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Krasnodar anarchist has arrested
26 feb 2004
Krasnodar anarchist has arrested
The court has appointed the punishment for six months imprisonment on settlements.

On January, 21st, Dmitry Ryabinin, anarcho-communist from Krasnodar (South Russia), the militant of libertarian socialist movement called âAutonomus Actionâ? was arrested in the court-room and now he is in an investigatory isolator and waits serving the punishment.

The Krasnodar case no. 2 has finished. Few years ago Russian employees of the Federal security service (FSB or KGB in the past) tried to jail many our comrades, accusing them in terrorism. Nowadays all happens again.

The judge of Oktyabrskiy district court Mr. Goncharov pronounced a sentence. To Dmitry Ryabinin the court has appointed the punishment for six months imprisonment on settlements. To his comrade Lev Sokolov the court has appointed the same punishment, but because of his young age and other extenuating circumstances the punishment was mitigated. It means 1-year corrective term.

On the judge obvious pressure has been rendered by the employees of FSB. There has sat the same person (employee of FSB) who was present at the court hearing on the 13th of January, when the judge declared a break. The defendants reconciled with a victim, Mr. Dolgov, in the court for 30,000 rbs (approximately USD 1,000). Mr. Dolgov wrote a statement with the request to stop the criminal case against Ryabinin and Sokolov.

Itâs important to say that Sokolov and Ryabinin were accused in hooliganism first (article 213 of Russian Criminal Code), but because of changes in the Criminal Code of Russian Federation this accusation disappeared and our comrades were accused in causing the average physical injuries. Though also it has not been proved, because on an average physical injury could pretend only the broken finger and who has broken it was not established. And what difference if victims asked to stop criminal case?! Neither Ryabinin nor Sokolov had previous convictions. They had good characteristics from work.

It is so obvious and obvious, that it is not meaningful to paint in detail with participation in this business of FSB. From fine household fight which occur daily in considerable quantity "law-enforcement" bodies managed to untwist political process above active workers of anarcho-communist movement. If before this incident FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs hadnât an occasion to jail Kuban radical left militants and to intimidate their comrades then it was presented. The case is forged completely, written under dictation of competent bodies. It can happen to each of us. And for this reason itâs necessary to defend our comrade Dmitry Ryabinin! We address to everyone who can help us: distribute this information as it is possible more widely, contact representatives of mass-media, write to us and offer the ideas.