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Por si quedavan dudas... Chomsky NO irà al Fòrum
13 feb 2004
Escribimos una carta a Chomsky pidiendole si podía hacer alguna declaración pública contra el Fòrum como hizo José Bové.

Contestó que no sabe suficiente sobre el Fòrum ni tiene tiempo para estudiarlo; pero dejó muy claro (por si alguien todavía tenía dudas) que NO va a ir, y que lo dijo hace mucho tiempo.

Impresionante como los del Fòrum siguieron utilizando su nombre aunque él haya dicho que no.
(carta que se li va enviar)

Hi, Noam,

I've already read an answer from you to another query explaining that you've read the critical statement against the Barcelona forum and that you're not going to attend it, although the reasons weren't clear. I wonder if you'd care to comment on how you view this forum and whether you would recommend people not to participate. I
understand you might not have enough information to give a yes-or-no answer, but I think even a few words by you might make a difference in convincing people not to support it -considering that using your name, as well as those of Vandana Shiva, José Saramago or Arundhati Roy is a big part of the organizers' media strategy:

Here's some brief references for the readers of this forum:
A good summary in English:

Statement of the Spanish Anthropological Congress (a mainstream scientist organization), in Spanish:

Also, yesterday José Bové sent a letter to Barcelona's mayor expressing his wish not to be mentioned as invited guest to the forum,
joining other famous refusers like Greenpeace (in French) :

(resposta de Chomsky)

I don't understand what is going on. I wrote them at least a year ago, probably several years ago, that I would not be able to come. That was
long before I heard rumors about it. I've reiterated that quite a few times. About what's going on there, I haven't investigated, and to be
honest, I just don't have the time to look into it carefully. All I can do is say that it has been explicit for a long time that I am not attending.

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