuevo capítulo de las jornadas del kaos de Hannover?

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