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Notícies :: corrupció i poder : guerra
Fake death statistics from Iraq?
21 feb 2004
Just how many soldiers are really dying in Iraq?
We know the Pentagon just doesn't do body counts of civilians killed in Iraq. But apparently, they don't release body counts for soldiers killed in Iraq (which they can't help counting) and if this is true then it means that they fudge numbers to maintain support on the theory that no one will ever know? Direct Action - a citizens clearing house of info where parents and friends can report dead soldiers in Iraq and an accurate tally can be taken...
Just how many soldiers are really dying in Iraq?


Do you remember how many U.S. soldiers died in the first Gulf War? On television at the time, they told you it was around 64. Later, as news agencies recalculated the total from a variety of sources, it became 146. But now, some 13 years later, according to the Veterans Administration itself, the first Gulf War death toll among U.S. troops who served there stands at 8,013! And this a figure from a 2002 report.

I was reminded of this hideous numerical progression recently when I read the Pentagon's report listing 534 American military fatalities as of Feb. 1, 2004. Almost immediately after seeing that, I read the story by Australian investigator Joe Vialls saying the American combat death toll from Iraq was actually 1,188.

So what is going on? As if we didn't know.

They are lying about the number of people killed (they don't even bother to count the Iraqis or Afghanis or Colombians or Filipinos they kill), they are lying about how Americans are dying, or getting their limbs shot off, or dropping dead on the spot from some kind of mysterious pneumonia.

But it's not only that. The current push to refresh overstressed troops now involves thrusting poorly trained reservists and National Guard personnel into situations that are almost too much to bear for the military's most hardened units. Just imagine what these weekend warriors—pharmacists and factory workers from small town middle America—are up against being tossed into the middle of a guerrilla war where the whole country of Iraq is boobytrapped and the whole population hates your guts and is out to kill you. Care to sign up for that?
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