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Barcelona 2004:commodification of our movement?
10 feb 2004
aplogies for writing in english,

I would like to ask what is the Barcelona Forum 2004 about and what do activists in Spain think about it. From what i have read on their website, my understanding of the Barclona Forum 2004 is it is something the city has set up on its own, as a way of promoting itself. It is something that has been organised by the Catalan government, and is far from a grassroots movement. Is it, a mega-corporate exercise which hopes to provide the impetus and development the Olympics did in 1992 -and which will be replicated in other major European cities. On the surface it has the same values and principles as the WSF?ESF focussing particulaly on the humanities and the arts. But just look at the sponsors: Coca Cola, Toyota, Energy companies, how have they done this so quickly?

In this age of Turbo-capitalism can everything be co-opted and commodified, or is it a good thing widening and deepening the new social movements. Finally, will it overshadow the ESF in London in October?


Re: Barcelona 2004:commodification of our movement?
10 feb 2004
Puedes mirar las webs:
Barcelona 2004:commodification of our movement?
10 feb 2004
Here in Barcelona a huge ant-Froum movement is growing, and there are various groups of people preparing some kind of response to the Forum. Your discourse is more or less the same that BCN's social movements are developing...

The ESF of Paris included in its final resolution a declaration against the forum2004, proposed by catalan social movements.

There is a website on the subject: (it would be translated as "fucking2004")
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10 feb 2004
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