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Why Australian Aboriginal kids are enraged and desperate
21 feb 2004
A quick insight into the underlying causes of the Redfern (Sydney) Aboriginal riots. If you wish to receive this kind of news regularly as email write to Trudy Bray at ozbrays2 ARROBA and tell her Diet sent you.
The causes of Aboriginal kids’ hopelessness:,5744,874

Life in Redfern:

Aboriginal men have lower life expectancies today than
white men in 1901:

There is still a 20-year gap between black and white life
expectancy. Infant mortality remains three times greater for black
babies than white babies and they're twice as likely to be of low birth

The only surprising thing about last Sunday's riot at Redfern is that
there haven't been more of them:

A top government adviser is an admirer of the Nazis, saying Aborigines are parasites:,5744,874